"Chester!" Timmy cried, paling at the sight of his best friend lying on the war-torn concrete with a sword run through him. The blonde struggled to breathe, fighting for each pained gasp of air. The countdown on his armband had expired; the server control system had died, along with the hundreds, maybe thousands, of anti-magic units under its command. The sounds of large metal objects raining down on the lot and the streets of Dimmsdale seemed far away. Timmy turned his attention slowly towards the other blonde standing nearby. Remy only looked up at the tower in confusion.

"What the bloody hell was that sound? What's going on? What did you buffoons do to my beautiful Dark Spire?" he demanded of them, then blinked at the brunet, "Why are you staring at me like that?"

Danny knelt by Trixie, studying the injury with the cold detachment of a ghost's mind. The blade was buried deeply, but true to form, Chester was a fighter, unwilling to let even a fairy's weapon keep him from life. His eyes were shut tightly, one hand clutching the hilt but for what reason the phantom could only guess. Was he trying to pull it out? That might not be the best idea; the sword could be the only thing keeping him from bleeding to death, and Danny couldn't risk bestowing the curse of immortality again should the blonde cross over. Trixie was sobbing bitterly, head bent and dark hair hiding her face from view. Apollo fluttered by her, looking lost and guilty; it was, after all, his sword that was stealing away Chester's life bit by bit.

A flare of pink light erupted near them and both ghost and fairy lifted their heads to see what was happening. Timmy walked between them and the boy millionaire, surrounded by flames of deep red and pale pink, intermittently shot through with black and white. His attention was not on them, but on the teen who dared to bring harm to one of his childhood friends.

"Timmy, don't let anger or sorrow control you." Danny warned under his breath, "If you let that bleed through your magic, your power, worse things will happen. Get your focus back!" Did the brunet even hear him? He didn't even seem to know they were back there anymore.

"You...!" Timmy hissed in a fury, standing before his rival with the flames illuminating the startled expression on the blonde's face, "I warned you... I warned you not to do anything to them!" Remy shuffled backwards, eyes wide with fear.

"Not human! You're not human!" he stammered, "You're a monster! A freak!" Timmy shrieked in return, lifting his hands over his head as a swirling ball of tightly packed Fire and Light mana bloomed into existence between his palms.

"I am not a freak!" he screamed and hurled the ball at the blonde.

"NO!" his cousin yelled, shooting up from the ground for the brunet. The flames spun outward, forcing him back before he could be burned. Wanda wailed out in horror as Juandissimo flew back, one arm lifted to protect his eyes from the brilliant explosion of fire and light. The ground quaked under the blow, making for difficult terrain to run on for the rest of Team Turner and Team Phantom trying to join them. They were sent sprawling from the force of the blast and a cloud of smoke, dust and ash settled over them. Caleb's wings immediately unfolded, flapping rapidly to whisk away the smog. Tootie murmured a wish to Romi, asking for the cloud to vanish.

When the area was clear once more, the two teams stared up at the young immortal as he stood impassively before a large crater in the ground. On the other side of it, Remy lay flat on his back, dazed. Juandissimo jumped and raced for him, helping him sit up as they both looked at the brunet in a mix of confusion and shock.

"I missed on purpose." Timmy finally said coldly, "Next time, I might not." He pointed at the gasping blonde near him. "Your life is tied to his. Chester dies; you die. To Hell with the both of us, but you'll get there first." he added and turned his back on the teen millionaire, "Now get out of here. The sight of you makes me more sick than these stupid Spires of yours." Remy and Juandissimo instantly vanished from the lot in a blast of purple smoke, unwilling to take the risk that he could be bluffing. Timmy finally sighed and sank to the concrete himself, curling up and shuddering almost violently.

"What the hell happened?" Sam cried in horror, the first voice to break the strained silence as Caleb and Tootie both ran to the brunet.

"Chester! Oh my God, what happened to him?" A.J. yelled out in alarm, racing to the blonde with Sanjay and Elmer at his sides. The Indian's hands flew up to his head as he wailed.

