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Summary: There are two parts to Vita Suscipio. The first part of the spell will make a person revert to his or her earliest life form. That form will be transferred to the nearest life vessel, or in other words, another person. Victim to the spell will be 'reborn', age every two weeks until he or she would be back to their proper age the time the spell was cast. This spell was created long ago so that a person can relive their childhood... to live a better childhood. The second part of the spell was to make the life vessel be able to carry a child…

Draco Malfoy had been a victim of foul play; someone cast that spell on him, making him vanish on the spot. The nearest person at that time was no other than Harry Potter. Will Harry live through a term of a speedy two-month pregnancy and then give 'birth' to Malfoy? How will Harry cope of playing the role of a 'mother'?

Draco will remember the time he was a baby... and Harry being his 'mum'. After all, this is a magical world.

To clear things up, Harry isn't going to be truly Draco's mother. There's no way for that to happen. It's just that the spell made things all complicated. This story is to focus on how Harry will take care of baby Draco… with all the fuss and awkwardness. As I said, Harry's pregnancy will only be two months. This means that a week will equal one month in a normal pregnancy :P I'll probably have Hermione and Ron move in with Harry to his private quarters to help him out… I'm sure the other boys in the dormitory wouldn't want a baby crying in the middle of the night…

I'm not going to be too harsh on our dear Harry… He'll have some idea on what to do with a baby. ;) Draco will be his 'son' after all MUWAHAHAHAHA! –cough cough cough-

Here goes nothing! The first chapter!

Chapter 1: I'm what?! He's where?!

.: September 3, 1997 :.

It was the second day back at Hogwarts. Harry and company were just starting their seventh year there. Events went as scheduled and so, all students were gathered at the Great Hall on this particular morning, waiting for their Head of House to pass out their timetables. The seventh year would get theirs first, then the sixth, the fifth, and so on.

Harry was sitting across of Hermione, who was already busying herself with her nose buried within a book. Ron was sitting on the right side of Harry and was busy in a whole other sense; the redheaded teen was stuffing his face with the delicious breakfast items that had appeared before them five minutes ago. Harry, who was also eating his breakfast but at a slower pace, was happy to be back at Hogwarts; he missed his friends very much and also missed being able to do magic. But since he was now seventeen, he could do magic outside of school anyway.

Just as Harry was eating his porridge, Professor McGonagall walked up to the trio and stood behind Ron, who was oblivious to the fact that his Head of House was standing behind him. McGonagall smiled when Harry looked up.

"Mr. Potter, here's your timetable for the year," McGonagall said as she gave Harry a small sheet of paper. Harry accepted it and skimmed the list.

The professor then gave Hermione her timetable and left Ron's next to the teen's plate. The bushy haired girl looked through her schedule; she then smiled after seeing what classes she was attending.

"I have Charms first… How about you, Harry? Do you have Charms as well?" Hermione asked; she didn't bother in asking Ron. He was still eating.

"Yeah, I have Charms… then double Potions. Oh man… this year is going to be very strenuous." Harry let out a sigh and continued with his list. "After Potions I have DADA, then, History of Magic, and lastly, Transfiguration."

"I'm almost in all of your classes, except I have Arithmancy instead of History of Magic," Hermione said. "I think we have classes with Slytherins this year."

"We do!?" Harry exclaimed; his eyes started twitching when he saw the word 'Slytherin' beside every class. "Fuck… Why are we always with the snakes?"

Ron let out a loud belch before taking his napkin and wiped his mouth clean; he smiled sheepishly when Hermione sent him a glare for being rude.

"Sorry, Mione… Anyways, to answer your question, Harry, we're always with the snakes. It's like… Gryffindors are fated to be with them… There's no way around it." Ron picked up his goblet and took a swig of pumpkin juice. "We've been with them for the last six years… Get use to it, mate." Ron licked his lips clean and finally, picked up his own schedule.

"Fate… I think it's just that Dumbledore is trying to make our lives miserable," Harry grumbled. "Especially for Potions. I'm always paired up with Malfoy or some other… Then, Snape blames me for ruining the potion. Snape hates me."

Ron patted Harry's back consolingly. "I feel for you, mate. I really do."

Hermione hummed and folded her timetable before slipping it in her book bag. "Oh Harry… I'm sure you don't really mind being with Malfoy, do you?" Hermione asked cheekily. "Everytime he's paired with you, you always have this blush on your face."

