Chapter 5: Setting up the Ceremony for Dragon

Shadow, and his new Valley friends soon found themselves prisoners of Baboon and his ninja monkeys. Shadow, was especially caged separately away from his new Valley compatriots. Where at least two elite ninja monkeys, along with Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts were the ones to guard the black hedgehog.

"Ha, this time we finally got you Shadow!" laughed Grounder as he along with Scratch and Coconuts joined him in teasing the black hedgehog as he was caged up.

"Yeah, there is nothing you can do" added Coconuts, "our new ninja monkey friends, and their leader Baboon will make sure you'll never do us harm again."

"Oh, you did not just say that" replied Shadow, "because the minute I find a way out of here, not only am I going to hurt these ninja monkeys, and their so-called fearless leader Baboon, but I'm going to get revenge on you three."

"I would like to see that, bawahaha!" laughed Scratch.

"Oh, I'm going to show it to you three" replied Shadow.

Yet as Shadow was about to show the three robots what he can do, Baboon came right into the scene with a few of his ninja monkey compatriots.

"You three" said Baboon to Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts, "I want you to take the black hedgehog's cage up to Dragon's place, you're going to witness a historic event where Dragon can finally leave his icy prison for good!"

"Well, you better get cracking at lifting that cage Grounder" said Scratch.

"Oh, why is it that I always got to be the one to carry the heavy things?" asked Grounder as he started to lift up Shadow's cage.

"Because you're the one built for it" replied Coconuts as they then began to follow Baboon and the ninja monkeys.

After a few minutes later, Shadow soon found himself with his new Valley compatriots, Skunk, Rabbit and Fox in a separate cage being carried up toward Dragon's lair. The four were finally taken toward the lair, which the ninja monkeys were doing their best along with Grounder heading down the long stairway.

"How many stairs does this place have?" asked Grounder as he was struggling not to fall off the cliff into the deep abyss below.

"Pick up the pace already, Dragon is getting impatient!" cried Baboon as he was already ahead.

Finally, they reached the point where Dragon often rose to greet Baboon. Shadow was quite astonished to see Dragon rise up from his icy abyss prison. The mighty beast became quite interested in Shadow as why he would have acquired a certain Chaos Emerald he was about to consume.

"So, this is the creature that brought the Chaos Emerald to me, I'm quite interested in knowing your name, Shadow the Hedgehog as what I have heard from Baboon, isn't that right?" asked Dragon.

"Absolutely, sir" replied Baboon, "our spies have gathered quite a bit of information."

"Baboon, is my soup ready?" asked Dragon.

"Y-Y-Yes sir" replied Baboon as he snapped his fingers, two ninja monkeys came into the scene with a big pot of Dragon's favorite chicken soup, with the Chaos Emerald being carefully placed into it.

"Ah, that soup tastes pretty good, you ninja monkeys must have traveled quite far to get the chicken, didn't you?" asked Dragon.

The ninja monkeys responded with their usual monkey-like comments.

"Well, this will be all that I need for the ceremony and the day of reckoning for the Valley dwellers!" laughed Dragon.

Back in the two cages, Skunk was quite concern on what was going to happen.

"We have to stop Dragon from eating that Chaos Emerald, if we don't we'll be all doomed" cried Skunk.

"Look squirt, this is impossible for us to get out of here, believe me I have tried" replied Rabbit.

"Well, one of us has to do something" said Fox as she began to kick the bars of the cage.

"Leave everything to me" said Shadow.

The black hedgehog then began to spun himself into a ball revealing the spikes. He immediately was able to slice through the bars of his cage, and then eventually made his way to doing the same with the cage holding Skunk, Rabbit and Fox.

"They're free!" cried Grounder as he noticed it happening.

"Monkeys, stop them!" cried Baboon.

The ninja monkeys then readied their hi-tech laser guns acquired from their new robotic compatriots. As they then began to fire at Shadow and his new Valley compatriots, the black hedgehog leaped from his position, and spun himself into a ball and immediately headed straight toward one of the ninja monkeys. Shadow easily knocked out the ninja monkey, and then began to target the others like a homing missile.

"Charge!" cried Rabbit as he along with Skunk and Fox joined in the fight.

"We have to get to the soup, and stop Dragon from swallowing the Chaos Emerald!" cried Skunk.

"Leave that overgrown lizard to me" said Shadow as he was right in front of the three, "you deal with the ninja monkeys, Baboon and those three bucket of bolts."

Shadow immediately then headed straight toward where the soup was located. As Dragon was about to dive his mouth into the large bowl of soup, Shadow leaped over the soup, and grabbed a piece of Dragon's beard and pulled it right off the beast.

"Bah!" cried Dragon in pain, "You shall pay for that black hedgehog!"

"I'm going to get my Chaos Emerald back if you don't mind" replied Shadow.

The black hedgehog then dove into the soup itself, and grabbed the Chaos Emerald. Yet as he was about to escape, Dragon dove his head straight into the soup, swallowing quite a large gulp of the soup. There was also a strange green flash, as Dragon swallowed the soup.

"Oh no, we're too late!" cried Fox as she then knocked out poor Coconuts with one punch.

"Did you guys miss me?" asked Shadow as he appeared right in front of them holding his Chaos Emerald.

"You black hedgehog!" cried Dragon as he realized that he didn't swallow the Chaos Emerald in time, "You're going to pay for that!"

"I don't think so, you see, you should never ever try to cross someone who really knows how to use the art of Chaos Control" replied Shadow as he gave Dragon a smirk.

"Uh, I'm glad that you got your emerald back" said Rabbit as he kicked a ninja monkey down, "but how the heck are we going to get out of here?"

"Easy, like this, Chaos Control!" cried Shadow as he along with Skunk, Rabbit and Fox were all together.

Dragon roared with anger as he sent a breath of his fire at the four, yet as the green flash then lifted, all four of them were gone along with the Chaos Emerald.

"No!!" shouted Dragon as he roared quite loudly in his icy prison.

Back in the Valley, Panda was quite busy meditating at his usual place, not noticing a green flash of light appeared before him. As he stopped his meditation, he recognized Skunk, Rabbit, Fox and Shadow were standing there before him.

"Ah, stranger to the Valley" said Panda to Shadow, "have you retrieved your precious Chaos Emerald?"

"It was no big deal" replied Shadow as he was holding it right in front of Panda.

"Well then, I hope your stay in the Valley wasn't too bad" replied Panda, "we wish you good luck on your journey."

"Hey Shadow" said Skunk as he rushed toward the black hedgehog before he was heading out to his way home, "can you teach me Chaos Control?"

"Sorry kid, too advance for you" replied Shadow, "only I'm able to handle the power of the Chaos Emerald."

As the black hedgehog was heading out to leave the Valley, poor Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts soon found themselves in another predicament. Dragon had ordered the ninja monkeys and Baboon to tie up the poor three robots on some tall trees.

"Say guys, you will come back for us, right? Right?" asked Scratch.

"Leave them monkeys, let's go home" replied Baboon as he grumbled.

"Oh, I wonder how Eggman's going to treat us this time for also losing his equipment and that hovercraft" added Coconuts.

"Don't remind us on how he's going to treat us when we get back home" sighed Scratch.

The scene then ends with night, falling onto the forest and the three robots would soon have to endure the night, while Shadow was happily on his way finally heading out of the forest.