"No, no, no! Why must Shiva curse us with this? We lost our poor friend Timmy Turner! We cannot lose the one who took his place as Leader of the Others!" Sanjay cried as Elmer knelt by and fanned the blonde's face with his hat, "Elmer! Stupid boy! You do not use Timmy's cap as a resuscitation device!"

"Severe mana depletion. Several vital organs are probably failing." Caleb muttered curtly, scanning the convulsing teen, "Idiot; I told you not to use your personal mana for spells!" He looked up at Tootie. "Stay here and use your healing spells on him! Restore as much mana as you can!" he ordered.

"There's not enough around me to do that! We burned through most of it tagging the traps!" Tootie cried helplessly. The android dug into his pocket and pulled out the shimmering crystal he'd shown to Timmy. He handed it to her.

"Use this! Pull the mana from this crystal and pass it to him! We don't have much time!" he snapped, "Mana depletion of the level this complete ass managed to reach is fatal for even an immortal! Remember what his fairy said about the nullifier hall? About how his body would turn to dust if he lost a huge amount of magic and mana? He's reached that point again; give him a boost!"

"I'll help!" Wanda exclaimed, shooting down to land by her godchild, "Timmy, how could you do this to yourself? Oh, sunu, cherishen sunu!" She brushed his hair away from his face, then clutched her wand tightly in her hands. "Cosmo! Where are you? Timmy needs us!" she whispered tearfully as Tootie held out her dagger and began murmuring the incantation for Cure.

Trixie barely registered the red-haired android dropping beside her and Chester. This was all insanity. Fighting Remy, fighting the Spires; it was going to get them all killed. First Timmy, now Chester; how many more young lives were going to be sacrificed in the name of that brat trying to attain the title of Heart of Dimmsdale?

"Looks pretty bad." Caleb murmured, scanning the blonde lying before them, his head resting in her lap, "Is this the only serious injury he's gotten all night?"

"That's a stupid question to ask!" Tucker exclaimed hotly, "Does it matter? Just heal him!" The android glared up at him and the African-American teen backed off with a sheepish smile. "But then, what do I know? This is magic stuff we're talking about; I'm a techie through and through!" he amended quickly.

"This is why Timothy and I cast Revive on all of you before you attempt anything that puts you near a Spire." Caleb told the group of teens and reached out to the buried sword, "On three." Team Turner watched apprehensively as the android began to count. "One... two..." He suddenly pulled the sword free, ignoring the collective cries of shock from the S-List teens. Chester yelped in pain, then fell limp, a bright flash of light erupting from the site of the wound.

"What the-?" A.J. exclaimed and reached out to poke at the tear in the shirt, "The injury's gone! What happened?"

"The spell Revive is designed to prevent Death by absolving a person of one fatal wound." Caleb explained in exasperation, cleaning the scimitar off with a small cloth, "If a person has the spell active on them and they receive a fatal injury, like Chester here getting this dagger between the ribs, then it kicks in and restores them to perfect health, stopping Death before it even has the chance to realize someone was about to die. It can only do it once, but sometimes that's all you need to keep someone moving until you can dish out a second dose."

"Owww..." Chester groaned, drawing attention back to him, "Dude, you said on three...!"

"Kid, that trick's older than me and you people still fall for it every time." Caleb sighed, rolling his eyes and handing the sword back to Apollo, "Intelligent species, yeah, right." The blonde sat up, rubbing his chest where the blade had been as if to confirm that he really was whole, then yelped as the S-List group-hugged him tightly, chattering excitedly and with great relief over his recovery.

"Hey! Whoa! Come on! Dude's gotta breathe!" Chester exclaimed and cringed in reflex as Trixie threw her arms around him in the tightest hug of all.

"You had me worried sick, you stupid redneck!" she cried, "I honestly thought you were gonna die! Don't you ever do that to me again, or I'll have Apollo turn you into teddy bear!"

