Like Ava and Kyle had warned, it took the group a while to get used to seeing Michael and Liz together.

Isabel still acted weird around them but with Scott's help, she gradually became used to the idea that it was supposed to be the way it was. Max hadn't called her nor her him but she knew the subject of Michael and Liz couldn't be avoided much longer. She dreaded the day she'd have to talk to Max about it. He was going to hate her and she knew she wouldn't be able to make him understand what was going on. Scott was her support. She knew she could go to anyone in the group but she felt drawn to Scott and knew he'd understand. Since their first date, they were inseparable and were now an item.

Liz and Michael hadn't enjoyed their time much because Liz had come up with a bad case of the stomach flu.

"Love, I really thing you should go to the doctor. You've been like this for almost a week." Michael rubbed Liz's back as soon as she laid down back in bed.

She groaned. She hated throwing up. "Yea, I think you're right."

"I'm calling the doctor to see if he can fit you in today." Michael stood and headed for the phone.

Liz nodded and laid her head down to try and take a nap.

The doctor tested her for everything possible and sent her and Michael into the waiting room.

As Liz looked through a news magazine, Michael silently prayed. He was always the kind of person to freak out and Liz hadn't changed that in him. He watched her and saw how frail she looked, how pale and worried. He worked on blocking his emotions from Liz because he didn't want her to know how worried he was.

"So, why did you name your car Queen?" Liz asked out of nowhere and Michael laughed, forgetting his worries for a minute.

He walked and sat next to her. "You haven't figured it out?"

Liz shook her head.

"I named her after you." He answered honestly.

"Me? How? I don't understand." Liz frowned.

Michael shrugged. "Queen Elizabeth. When I first met you, that's how I saw you. Not because I thought you were stuck up or anything but I thought how strong you were, how smart and kind. Those are all characteristics a Queen should have and I saw that in you." He saw Liz's eye glitter with tears but he kept going. "Back then I didn't think about it. I didn't want to think like that. When I decided to name her, I saw how powerful and strong she was. And I thought, "who does she remind me of?' and you came to mind. I couldn't name her Elizabeth. Both Maria and Max would have killed me. I still see you in that way. I feel honored to have you in my life, let alone be with you. I see the person who you are Liz. The honest, true, kind, smart, powerful, and strong women you are and I'm awed with you every day. And I will die trying to show you that woman because if you're not her then you're not being honest to yourself. I love you."

All the fear Liz had felt moments later, were gone. All she felt was love and she saw herself as he saw her. It wasn't like when she saw herself through Max's eyes. With him all she had felt was beautiful which she still felt like that with Michael but with Michael, she also felt alive and felt like a woman. "I love you, Michael and I'm never going to get sick of saying that. To tell you the truth the only thing Max had as king was that he was bossy but I always thought out you as the leader. You've always been stronger, mentally, emotionally and physically. You're kind and patient," when he snorted, she smiled, "well, with me at least you are. You honestly want everyone to be safe and happy. You are MY king."

"King and queen, huh? Wow, are we full of ourselves."

Liz laughed.

About an hour later, they were called back into the doctor's office.

He swallowed and told himself everything was going to be ok.

"Well, Ms. Parker, I don't see anything wrong with you. You're quite healthy." The doctor smiled.

"What do you mean? No, she's been sick for a week, she's been throwing up. She can't keep her food down." Michael couldn't believe what he was hearing. Is he a fucking retard?

Michael, calm down. "What are you saying doctor?"

"Ms. Parker the reason you've been throwing up isn't because you're sick, it's because you're pregnant." Again the Doctor smiled. "Congratulations."

Both Michael and Liz were quiet. They were speechless. How can this happen? This can't be? Is he sure? They both thought.

And finally, they both turned to each other. Liz had tears in her eyes when Michael brought her into his arms and hugged her tight.

"I love you, Liz."

She half laughed half cried. "I love you too." She wiped her tears. "Oh, my God Michael. We're going to have a baby."

They thanked the Doctor and drove home in Dynasty and it hit Liz just how real this was. She was finally where she was supposed to be. She was didn't have to see her future to know where she was headed, what more surprises lay for her. She could see all that with Michael.

"Michael, pull over."

When he did he said, "Are you feeling sick again?"

"No, I want you to see our children." She smiled taking his hand and placing it on her tummy.

Liz and Michael getting married.

Liz in the delivery room giving birth to Michael Alexander.

The three of them for his 1st birthday.

Jr. playing with baby Jim.

Everyone dancing at Isabel and Scott's wedding.

Kyle, Ava, baby Jim, Isabel pregnant, Scott, Jr., Michael and Liz pregnant at the beach.

Liz giving birth to their daughter Jezebel.

Michael putting Jezebel to sleep.

Liz reading to Jr.

Michael's art gallery opening with Liz and the kids by his side.

Liz giving birth to baby Matthew.

"I guess you're premonition came through, love."