"I-I… What?" Harry blinked at the girl. "I do not blush when Malfoy's my partner."

Ron snorted. "Yes you do, mate. I noticed it as well."

Harry growled.

"Well, this is all very nice but I think we should get going now. You don't want to be late for class, do you?" Hermione stood up and picked up her book bag. "Don't look now, but Malfoy's looking at you, Harry." Hermione whispered conspiringly; she giggled when Harry turned his head around to see.

Just like what Hermione said, Malfoy was definitely looking at Harry. The brunet promptly blushed while Draco looked away quickly. Pansy, who was sitting beside Draco, sneered nastily at Harry. Potter frowned and turned back.

"It's the second day of school and I'm sure Parkinson is already plotting something against me," Harry muttered.

"She hates anybody being close to Malfoy," Ron said; he packed his things and stood up as well. Harry followed suit and the trio began walking to the doors. "Since you're always with Malfoy, you must be first on her list."

"Isn't that fantastic?" Harry asked sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

As they walked farther away from the Gryffindor table, the three friends missed the glint in one of their classmate's eyes. A plan was forming and it was only the matter of time when it would be initiated.

'Harry… You will be mine! I'll just have to take care of Malfoy…'


As usual and anticipated, every Gryffindor in Charms were paired with a Slytherin. But surprise took over when Harry wasn't paired with Draco. Instead, he was partnered up with Millicent Bulstrode. This really was a first for him. The heavyset girl grunted and dropped her book and bag right onto the table; Harry squirmed uncomfortably and sat down. Bulstrode was so much bigger than he was that Harry didn't really want to make a mistake… She might just beat him up with one of her fists.

The Charms professor, Flitwick, was already standing in the front of the class. The small elf stood on a high platform; his beady eyes scanned across the classroom, nodding in satisfaction when all tables were occupied with one Gryffindor and one Slytherin.

"Class, today we're going to work on the Flame-Freezing charm…"

One student from each pair made a fire. Professor Flitwick had made a small pit in the middle of each table before the class had started. Once Harry had a fire going, he quickly volunteered to do the charm and let Bulstrode be the one to stick her hand into the fire. If the charm was cast correctly, then her hand wouldn't burn and would only feel a warm breeze.

"You better cast the charm right, Potter," Millicent growled; she put her right hand near the flame and glared down at Harry.

Potter nodded weakly and pointed his wand at the flickering fire. "Incendia Congelo!" Green eyes watched as the fire shimmered and flickered. All in all, the fire looked exactly the same. "Uh… Do you want me to…?" Harry gestured to the small flame.

Bulstrode sneered at the brunet. "Move aside, Potter. You cast the charm, I'll test it."

Harry took a step back to let the Slytherin stand in front of the fire. Millicent tentatively reached out; she squeezed her eyes shut as she poked her index finger into the fire. Harry bit his bottom lip, praying that the charm was working. He looked away from the fire for a moment and found Malfoy looking in his direction. The blond was partnered with Parvati Patil; Parvati was standing there, her eyes wide as her hand stayed inside the flame without being burnt. When Draco smirked at the green-eyed teen, Harry blushed and quickly looked away.

'Hermione and Ron were right… I do blush…'

Harry groaned; his eyes darted to Bulstrode. She was now staring transfixed at her own hand. It was unharmed and Harry was glad.

"Potter, it worked…" Bulstrode muttered; she was twisting and turning her hand inside the flame.

"Thank Merlin…"

The class ended after Professor Flitwick had checked every group's result. It turned out pretty well; only one person had a slightly burned finger. It wasn't too severe, just a bit red on the skin. The whole class slowly piled out; before Bulstrode left, she gave Harry a half smile. Harry was too surprised to do anything other than gaping at the girl. Ron came up to Harry's table and smacked the brunet hard on his back; Harry sputtered and glared at the redhead.

"So how did it go? You didn't burn your hands did you?"

Harry chuckled and shook his head in the negative. "No, Ron, I cast the charm and Bulstrode was the one that tested the fire. Good thing it worked or I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be standing here right now." Harry closed his eyes and shuddered. "How about you, Ron? Did Zabini burn his hand?"