"Okay, okay! Sheesh!" the blonde stammered and got up with the help of the Others. He blinked as he caught sight of Timmy lying by a crater with Tootie and Wanda both pouring magic and mana back into him. "Hey! What the hell happened to Timothy?" he declared in alarm and ran up to the brunet with the rest of the teams following quickly.

"He blew another fuse when he saw what Remy did to you." A.J. told him, looking down at the young immortal as he breathed more easily, "I thought he was gonna make the whole place go nuclear just to get revenge, but he held back. Wonder why."

"Because I'm not stooping to his level." Timmy grumbled and opened his eyes, looking up at them. He blinked, then smiled in relief. "Chester... you're okay..."

"Yeah, man. Revive spells really are handy, huh?" the blonde remarked brightly. The brunet blinked up at him in surprise, then turned a faint shade of red.

"So all that I did earlier was for nothing? There wasn't even anything to worry about?" Timmy whimpered, "Man, I am really lousy at this Hero-ing thing!" The group laughed in collective relief as Tootie and Wanda pulled back on their magical infusions and helped Timmy stand. Looking around, they took in the sight of ruined pavement and asphalt where the aerial drones had fallen from high above when the servers crashed. They began to walk across the lot towards the Dark Spire, gazing at the destruction they had caused as a team. Wanda floated by Timmy, periodically checking the slowly brightening skies for her husband. Surely he had to be okay; he had dumb luck on his side and the units chasing him would have to have succumbed to the server crash as well.

Maybe he got distracted by a shiny nickel somewhere. She could only hope.

As they walked, they listened to the story of Chester's all-out melee on Remy before it was interrupted by the summoning of the Mars units and the removal of Chester's magitech armor. Caleb had not been amused by the loss of the armor and demanded that someone bring it back. Trixie volunteered for it and promptly wished for the suit to be returned to Chester. Once it was clad on him again, the blonde knocked his knuckles together and grinned. The battle had been fun, despite the near fatal ending. Already plans for the next Spire attack were being made.

"Not until we find a way to stop something like that from happening." Timmy pointed out sternly, "If Remy hadn't been able to wish away Chester's armor, he would never have gotten hurt in the first place! We've got to find some way of making our uniforms immune to his wishes too!" They stopped at the entrance to the Dark Spire and looked up at the tall building.

"Well, let's get started. There's nothing to worry about inside now." Danny Phantom remarked and floated past the group into the Spire. The group nodded and entered the building, collecting a small explosive from Caleb's travel bag as they passed him.

Master Control Spire~

Crocker chuckled and shook his head, pleased by the results of the attack on Spire Five. Though it didn't actually fall, the destruction of the main control system on its upper floors deemed it lost. However, the other Spires had already collected the data they needed and he was already planning a remedy for the weak system. Let the new Timmy come at him again and again; he would only make the path to his front steps more difficult with each Spire he faced. After all, true absolution would come when his opponent was fully empowered and ready to stand before him to pass judgment.

But first, Crocker had to have the power to grant his greatest wish. Before the Spire Server System shut down from the critical overload of data, it managed to send the report that it had successfully captured a fairy. However, the capture was probably lost in the city somewhere, as the system had failed and killed the victorious unit before command of the aerial device could be transferred to the Master Control Spire. Somewhere out there in Dimmsdale, a single fairy was exposed and godchild-less. If he was lucky, the little thing would be in one of the nullification zones. All Crocker would have to do was alert the other Spires to the fact that a fairy godparent was in their region and let them handle the recovery of the trophy.

Remy would have to learn of the lost Spire some other time; the retired teacher had other fish to fry.

"Fairies, fairies, fairies! Grant my single wish!" Crocker laughed, tapping at his keyboard, "Move Heaven and Hell, rip asunder the Earth, and bring Timmy Turner back from the dead! Restore the Heart of Dimmsdale, no matter the cost!"

Cosmo coughed once, then finally opened one eye slowly, looking out at the world around him. Everything hurt, from the ends of his hair to the tips of his toes; everything. He fluttered one wing, winced, then sighed. Even that hurt. He tried to remember what had happened to him.

