'J' and 'B' meaning JosephxBruce and BatmanxJoker. Heh, yes things get very complicated. Their alter-egos truly are separate people, so you need to understand that when you see their relationships with each other.

This chapter is very short. It's just something to get things going. I had no idea how to start this, heh.

And no, I haven't seen The Dark Knight yet, so if this happens in the movie then well…

Hollywood's a genius.

Laughter with an 'S'

"Any man can have one really bad day and end up just like me." – The Joker.

Bruce politely pushed past the crowd of people surrounding him. He had to see him, if only once. Bruce had seen the damn play every chance he could get.

He needed to meet him.

So when Bruce called out his name, "Joesph!" he couldn't dismiss the leap his heart made when the actor's brilliant green eyes turned and locked with his.

Bruce pushed past a few more people and was instantly face-to-face with the main actor of the play The Killing Joke. He placed a beautiful smile on his features and shook Joseph Kerr's hand.

Joseph Kerr had beautiful green eyes and was known widely for that trademark grin of his. His brown hair was short and fell in curls down his face. His skin was fair and ultimately, the actor was a very handsome man.

"Bruce Wayne." Joseph said smoothly. His green eyes sparkled from within as he smiled back. "How nice it is to finally meet you." His smile turned into a grin. "I've seen you in the front row almost every showing this week."

Bruce gave a half-shrug and smirked, "I'm surprised you noticed."

Bruce Wayne, with his bright blue eyes and short, black hair, was the notorious playboy dubbed the Prince of Gotham.

"Oh Bruce!" Joseph gave a short laugh. "You stick out like a sore thumb in this crowd! I must admit that your face catches my eye unlike any others in this high-quality crowd."

Bruce was about to swallow the sudden lump in his throat when someone tapped Joseph on his shoulder. His curly brown hair swiftly flew as he turned to see who it was.

The man whispered something in his ear, and Joseph Kerr noticeably stiffened. "I'll be there in a second." He hissed. The actor turned back to Bruce and smiled apologetically. "I'm sorry Brucey, but urgent business has come up." Joseph patted Bruce's thick hand and waved goodbye, "Let's have lunch sometime!"

And, as the brunette disappeared into the mass of people, Bruce's blue eyes caught sight of something that made his entire core shiver.

The Bat Signal.

The building exploded, sending Batman flying out, and the Joker let out a loud laugh.

"Zipedoda, zipedido, my, oh my, what a wonderful boom! HahahahA!" The Joker ran over to Batman and straddled him. He leaned closely into his face and whispered, "Oh Bats, do wake up. I'd hate our night to be over so soon."

Batman groaned but the street had knocked a dent in the back of his head. He fought to keep his eyes open but the Joker's sweet-smelling breath filled all of his senses.

Things started to blur.

Batman felt two hands cup the sides of his face and his mind screamed that the Joker was about to take his mask off. He fought with all his might to move, but the world had started to spin.

"Silly bat," The Joker whispered gently with a smile on his face, "did the concrete beat you up? I'll be sure to ground it. HahAha!" He patted Batman's cheek. "I want to let you know something, sweetie."

Batman could hear voices swirling all around him and he groaned again.

"Oops!" The Joker smiled, "Gotta go, Batsy!" He let out a loud cackle and gave Batman a kiss on his bruised cheek. "I guess I'll see you soon." And with that, the Joker disappeared.

Before Batman blacked out something in his stomach twisted.

His voice… Sounds so familiar…

And then everything went black.