"Ah, well… He was the one that cast the spell, not me," Ron answered. "I don't trust myself to cast the charm…"

Harry smirked then he looked around the room. "Where's Hermione? Did she leave already?"

"Yeah… She said something about first day of class and not wanting to be late…" Ron shrugged carelessly. "It's Snape's class next… If you ask me, I don't really want to be there. But what can I do? I need that class if I want to be an Auror someday."

Harry laughed and hefted his book bag onto his shoulder. As he and Ron walked out, Parvati appeared out of nowhere and matched her steps with Harry. Potter stopped talking with Ron when he noticed another person walking next to him.

"Hey, Parvati… I thought you left already?" Harry greeted the dark-skinned girl. "So how was it like to be partnered up with Malfoy?"

Parvati's brown eyes grew hard for a second. But as she blinked her eyes, it returned to normal. Both Harry and Ron totally missed seeing that.

"Oh… He's very good at Charms…" Parvati waved her hand carelessly. "We didn't talk much. All he said was he was going to do the spell and I would test it."

"Ah… I see," Harry murmured; Parvati scowled but it turned into a smile when Harry looked at her.

"Well, at least he's nicer to you. When we're partners, we do nothing but yell at each other."

"Like having a lovers' spat," Ron snickered; Harry punched the redhead on his arm.

"I think Malfoy is just an outright bastard," Parvati said haughtily. "Harry, you should just forget about him. You don't have to treat him special."

"What are you talking about, Parvati?" Harry asked, laughing. "I don't treat him--"

"Oh, enough with talking about Malfoy," Parvati snapped. "We should hurry to Snape's class." With that, the girl walked past the two teens, not looking back once.

"What's up with her?" Ron asked.

"No idea, mate…"

"That was horrible…" Harry whined as they left double Potions with Professor Snape. Ron nodded glumly, wholeheartedly agreeing with the brunet.

"It was the longest fucking class in my entire life!" Weasley grumbled. "Three whole stinkin' hours of Snape barking at us; I hate that class."

"I enjoyed it… Though I can do well without Professor Snape sneering down at me," Hermione said. "The Sleeping Draught wasn't that hard to make."

"Easy for you to say, Hermione! Your potion didn't boil over like mine did," Ron sniped. "Damn Crabbe is even worse than I am in Potions!"

"Oh, Harry, watch out for…!"

"I was with Parkinson and… What was that, Herm—Oof!" Harry cried out as he collided into someone's solid backside. Harry was rubbing his forehead as he glanced up; he winced when he saw a pair of gray eyes staring at him.

"S-sorry, Malfoy…" Harry grumbled and tried to sidestep the blond. Draco was quicker than he was and blocked Harry's path.

"Potter… You have your dreadful glasses on and you still managed to crash into me… Do you like being so close to me?" Draco smirked when the smaller teen flushed pink.

Ron growled and shoved Malfoy back. "He apologized, you git! And maybe it's just you! You're just standing there like a fucking statue, blocking our path!"

"I'm not even going to waste my breath on you, Weasel," Draco sneered; he brushed his chest where Ron had touched him. "I won't be so nice next time, Potter."

Harry just looked down while Ron sneered at the blond. "You watch yourself, Ferret!"

"Are you threatening me, Weasel?" Draco snarled. "You should be ca--"

Before Malfoy had the chance to finish his sentence, a jet of bright blue shot out from somewhere to the left of the arguing group. Harry saw the beam and gasped; he grabbed Draco's arms and tried to shove him away, but was too late. The jet of light hit Draco square in the chest; Harry lost his balance and toppled over, landing right on top of Draco… Or what was left of him.

Harry groaned and heard a girl shrieking, most likely Hermione. Then from somewhere above him, he heard Ron cursing non-stop. The brunet pushed himself up… and realized he was touching a pile of robes and that was it.

In the midst of chaos, nobody noticed a soft, white orb settling on Harry's stomach and then it disappeared as it sunk into the boy's abdomen.

"Oh my god… Mal-Draco!" Harry scrambled away and lifted the robes. There was nothing underneath them, not even a strand of blond hair. "Draco… Oh my god… Draco!" He shook the clothing, hoping there was something left of Draco.

Hermione knelt down next to the distraught teen. "Harry… stop… Ron's chasing the person that cast the spell…"

"Did you see who it was? Did you hear what was cast?!" Harry asked frantically. "What happened to Draco?! I saw the light and tried to push Draco away… He's gone… there-there's nothing left!"

