Just a small bit of humour about a couple of rarely used characters. Also, please forgive the crappy title, I couldn't think of anything better.

I'm using 'Tokajin' as the Peach Man's name, as he doesn't seem to have one… The room they're in is the one that Inuyasha fought the Tokajin in.

Disclaimer: InuYasha and related belong to Rumiko Takahashi. Romeo and Juliet belongs to Shakespeare. 'Somewhere' belongs to Within Temptation.

Tokajin stared at his master. He couldn't decide between laughing his head off and running away in tears, so he stared.

In the centre of the room, the hermit master was spinning on one foot in a manner that reminded Tokajin of a child's top and was… singing.

But that wasn't the worst of it.

The worst of it was that the old hermit master was wearing a dress. Or at least, that's what he called it. It looked nothing like Tokajin had ever seen. Each bit of lily-soft fabric was like a flower petal, unfolding to make the picture complete. The straps, like a thousand tiny flower buds, hung off his thin shoulders as he 'danced' (his words, not mine). On his feet, he wore slippers that looked as if they were carved of lotus petals. Completing the picture was a crown of pink flowers.

"Um, master…?" Tokajin asked, hesitant, for once. "What are you doing?"

The so-called sage stopped spinning and singing for a moment to reply, "Dancing, my young friend, what else could I be doing?"

The apprentice was silent, not to mention beginning to wonder weather his master had been into the sake again.

The master peered at his student for another moment, then shrugged, and continued his activity.

"I'll find you sommmmmeewheeeeree!! I'll keep on tryinnng, until my dyiiing daaaay! I just need to knooow whatever has happeneeed! The truth will free my soooooullll!!" the master er… yodelled.

Tokajin continued to stare as his master finished the song and walked off-balance towards the window.

"Oh Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo?" the bearded man queried as he clasped his hands and held them in front on his face.

Why am I apprenticed to this lunatic? The pupil thought as he grabbed another scroll to read.

He stared at the scroll a moment before opening it and added. I hope this will give me an excuse to kill him…

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