The aerial capture unit had pinned him under the desk in that office building, spinning in place as it cornered him until he finally tripped over the rim of the net and tumbled in. The mesh caught on the edge of the glass shard, sending a fresh wave of pain through his shoulder. He yelped as the unit rolled out of the desk, an iris of metal sealing the lip of the net closed. It hovered into the air as the doors to the office opened and several security guards rushed into the room.

"What the hell? What the hell is that thing?" one barked out in astonishment, "Is that some kinda UFO?" Cosmo clawed at the net with his left arm, hoping to find a tear somewhere, anything that could let him rip open a larger hole in the mesh and let him tumble free. The unit swerved past the guards, rushing for one of the broken windows and escaping into the night. "Somebody get Chet Ubetcha on the phone! Dimmsdale's got alien invaders!" the guard yelled excitedly.

The aerial capture unit soared over the streets of Dimmsdale, red eye blinking with the signal transmissions. Cosmo sat within the confines of the net, partially curled as he clutched his wand in one hand. It was strange, feeling the night wind rushing by him and knowing it wasn't from his own flight. He sighed, wishing he had been smart enough to keep the Windcutter on him instead of poofing it into magic space. How were Wanda and Timmy doing now?

"Well, on the plus side, there's not gonna be an idiot holding them back." he murmured softly and chuckled. It was stupid, a flimsy piece of netting was all that kept him from escaping. No magic, no flight, no hope of getting free...

Was this the end of...?

Cosmo snapped to alertness, a sudden burst of mental clarity shooting into him. He straightened with a cry, then froze, unable to move as the tiny voice within him murmured softly, holding him prisoner in his own body until it finished its message. There was a way to get free, a way to escape, without the need of magic or the Windcutter. A smarter fairy would have seen it sooner; Cosmo needed this strange intuition, the voice that only spoke in his darkest moments, to tell him what to do, what to say.

"The glass. Use the glass." And then it was gone, control of his body returned to him. Before the clarity faded completely, Cosmo reached back and grabbed the shard of mirror that remained embedded in his shoulder. Pulling it free with a yelp of pain, he brought it forward and studied it. It was sharp, bloodied, but it had a fine edge on it that hadn't been chipped when it hit him. It could work. He set the shard against the mesh and slid the glass along it. The string snapped and he smiled.

"Cool!" he yipped and repeated the motion, snapping another bit of the net. He continued slicing at the netting, whistling cheerfully. Six strings cut, and then something else, something far stronger than the little voice, took control of him. The 'Timmy Sense', as Wanda called it, a premonitory parental instinct.

Something was wrong.

Something terrible was happening, about to happen.

Clutching the shard of glass tightly enough to cut into his palm, he shrieked aloud in terror and pain.


And the aerial unit suddenly dropped from the sky, red light winking out as it and the fairy plummeted to the streets below.

"Oh, yeah..." Cosmo breathed, fluttering his good wing once again, this time ignoring the pain, "That about sums it up." He glanced up at a nearby building, watching the sun slowly rising in its windows. Morning. A drop of water fell by him, then another. He blinked as one dropped near his eye and he sighed again. Rain. Joy. Exactly what he needed.

This wasn't good. Morning in Dimmsdale meant people would be waking up, getting ready for work, coming back from work, filling the streets and sidewalks. He would be seen, people would talk, humans that didn't need to know fairies existed would have that knowledge. He would be exposed and Timmy's mission would be destroyed.

"No, no, no..." Cosmo moaned softly, struggling to get up. Where was his wand? He needed to get it back, poof himself home, poof himself healthy... fairies healed quickly, but only if they had their wands in hand, had contact with the magic that fed through it into them from Fairy World. The aerial unit lay in its personal crater nearby, the net's handle broken off. Half-crawling, half-dragging himself through the hole he'd cut in the net, Cosmo set to searching for the wand. Had it somehow slipped through the opening during the fall?

