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Chapter 1: Interviews

Mrs. Bolton's P.O.V/ Mr. Bolton's P.O.V

Hi! I am Lucille Bolton. And I am Jack Bolton.

We have a WONDERFUL and handsome boy name Troy. He is sweet, athletic, and all around nice guy.

But There is one thingthat bugs the crap out of me about Troy. His crazy, lunatic girlfriend Sharpay!

She is so PRISSY and UGH! She always screams at the most random things. She is so loud!

She treats Troy like dirt! She pushes him around like a mop. And Troy is just to nice of a guy to tell her to stop.

Sharpay you are gone!!

No one's P.O.V/ At Gabriella's interview

"So. What is your name?" Mrs. Bolton asked.

"My name is Gabriella. But you can call me Gabi or Brie." Gabi said smiling brightly.

"What do you do for a living?" Mr. Bolton asked.

"I am practicing to be a teacher."

"O so what grade do you want to teach?" Mrs. Bolton asked already liking Gabi.

"I want to teach high schoolers of any grade." Gabi said fluently. It had been her dream.

"Why do you want to teach high school? They are pretty ruff." Mr. Bolton asked also starting to like Gabi.

"Well. I want to put the love for science back in schools." Gabi said smiling.

"Well now to some other questions. What is your most favorite talent?" Mrs. Bolton asked.

"Well I love to sing." Gabi said still smiling.

"O let's hear a few bars!" Mr. Bolton exclaimed,

"Ok." Gabi said standing up.

The little girl you knew

The one who never stood up to you

Who kept their silent to long

Well she is gone with the wind

And now I am standing my ground

And who I am and for that I am proud

And well the girl that I was

Well she is gone with the wind

She's gone, gone, she's gone, gone, she's gone, gone

Well she's gone with the wind

Mr. and Mrs. Bolton looked at her in amazement.

"That was fantastic!" Mrs. Bolton said.

"You really are a triple threat aren't you." Mr. Bolton asked.

"Excuse me?" Gabi asked giggling with a confuse look on her face, still standing up.

"Well, beauty, brains, and a voice. Did you write that peace yourself?" Mr. Bolton asked.

"Yes I did." Gabi said proudly.

"Well Gabi it was nice meeting you but we have to interview the next person." Mrs. Bolton said.

"Nice meeting you too." Gabi said standing up walking over to them.

The Bolton's both stuck out their hands.

"Do you expect me to shake that?" Gabi asked.

Both the Bolton's looked confused at each other then back at Gabi which caused her to laugh gently.

"I am a hug person, duh." Gabi said with a giggle.

"O." The Bolton's said in unison. Then hugged Gabi and she walked out the door waving.

The Bolton's went through a lot of interviews! And were TIRED! Out of ALL the interviews there were only two that the Bolton's thought were normal.

"I pick her!" Mrs. Bolton exclaimed.

"Yeah, well then I pick…her!" Mr. Bolton explained pointing to the big book in front of them with all the girls photos in it.

"Well either way…SHARPAY IS OUTA HERE!" Mrs. Bolton exclaimed.

"You got that right!" Mrs. Bolton exclaimed happily.

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