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Chapter 1: Clearing Will's Name

Elyon rested with the rest of who is left from the battle in meridian. Will stayed on the couch and was about to rest herself when her friends started talking to her. Will groggily sat up on the couch to listen. Taranee is the first to speak. "Will, we have a few questions for you. First off Will, as much as we are happy to have you back, why are you?" This took Will by surprise and didn't know how to respond exactly. "Well Will, why are you here? From the looks of it, you're still evil and we aren't going to back down from you?"

Will looked at herself and looked in shock as she still looks the same as before. Will smiled sheepishly and tried to come up with an explanation. After a few minutes of thinking and getting glared at by her friends she finally came up with something to say. "Long funny story, sort of. He he, oh boy." She said sighing the last part. "See, I am not sure why I still look like this but I can promise you that I'm not evil. I had an inner, outer battle with myself." They four looked lost at this sentence. "What I mean is that my heart and the Heart of Kandrakhar were fighting me this whole time. I was slowly turning more and more evil as the days went on. I had for the most part, given up on everything. After a while, the Heart of Kandrakhar had separated my heart from me in a way. I eventually found myself fighting physically against myself instead of just mentally. I killed Scarlet" Will paused for a moment before she spoke again. "brutally and the next thing I knew, I was trying to kill me. Eventually however, my good side which is this side of me now; killed my evil half and the next thing I knew I was here."

The four girls looked at her like she is crazy and shook their heads. "Oh please Will, give us a story we can actually believe if your going to try to trick us."

Will looked down and then back up at them. "I didn't think you would actually believe me. If I were you, I wouldn't believe me either. How could I lose myself so horribly, I am such an idiot?"

Now it is Cornelia who spoke up. "Your pathetic Will, quit trying to make us feel bad for you because it isn't working. Go do what you do and leave us alone Will." Then the heart of Kandrakhar rose up and started glowing. The four girls backed up. After the dark light disappeared, Will looked like her old self again but for just a few seconds before she went back to her darker colored self. "What the heck was that about?" Then a flash appeared blinding everyone. When the flash disappeared, there stood a woman. "Who are you?"

"I am one of the Fates here to clear Will of this name she has made for herself." As she said this, Elyon walked into the room. "Elyon, it is good to see you again." She said without turning around.

"It is good to see you also" Elyon paused and realized that she never did get the fates name. "What is your name?"

"My name is Kendra, Elyon."

"So what are you doing here Kendra?" Elyon asked as another light flashed. When it vanished, there is a man standing there. "Kendra, who is this?"

"This is my brother, Grathor and he is one that protects the book of the fates. Brother, go ahead and tell them."

"Yes sister. Elyon, guardians; you must not ever return to Meridian until Scarlets sister is dead. She is by far stronger then her sister but is also very loyal to her. We can't reveal her name to you but you must accept any help. You five can't do it alone. Elyon, you must not fight with them or even get near this woman for if you do, you will be severely punished. We are forbidden to tell you anymore than this. Elyon, give me the book." Elyon took out the book and handed it to Grathor. "Look guardians, this is Will." The cover had once again a dark side and a light side. On the light side is Will in here old clothes and on the dark, it is pitch black with no color at all. The guardians looked at it in awe then shock when the cover changed to all the guardians in the background and one other girl that they couldn't make out because she is so small. They are all small but their guardian clothes make them stand out. Then there is a man in a fighting position and a blue aura around him. After the book was shown to them, it is given back to Elyon and the two disappeared.

Elyon spoke up. "Will, it is good to have you back to normal and on our side again."

Cornelia spoke up sadly. "Sorry, for being so mean to you earlier." The others apologized and then they headed for the park to talk some more.

In a very colorful plane, Kim is sitting there impatiently waiting to arrive and then her communicator beeped. Kim picked it up and Wade quickly started talking. "Kim, your target is on the move." Kim thanked Wade and kept the signal he gave her on the screen then rushed up to Shego.

"Shego, follow this red dot." Shego nodded and turned the plane. The red dot finally stopped and they turned off the communicator.

In another part of Heatherfield, a woman was running toward the park. Twenty minutes later she arrived and the saw a plane in the distance and the guardians coming in a different direction. "Looks like Will hasn't changed a bit since she killed my sister. I'll let the two groups have some fun." Then she disappeared right as the guardians arrived and the plane landed.

Kim came out of the plane and looked around and then saw Will. "Hey you, black haired girl in the black clothes." Kim yelled as she jumped up into the air and kicked Will onto the ground. "Payback time." Everyone looked shocked.

The Woman looked into a screen that showed everything going on in the park.