Chapter 8: The Battle for Everything

Defiant immediately jumped at Ron. Ron moved to the left dodging her attack but was caught off guard when Defiant turned and punched him in the stomach. Ron fell to the ground and rolled out of Defiants' next attack. He jumped to his feet just in time to block her attack with his arms. "You're a big pest; I should've killed you when I had the chance." Defiant said angrily.

"So you don't think you have a chance now?" He said while they struggled for dominance. Ron got an idea and went with it. He quickly moved out of the way causing Defiant to fall forward. Then he went and kicked her in the back making her fly face down in the dirt.

"Clever move, but that isn't going to help you win this. Nothing will actually." She jumped at him and kicked him in the face giving him a bloody lip. "Unlike you, I won't bleed." Then she went for another punch but Ron dodged the attack and made it around Defiant. He went to hit her in the back but he was blocked by an arm. Defiant grabbed his arm and flung him forward.

Ron flew through the air and landed on his feet. He turned around in time to duck. Without getting a clear view, Ron swung his hand upward and gave Defiant an uppercut making her fly backward and into a tree. Ron looked at her and saw that her nose seemed to be bleeding but then he saw it quickly heal. "No way, how did you heal so freaking fast?"

"Easy, I'm invincible, that's how." Then she lunged ant him again and pinned him to the ground and then quickly pulled out two daggers. "It's time to end this." She went downward with the daggers but her arms were caught by Ron. Defiant smiled as the daggers slowly got closer to him.

Kim saw this from the sidelines. "I may not have my skill but I can at least push her off of him." Kim ran toward them quickly.

Defiant saw Kim coming and when she arrived Defiant turned quickly with one of the daggers and slashed Kim across her abdomen. Ron saw this and then got really ticked off. Defiant came down with the now bloody dagger but Ron caught her again. Ron felt energy coming into him and he started pushing her slowly up. Defiants smiled disappeared and soon she found them both standing up. Once the two are, Ron threw Defiant to the side and into another tree. He rushed up to her, jumped up and kicked her in the face making a scratch along the left side of her face. Defiant flew and hit the ground then slid a little.

Defiant felt her face and noticed the blood coming from the cut on her face. Then she felt it heal but the cut only shrunk a little and it still continued to bleed. "No, I'm invincible; I can't have a cut on my face." She looked at Ron angrily. "I think it's time to show you my power." She very quickly ran up to him and knocked him onto the ground. Ron jumped up and got knocked back down again. "How do you like my super speed?"

Ron just groaned in a mock kind of way. "Been there, done that, big whoop." This got her very furious and she hit him into a tree and then hit him again into another tree and continued to do this for five minutes. "Is that all you got?"

Will watched this and then remembered something. "Everyone, focus your energy and give it to Ron."

Ron and Defiant heard this except Ron is the one who made the comment. "De Ja Vu." Ron felt the energy flow through him again and when Defiant went to hit him again, he caught her by the arm and twisted it and then kicked her to the ground. "You have hurt too many people Defiant." Ron paused for a moment. "Now this ends here."

"My thoughts exactly." Defiant said as she turned invisible. She ran up to him and hit him to the ground. Then she ran around him trying to scare him but seeing as he is calm and has his eyes closed she had decided to stop but didn't get to as the ground made a wave in the ground and knocked her over.

"That should make you stop running around for a little." Ron ran up and as he reached Defiant, she grew claws and had the hope of Ron stabbing himself. Then Ron did something that she hadn't expected. Ron kicked her hands away and then did a back flip kicking her in the jaw.

Defiant went backward and felt something that didn't feel right in her mouth so she spit it out. Out came a tooth and some blood. "No, you can't do that to me. You shouldn't be able to hurt me." She said enraged and ran at him. Ron calmly moved out of the way and kicked her in the back. Defiant flipped around and tried attacking again and once again Ron calmly moved out of the way and kicked her again. "Fine then, you can take me on but how about nine more of me?" Defiant made duplicates of herself and surrounded him. They all attacked again at one time. Ron dodged one of them making the other one crash into another copy. He jumped up into the air and the copies missed him but the original jumped up after him but was hit back down to the ground. Ron focused and then went straight down to the ground and hit it with his fists making a six foot wave of dirt that spread in every direction. Two of the Defiant copies vanished and the others charged at Ron. Ron grabbed one and threw it behind him and then did a round house kick to the others making them all vanish only leaving the original. "How can you do all that?" Defiant is now bleeding from her nose and more from her mouth because of all the energy she used.