A door opened with a creak and he fell still, shutting his eyes as his hand stretched out towards the sleek black handle of the star-topped wand nearby. Maybe if he faked being dead, he wouldn't be noticed? Soft patters of small feet, then the chill of a shadow falling over him and partially shielding him from the morning drizzle let him know that plan failed.

"Oh, wow...! A fairy...!" a young voice breathed in amazement and Cosmo felt a finger poke at him.

"Ow." he muttered before he could stop himself.

"Poor little guy. You have hurties, huh? Did this big thing here hurt you?" the voice whispered softly. Cosmo opened his eyes and twisted his head to look up at the source of the voice. A young girl, maybe three or four years old, blinked down at him with wide blue eyes, her tawny, almost blonde, hair tied up in tight little pigtails with pink ribbons. She was dressed in a pink nightgown, wearing a bright red jacket and hoodie. She poked at him again.

"Stop. Hurts." Cosmo whimpered, cringing and fluttering one wing. The girl looked saddened.

"Oh, poor fairy. Your wing is all tore up." she murmured and reached out to collect the wand herself. She turned to him again and carefully scooped him up into her arms, "I take care of you. You sleep in my baby's bed!" Cosmo managed a grin through the pain of moving as the toddler made her way back to the apartment building. Cute. Little kids were so innocent and trustworthy; he'd be safe from other humans and he'd have a little time to recover on his own before getting the wand back. "I thought you was a shooting star, but fairies are more nice! Mommy and Daddy are gonna be so-prized!"

"No!" the little fairy cried, mood shifting back to panic as the thought of what that could do to him and his godchild's mission leaped back into his mind, "No adults! No grown-ups!" The girl paused on her way to the elevator, puzzled.

"Why?" she asked.

"I'll disappear if you tell any grown-ups about me." Cosmo murmured in a softly frantic voice, "No grown-ups, just you."

"Okay, Mister Fairy." the toddler replied cheerfully, "Shhh! Our secret!" She entered the elevator and set him down to reach the buttons. A jump and slap later, the lift was on its way up. She picked him up again and touched fingers to the injury on his back, wincing at his sharp cry. "Hurting bad on this one? Poor, poor fairy. I have band-aids; I'll make you better! The red stuff means it's icky hurty bad. You need band-aids for those hurties."

Cosmo sighed helplessly. At least he had a young child to help him. In the meantime, he could definitely use some rest. He murmured a soft wish for well-being for his wife and godchild, then closed his eyes, drifting towards a dreamless sleep.

Spire Five~

"Okay, my bomb's set! Is that the last one?" Timmy called out over the Phones. The two teams had spread throughout the interior of the Dark Spire, planting bombs at the weak points in the building. Caleb, A.J., and Tucker all ran for the rooms filled with technological devices, eager to tear through them and see what goodies could be obtained.

"Everything clear for Team Phantom. Tucker! Get the hell out of that room! We're gonna blow this thing up anyway!" Danny yelled out in exasperation.

"Team Turner, calling in! We're done and ready for demolition! A.J.! Come on, Dude! You already have files on all this junk, what do you need to grab actual units for?" Chester exclaimed.

"Souvenirs." the super-genius returned. Timmy chuckled and shook his head. Just like the old days, only they had no idea who he truly was. He stood up and began to make his way out of the Spire, calling up the other members of the teams to be sure they were already clearing out as well.

Wanda looked worried, perched on his shoulder as she turned her wand over and over on the palm of one hand. He looked up at her, concerned about her tense silence since he was revived with her and Tootie's help. Not even an attempt at a comforting pat on her arm brought her out of her anxious state. Something was wrong, and it was weighing on her badly. If Wanda was listless, it was serious.

"Has Cosmo called in yet?" Timmy finally asked softly, emerging from the halls into the main entryway of the Spire. Wanda cracked, bursting into tears as she lifted her hands to hide her face, flitting off of his shoulder. "Wanda?"

