The pain was gone. A faded memory. And even though I was craving something so powerful; making me almost think of nothing else, I was sidetracked by the brilliant smile on Edward's face. I smiled back, bigger.

Edward, for some reason, was on top of me. Emmett was holding my right hand and Jasper was clutching my feet tightly to his chest. Alice, Esme, Rosalie, and Carlisle stood behind him. I peered around Edward and let my smile reach them. The anxiety that their faces were portraying melted away and smiled back.

Everyone was still and smiling, besides Emmett. He was still, but he had a look of true horror, his mouth open in a perfect O. I giggled and Edward looked up at him.

"You okay Emmett?" Rosalie asked as she moved to his side. She picked up the hand that was not grasping mine and held it in hers. Edward started to laugh. Before I had a chance to ask why Edward was laughing, Emmett threw his weight on top of me to. He was shaking. Edward laughed harder.

"She's fine Emmett. Now get off…" Edward pushed his brother off of me. I looked at Emmett and said, "Emmett, I'm fine…What's wrong?" He stared at me shocked.

"What's wrong?" I demanded again.

"Nothing…I just… I haven't seen someone in that much pain I guess…I felt bad."

"Well it's over, so don't worry." I smiled brightly.

When I looked back at my family, they all had the same shocked face as Emmett.

"What!?" I shouted. No one answered. I glowered at them. Did something go wrong? Was I deformed? I looked back at Edward, allowing the smile to disappear and my stress line my face.

"Edward, what is going on?" I asked, pleaded. At this Alice chuckled. I glared at her before turning back to Edward. He answered me, with his voice.

"You do realize Bella that you are not talking right?"

"Yes I am!" I had shouted this at him and he threw his hands over his ears. But no one else reacted. He looked back at me, talked to me without moving his lips.

"Not out loud Bella…In your head. Only you and I can hear what we are talking about. So, please don't shout, it hurts."

I shot up as Edward moved away. I heard someone calling my name. Alice.

"Bella, you can communicate to people in their heads."

"Oh." I frowned. So I was deformed.

I looked around again, everyone staring at me, eyes squinted in concentration. Alice was the only one not bothered by my defect. She was swaying peacefully besides Jasper, her hand in his. I looked away and only at Edward. If I could make tears, they would be streaming down my face. His eyes were filled with sadness and worry. I put my head between my knees.

"You can still talk to us silly," Alice informed me.

I opened my mouth to talk. Panic rose as I thought of forever being silent. I rush of air came out with a squeak. I muttered a "Hello." Everyone burst into laughter.

"Told you," Alice winked at me. My smile returned.

Edward pulled me off of the bed and held me around the waste. I felt like I was floating. Every part of my body felt like cement, hard and unbreakable. But it wasn't heavy, as though I weighed nothing. I wasn't cold, my body temperature neutral. And Edward's hands were warm.

"How do you feel Bella?" Carlisle asked. I looked at him and concentrated on answering him out in the open.

"I feel…great!" I was glad that everyone seemed to have heard me.

The nagging feeling of thirst was getting stronger. I knew what I wanted, knew that my body craved, but I didn't want to think the word…

Alice threw a pan at my face. It hit me in the forehead and landed loudly next to my feet.

"Hey!" Everyone turned on her. I gaped at her in shock. She called my name, but her lips again didn't move. I focused on her face.

"Move the pan before it hits you again Bella."

"I can't!" Alice put her hands to her ears as I shouted. The rest of the family was looking at me and then back at Alice.

"Don't shout Bella, it's very loud. And, yes you can. When I throw this pan at you, just think of moving it." She threw the next pan, it whirling to my face, Jasper grabbed her from behind and pinned her against him.

The pan was whizzing at my face, about to clank against me again. But it moved in slow motion. Last time it didn't hurt, but it didn't feel pleasant either. My forehead was fuzzy from where the pan had smacked it. I focused my thoughts back on the pan. I thought about how I wanted the tingling to stop and the pan not hitting me. Suddenly, as if my hand had shot up and flung it the other way, the pan took a sharp turn from my face and into the wall next to Emmett's face. Alice laughed hysterically, wriggling out of Jasper's arms.