"Your time is up Defiant." Ron ran up and grabbed the daggers that dropped when she got hit and stabbed her in her stomach and then pulled it out and walked away. Defiant got on her hands and knees and started coughing up blood.

"How could you beat me?" Defiant asked and then coughed up more blood.

Will answered her question. "That is easy Defiant; you used my baby for your energy. Once that energy was taken from you, you got the powers but you lost your full invincible state. You only got so much of it, so the stronger Ron got, the weaker you got. You were supposed to have gained the energy some other way but instead you used shortcuts. It's over Defiant." Then Defiant fell limp in a pool of blood and then a big purple wave erupted.

In Meridian are Elyon and her guards fighting for Meridian once again. They had been fighting for hours and they are wearing down. Elyon had been doing really well until one of the zombies jumped on her. "Susan?" She was just about to bit down on her when a wave of purple rushed over them. When Elyon woke up with Susan on top of her. Elyon pushed her off and got up off the ground and then whispered to nothing. "Way to go everyone, you did it." Then she picked up Susan and took her home.

Will and everyone got back to Will's home and found a fold open. Then she looked to see who had opened the fold and saw Elyon with someone in her arms. "Elyon, it's you."

Elyon turned around and was about to hi when something else came out instead. "What happened to you?" Then Elyon slapped herself.

"It's ok Elyon, I'm Pregnant and somehow I think I will be giving birth tomorrow sometime. So who is that?" Will asked curiously.

Before Elyon could say anything, the person woke up. "Will?" Susan asked wearily.

"Mom!" Will said excitedly as she ran to give her a hug.

"Way to go Will. You did everything I told you to do." Susan looked at the clock to see what time it is. "Will, it's getting late, you should go get some rest if you plan on being able to comfortably have your baby tomorrow." Then she thought about what she said and corrected herself. "As comfortable as you can get anyway. Everyone is welcome to stay here tonight but Matt; you sleep in here away from the girls." Matt nodded and they were all off to sleep.

That morning, Will woke up and in pain. She woke up the girl closest to her which happened to be Cornelia who isn't a fan of waking up early. "Will; what" Then she realized what was happening and she got Wills mother and then woke up everyone else. Matt transformed into his other form and picked up Will and flew her to the hospital while the others drove. Ten minutes later Matt arrived and Will was sent off to her room. Another ten minutes later, Wills mother and her friends arrived just as Cornelia's, Irma's, Hay Lin's, and Taranee's parents showed up and there siblings. The four girls screamed and hugged their families. An hour and a half later and everyone except Matt went to see Will and the newborn. She named her Mist. She has light blue eyes and black hair. She is 6 lbs 8oz and 19 inches long.

After they left since visiting time was over Matt walked up to the door. "I'm sorry sir, you must leave; visiting time is over for now." The Doctor said.

"Please, let him in." The doctor thought about it and then nodded and gave them ten minutes. "Matt, why didn't you come in earlier?" Will asked a little hurt.

"Well how was I going to fit, and besides, I don't think that you would have needed that many people in here anyway. The room was packed." Matt said with a smile as he looked at the child.

"Ok, that makes sense. I have a busy life ahead of me now that I have a child." Will said exhausted.

"No Will, we do because I will be there helping you as much as possible."

"Matt, she isn't even yours." Will flinched at the thought of it not being Matt's. "Why would you help?"

"Will, I love you for now and forever, so don't think that I won't be helping you." Then the doctor came in after a few more minutes and told Matt he had to leave now.

Will went home the next afternoon after a miraculous recovery and found Matt waiting for her. Will set Mist down next to the couch and sat down next to Matt to cuddle.

After Will set Mist down, her eyes turned black and then back to normal as she then fell asleep.

The End

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