"I call and I call and I don't get an answer!" she sobbed piteously, lifting her face to gaze tearfully at him, "Timmy, I don't know what's happened, but he's not responding!" The brunet stepped back, startled.

"What?" he exclaimed and touched fingers to the Fenton Phones himself, "Cosmo! Cosmo, come in! Can you hear me? Cosmo!" Static answered him, filling his ears with their harsh sound. "Cosmo! Answer me!" He looked frantically over at his fairy godmother. "Maybe the Spire is interfering with our signals? He's gotta be outside the tower, right? Maybe the walls are deflecting the Fenton Phones' signals?" he exclaimed in a panic.

"Try the armband! Use the locater in his wand!" Wanda blurted out as the other teenagers hurried out of the halls to join him. Timmy lifted his arm, ignoring the strange looks of his friends.

"Something happen?" Tootie asked worriedly, "What's wrong, Wanda?"

"Fairy wand locater! Locate subject, Cosmo Cosma!" Timmy declared, watching the virtual map bloom into the air.

"Cosmo's missing?" Apollo questioned in alarm, "I think I was the last one to see him! He was heading pretty high into the air with a whole lot of those anti-magic units tailing him!"

"Check it once we're out of here! The bombs are set and we don't want to be around when they go off!" Danny urged, pushing Sam and Tucker along. The teams nodded and raced out of the Dark Spire into the morning rain. Timmy kept his eyes on the virtual map as the tracking lines scanned the holographic globe. Wanda flew by him, hands held up in prayer before her mouth as her eyes shimmered with tears.

"Please, find him. Please, please!" she whispered, "Cosmo, where are you?"

A.J. looked back over his shoulder at the tower after several minutes of running, then slowed to a halt. The others skidded to a stop and gave him puzzled looks as he brought out a small tube from his belt and held it to his eye, studying the Spire.

"That looks about right. Okay, let's detonate it!" he declared and the android beside him took a deep breath, then called out towards the tower silently. "It must be cool to hit a sound frequency high enough to remote detonate charges." the super-genius sighed wistfully as the Spire's walls collapsed inward and brought the tower crumbling down.

"Fairy wand locater! Locate subject, Cosmo Cosma!" Timmy demanded of the Adventurer's Map 3000 once more. The globe refreshed and the scan began again. Wanda buried her face in her hands, sobbing as Apollo and Romi both tried to comfort her.

"This isn't good." Trixie mumbled softly, standing by Chester for warmth as she watched the brunet study the map intensely.

"Spire's down, it's cold and raining here, and I'm beat. Can we go home and sleep now?" Tucker asked, yawning and stretching his arms over his head before folding them down and hunching his shoulders protectively. Danny watched his cousin worriedly, shaking his head slowly as he went insubstantial to let the water pass through his body.

"No, something's wrong. Something's very wrong." he murmured.

Timmy glared at the globe hovering over his arm, scowling at the 'Subject Not Found' message that typed across the field, blinking water from his eyes as his hair clung to his face. No, it was a mistake; the stupid armband must have shorted out from exposure to the nullifiers again, the rain was screwing with its circuits. No way could it be telling him that message. Not with Wanda sobbing nearby like a widow, not with his heart twisting with a sick feeling far worse than what he would get near a pulsing nullifier.

"Fairy wand locater Locate subject, Cosmo Cosma. If you need additional information, here it is." he hissed under his breath, "Subject is fairy godfather to Timothy Tiberius Turner of Dimmsdale, California, banished from Fairy World in the year 2002, husband to Wanda Cosma, also banished from Fairy World. Locate subject now!"

The globe refreshed and the tracking lines searched again as the teams gathered around him, watching the hologram intensely, faces drawn with concern and worry. One minute passed, then another, then another. Time stretched on and still the globe spun slowly in the gray, dreary morning light, unresponsive.

"You stupid piece of junk! I'm not giving up on him! You're not trying hard enough!" Timmy snapped at the armband, "Are you even searching for him or are you just faking this whole lousy thing to make us snap?" A second text message tapped itself out across the holographic globe.

