The Jane Doe

She leans against the wall outside of Cuddy's office, staring blankly at the floor tiles as she tries to tune out House and Julie's bickering. Wilson walks toward the office, stopping beside of her as he glances inside of the room. He stands beside of her, leaning against the wall the same way she is.

"How long have they been at it?" Wilson questions her. She looks down at her watch.

"Nearing the twenty minute mark." She mutters, not looking at him, but instead turning her gaze from the floor, up to the ceiling - as if it's any more exciting to watch.

"Who's winning?" He questions her again and she sighs.

"God knows." Her chin drops as she stares into space.

"Who are you backing?" He continues to question.

"House, surprisingly. Though with the both of them calling me 'Lesbian' it's hard to choose." Wilson looks over at her, raising an eyebrow. "Julie and I go back." His expression doesn't change and she finally looks over at him. "I dated the patient, what seems like ages ago…" Wilson's face slowly being to twist, from a look of pure confusion to a look of complete realization.

"I just got his '31' joke." He says and she scoffs, turning her attention back to the ceiling tiles.

"Good times." She mumbles sarcastically.

The door suddenly swings open and Julie struts out, House on her heels, and Cuddy on his. No one looks her way as Julie continues toward the elevator, stepping inside she turns and presses the button, the doors closing slowly.

"I TiVo'd the L Word." House whispers loudly to Wilson.

"I have patients." Wilson replies. House looks at him, offended by the statement.

"Hey, its not my fault the only patient I have is unconscious. It's hers." He points to Cuddy.

"I need a word with you Hadley." Cuddy says, ignoring House's statement. Alex looks caught off-guard.

"Shouldn't I be with Julie and the patient…?" She questions.

"I'm not going to tell you twice." Cuddy opens the door to her office.

"And there was me thinking you saved that tone for me." House speaks up but he's ignored as Cuddy holds the door open for Alex.

She looks to House and Wilson for refuge but when they both look the other direction, she's forced inside. She stands in front of Cuddy's desk, her hand returning to her pockets as she waits for Cuddy to take a seat.

"I need you to reapply for your job." Alex looks blankly at her. "It has come to light that Rena Hadley is not your real name and consequently I, or rather the hospital, doesn't know who you are."

"My PhD - my experience - that's all real."

"And your police record?" Silence fills the room as Alex looks down.

"Ah." She finally breathes out.

"What's on it?" Cuddy questions her.

"Two counts of burglary, three cases of assault," She quickly adds. "but only one of those was aggravated and went to trial. I've never served time; it's all been community service."

"I'm going to have to ask you to reapply for you job. I'm sorry Rena."

"It's alright, I mean, you're just doing what you have to do." She sighs.

"Chances are nothing will come of this. Foreman has been in Juvie and House has an entire budget for his court cases. It's just a formality and a courtesy to the hospital board." She nods softly and turns to leave. "Secondly, have you changed your name officially?"

"No." Alex says shortly, almost embarrassed. Cuddy's hands shoot to her head, as she closes her eyes and massages her temples.

"Whose social security number are you using?"

"Mine…" She replies. "Alex Kelly's."

"And the medical records?" Cuddy questions.

In retrospect it was amazing that she hadn't been found out earlier. Practicing medicine under a name that didn't exist – when she'd first started doing it, filling out bank applications, applying for loans, renting apartments, buying cars – every time she put down the wrong name she thought 'This will be the time I get caught' and yet she didn't. No one chased up references, no one checked dates or numbers. It was all just accepted as fact until she'd written the wrong name so many times that it had become the right one.

It was only until it came to the medical records did she ever break the law. Fraud. Deception. A crime for which community service wasn't an option.

She swallows, considering her options. Demosthenes said 'Nothing is easier than self-deceit. For what each man wishes, that he also believes to be true.' She couldn't guarantee that she didn't have Huntingtons but she'd prayed to every god she didn't believe in that she didn't have it and an old friend made it true.

"My friend Jodie's." Cuddy sighs, defeated.

"Out. Now."

And with that her career is over. Previously she just had to face the hospital board and argue that she was a much needed and trusted member of staff despite the deceit. Now she has to face the hospital board and beg them not to hand her information over to the D.A.

Another quote suddenly forced its way into her head 'And then, something happened. I let go. Lost in oblivion. Dark and silent and complete. I found freedom. Losing all hope was freedom.' She remembered it from the first time she watched Fight Club, in a tiny damp ridden apartment with Seth Cohen.

She is in the elevator, heading to the third floor and the girl in room 314. Without hope, without future, without plan she heads to the nurses' station and the drug cabinet. Without hope, without future, without plan she knows what she has to do.

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