Hermione was scared shitless but she remained calm. "No, I didn't hear… Let's hope Ron catches him or her. The person couldn't have gone far."

Harry whimpered and held Malfoy's robes close to him. "Draco disappeared… What if some--" Harry suddenly hissed in pain and doubled over.

"Harry! Harry, what's the matter?" Hermione cried out in alarm; she took hold of Harry's shoulders and steadied the brunet.

"My… My stomach… It hurts," Harry gasped; his hand was splayed over his belly. "Maybe when I fell over, I strained a muscle…"

Hermione studied her friend's face and shook her head; Harry was breaking out in sweat.

"I think it's something else… Harry, can you stand? I'll take you to the infirmary and have you checked out."

"I-I don't…" Harry's eyes rolled to the back of his head and crumpled into a heap. He barely heard Hermione cry out before darkness took over…

"-wake. Harry…"

Potter groaned and turned his face the other way, away from the voice. All he wanted was to sleep…

"Harry, you must wake up. Harry, please!"

Harry grunted and slowly opened his eyes; he hissed and threw one arm across his face. Somebody to his left clucked their tongue and Harry heard curtains closing. A warm hand took his arm and lowered it away from his eyes. Harry blinked blearily at the person; someone handed him his glasses and Harry placed it on.

"Oh… Hermione… What happened?" Harry asked; he struggled to sit up. Hermione reached behind him and propped a pillow against the headboard.

"You fainted from the pain in the hallway," Hermione whispered; she sat down on the chair by his bed. "You're in the hospital wing now. Ron came back with… He caught the person and then saw you on the ground… He helped me with getting you here."

"Who was it?" Harry asked; he looked and saw that a screen was drawn around his bed.

"Uhm… it was Parvati, Harry," Hermione answered. "Ron and I took her to the Headmaster's office while you were still unconscious. She admitted to casting the spell on Malfoy."

"Why… Why did she…" Harry shook his head. "How long was I out? And what was the spell? Can we bring Draco back?"

"Parvati said she wanted to make Draco disappear… Well, apparently she did, but in the wrong sense." Hermione fidgeted on her seat. "You see, Harry, Malfoy isn't really gone."

"What do you mean!? There was nothing but his robes!" Harry snapped. "You saw it! Draco wasn't there!"

The screen around Harry's bed was pulled aside and Madam Pomfrey stepped in. "Mr. Potter, I see you're awake. I heard you screaming even though I was in my office."

Harry blushed. "Sorry, Madam. I-I'm just worried about Dra-Malfoy."

"Which is perfectly normal, but I had to agree with Ms. Granger. Mr. Malfoy isn't gone," Poppy said. "He's… located somewhere else so to speak."

"Located somewhere else? I don't understand…" Harry frowned.

Poppy sighed and gestured for Hermione to stand; the girl vacated her chair and stood back. The nurse came over and lifted Harry's dress shirt, baring the brunet's belly. Harry looked at Hermione but all she did was shake her head. When Madam Pomfrey pointed her wand at Harry's stomach, the boy's gaze was concentrated on the wand. With a muttered spell, the medi-witch brought up a projection right above Harry's belly. In the middle of the projection was a fuzzy mass. Harry squinted at it and arched his eyebrows.

"Is that my stomach? Why is my stomach all fuzzy? I'm not growing mold am I? Is that why my stomach was hurting?"

Hermione stifled a laugh while Poppy rolled her eyes, her lips curved into a small smile.

"No, Harry, you are not growing mold. That fuzzy mass is a young life growing inside of you."

Harry sighed. "Oh, so it's not mold… That's go—WHAT?!" Harry looked down at his stomach then back at the projection. "Did you say 'young life'?!"

"Yes, Mr. Potter, you are around five weeks pregnant and what you just called 'mold' is Draco Malfoy." Poppy explained, pointing at the fuzzy blob. "What you're seeing right here is the fetus's head."

Harry shakily placed his hand on his belly.

"I'm… I'm pregnant and that's Malfoy…?"

For the second time in one day, Harry Potter blacked out.


A/N: A day in Harry Potter's life! xD He never has it easy, does he? :p Aww, Harry's pregnant! He's going to have a cute lil tummy in two weeks' time :D Haha… growing mold xP

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