"Passive Mode scan failure limit achieved. Initiating Active Mode scan. Contacting Fairy World Network for tower clearance. Please stand by." the Adventurer's Map 3000 displayed. The two teams blinked at the message as Timmy stared at it in confusion. Another minute passed and the message changed. "Tower clearance granted. Accessing wand frequency for target subject, Cosmo Cosma.


"Wand frequency downloaded. Stand by for initiation of echolocation scan."

"What the heck is it doing?" Timmy asked the group around him, baffled. A.J. studied the screen along with Tucker and Caleb.

"It was passively searching for Cosmo the whole time, and when it failed to find him, it switched to a more active search mode. I think it means that when it couldn't find him with the wand, it began to look for his wand only." A.J. remarked, "Logically speaking, if you can track down Cosmo's wand, then he can't be very far away from it, right?"

"It's downloaded a copy of the magic signature tied to Cosmo through his wand and now it's gonna use Fairy World's magic transfer system, its own towers, to ping the area for it." Tucker added, "If it touches on the wand and it pings back, the computers will pick it up and analyze the data to figure out where the ping came from. That's echolocation."

"The only problem with that is it's not always reliable." Caleb sighed, "It will locate his wand, if it's still out there and in one piece, but it's not a guarantee that Cosmo will be in the same condition and near it."

"Initiating echolocation. Stand by for results." the Adventurer's Map announced and the two teams looked up to watch as shimmering waves of pale pink rushed down from beyond the clouds that brought the morning rain on the city. Invisible to all but those blessed with the ability to recognize fairy magic, the waves passed into Dimmsdale in a soft carpet bomb search for the missing fairy.

And in the distance, hidden among skyscrapers and the hustle and bustle of the awakening population, a single stream of magic shot skyward, returning to the origin of the pulses. The armband's message changed again, displaying the results repeatedly as the group looked back at it.

"Wand located for subject, Cosmo Cosma. Location: Dimmsdale, California, United States, North America, Earth. Exact coordinates, unknown. Residual anti-magical energy interfered with echolocation scan. Displaying closest range." it typed out, then wiped the virtual screen clean, bringing up a map of Dimmsdale and stamping a large section of the downtown district of the city with a golden star.

"It found his wand, but is he there with it?" Trixie questioned softly. Timmy studied the map intensely, a dreaded feeling settling in his stomach again.

"Dimmsdale map, maintain location of Cosmo's wand and display zones of magic and nullification fields." he ordered it and the virtual map took on the gold, gray and black colorings that charted the flow of magic in the city. "I knew that didn't feel right!" he exclaimed in alarm. The star was planted squarely within a section of the city that still was victim to a Dark Spire, surrounded by gray from the field under the control of a tower only a few miles away. "We've got to get him out of there!" Tootie held out her hand, placing it on his arm carefully.

"We'll help, but it might take a while. We need to rest first, then we can search." she told him, "It's good news at least. Where his wand is, Cosmo must be close by. And even he knows enough to stay out of sight and not do anything to call the attentions of fairy traps and stuff." Timmy blinked down at her, then nodded.

"All right. We'll rest for a few hours, then get to work on searching this part of Dimmsdale for Cosmo." he sighed in resignation, looking at the map, "He's my pal, and he might be kind of stupid, but I trust him to know to take care just long enough to be rescued." He managed a small grin, "I mean, what could possibly go wrong?"

"Don't jinx it." Chester muttered, folding his arms over his chest. The rain continued to beat down on Team Phantom and Team Turner as they hurried from the ruined lot. A new day dawned for Dimmsdale as the third Spire had finally fallen after a fierce fight and days of searching for answers. But with a vital member of the team missing and the knowledge that Crocker was still on the hunt for fairy magic haunting them, how much longer could they go on, escaping cruel fates by aid of miracles that seemed to weaken with each victory over the combined forces of Remy Buxaplenty and Denzel Q. Crocker?

The End

Episode 1: Act 2