"Bella! You can also move things with your head! Even as a vampire, you're body needs help to not trip on things!"

"Oh…dang! I thought that would go away…" I muttered. Everyone laughed again.

"So, Bella can talk to others in their head and move objects without touching them? Cool!" Emmitt exclaimed, holding up a high five for me. I was too hard and when our hands made contact, the walls vibrated with the loud boom.

We spent a few minutes figuring out how I could talk to others. Edward still couldn't read my mind and I couldn't read the others; they had to be talking to me. Carlisle thought that because I am a very private person and could keep secrets well, that part of my brain intensified. To "reach" me, the person who wanted to talk to me would just have to call out my name. They all tried it at the same time, causing me to wince and turn into Edward's chest. He was still rock solid, but not cold. If too many people tried to "reach" me at once, it caused my head to shake. They promised to only call when they needed me. Edward took over immediately, telling me, in my head, what he was going to do to me. The others were asking me questions, but I couldn't pay attention because of what Edward was saying. When my face stayed cool and I didn't feel the rush of the blood go to my cheeks, my smile faltered a little.

This was it. I was now a vampire. My want for blood (I made myself say it) was getting stronger. I was slowly getting annoyed with everyone. When Emmett threw the pan again, I shot it back, smacking him in the head. Everyone laughed but Alice saw that I was not smiling and ushered everyone out of the room. She called me, just loud enough to be heard over Edward, and told me to come out when I was okay. She winked at Edward; hand still tightly entwined with mine, and closed the door. I rounded on him.

"Just what do you think you are doing!? You can't do that al-" I was cut off as Edward smashed his lips to mine.

Whatever I had been feeling, annoyance or want, vanished. His kiss stole all of my attention. He shoved my mouth open quickly, pushing past my lips for his tongue to reach mine. He still tasted sweet and his skin left fire everywhere it touched. He forcefully pushed me back on the bed, coming down on top of me between my legs. His hands searched my face, while mine moved everywhere, touching everything. He was so warm. He let me grab his hair, twist it and pull. He groaned and was rough with me as well. It didn't hurt; it felt wonderful. The kiss was so powerful, strong. He was chanting my name over and over in his head. We never pulled away to breathe; we didn't have to…

As though someone had burned him, he shoved me away. I stared at him, wondering why in heavens name he stopped. On the corner of his lip were two little teeth marks; they glistened in the light. He licked the spot and smiled down at me. I watched, completely confused.

"You have to be careful Bella. You have some pretty powerful teeth now." He was talking to me through his head. I lifted my hand and traced over the bite mark that I had left on him.

"Sorry. Got a little carried away." He smiled. I was still taken back by the beauty of it.

"Come on love," Edward pulled me to my feet, kissing me on my forehead. "I bet you want something extremely bad. I don't think it's good for us to continue this way if you're going to keep trying to eat me." He chuckled, low in his throat.

Without him kissing me, the want returned. I was immediately bothered, my only thoughts on getting what I wanted….What I wanted really bad. I wanted it even more then I wanted Edward…

We met the others in the living room, sitting on the couches. I caught a glimpse of myself in the large mirror, gold outlined and framing the fireplace. I was gorgeous. My hair looked soft and seemed to float around my shoulders. It curled gently at the tips and shown bright in the light. My skin was the translucent color as Edward's. My cheeks were flawlessly sculpted; and my eyes were bright, no purple under them yet. I walked a little closer. I smiled at my reflection when I reached it and had not fallen over my own two feet. It was nice to stay upright for once. Edward came behind me, circling his strong arms around my slender waist, pulling me tight against him. He leaned down and whispered low in my ear. My smile brightened as it still sent a shiver down my straight spine.

"You finally get to see yourself through my eyes Bella. You have always looked this way to me. Because of everything you are, you are more beautiful then any creature I have been lucky to come across."

He began to hum my lullaby, letting it be heard only between the two of us. I let the sound fill every crevice in my mind; mentally pushing the want for blood into the back with my memory of the change. I thought of nothing else. I had forever to control this want. I had forever with the man I would forever love.

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