"Which premonition was that?"

"The one with all your children and starting our own Dynasty." He leaned in and kissed her.

By the time they all arrived home, Liz was more nervous than excited. How do you think they'll take it?

Liz, don't worry about it. I'm sure they'll be happy for us.

But Michael, they're just barely getting used to us being in love, now this.

Liz, they'll be fine.

"GUYS?" Liz called.

"We're in the kitchen!" It was Scott's voice that answered.

When they stepped into the kitchen, Liz and Michael both smiled. Their friends were laughing, having a good time.

They all turned to them at the same moment.

"Hey, you ok?" Ava asked.

"What'd the doctor say?" Scott questioned.

Liz and Michael looked at each other and then turned back to their family. "We're pregnant."

Smiles appeared on everyone's faces and then everyone said, "Congratulations!"

Liz was relieved that everyone was happy for them.

"Thanks." She answered and there were hugs all around.

"So how far along are you?" Ava asked.

"Well," Liz started, "it seems like Michael got me pregnant the first time we made love."

"Had to show me up, didn't you Guerin?" Kyle shook his head. "It took me years to get this one pregnant and here you come and knock her up first time around."

Ava slapped Kyle on the chest.

"So, what're you having?" Isabel asked excitedly.

"Babe, I think it's too soon to tell?" Scott answered.

But at the same time he said it, Michael and Liz answered with, "It's a boy!"

Scott looked taken aback. "How can you possibly know that?"

Everyone looked at each other and stayed quiet. It was Isabel's job to let Scott in, nobody else's. While Scott looked around at everyone, everyone looked at Isabel.

Liz hadn't seen Isabel scared in a long time. She walked toward her and said, "Isabel, trust me." And Liz took her hands.

She opened the connection with Isabel but was careful about what she let Isabel see.

Scott, Michael and Kyle fixing the back house and making it a two story. Michael and Kyle are using their powers to change the color on the walls. "Try that a little darker." Scott suggests to the guys.

Isabel and Scott baptizing Jr.

Isabel and Scott arguing about Christmas decorations.

Liz broke the connection from Isabel because she didn't want her to see too much but even with what Isabel had seen, she knew what was to come and her eyes filled with tears.

She didn't know how she could repay Liz for everything she'd done. She hugged her and whispered in her ear, "Thank you for that. I almost ruined it thinking I couldn't let anyone else in. Thank you for taking that job and for bringing him to me. And thank you for making what I'm going to do today much more easier than what it would be."

Liz frowned. She hadn't understood the last part but she shrugged and hugged Isabel back. "It was my pleasure. I want you to be happy."

"I want you to be happy too."

Liz smiled and turned to Michael. "I am happy."

What Liz did not know was that Isabel was meeting Max that night and she told him that Michael and Liz were in love and were soul mates. Isabel told Max that she stood by them because she loved them and they deserved to be happy. When she tried explaining everything to Max, he'd only gotten angry and tried convincing her that he would win Liz back.

"You can't win her back. She's not some object, Max. She's happy with Michael. Haven't you heard anything I've been telling you? They're soul mates." When he laughed, her anger rose, "They're having a baby and they're happy. Leave them alone Maxwell or I swear you'll start a war between us you wish you'd never started."

Max only stared at her.

"I love you. You're my brother and I pray I won't have to live without you but if you don't support them and you give up on Liz then I'll have to live with that way. I'll do what I have to to protect them. You hear me?"

"Get out!"

She stood and Scott put his arm around her.

"Goodbye Maxwell." She and Scott walked toward the door but before she went through it, she stopped. "We'll be here, Max. When you want to come around, we'll be here."

She cried herself to sleep that night. Scott slept over and just held her.

Max left and although it hurt everyone to know he wouldn't be coming around anymore, they moved on.

Time went by quickly.

Isabel told Scott their secret and their story after leaving Roswell. He had needed time to adjust but wasn't sickened by what she was. He told her he loved her and when they'd kissed soon after, Isabel experience the connection her friends had been talking about. She finally understood what they meant when they said it was special, magical and finally new total intimacy.

Ava had a son, who was named Jim.

A month later, Michael Alexander was born.

Michael and Liz were maid of honor and best man at Isabel and Scott's wedding. Isabel looked beautiful and told Scott she was pregnant on their wedding night.

The guys turned the second and third story of the main house into master bedrooms, each floor with 2 bathrooms, a nursery and an extra room.

The guys also made the back house a two story house, adding a master bedroom, two bedrooms and a bathroom.

Time passed and they all grew with their families.

Liz went back to school and helped Scott with his cases. Sometimes acting as more of an assistance to him or grief counselor to his clients. Isabel became his secretary. And Michael finally got to open his art gallery christened with the name of Ulysses.

Kyle opened his own sports club and bar and Ava managed the place and bar tended most nights.

With everything coming together, the group decided to finally contact their parents and make them part of their children's lives. They used code names and bought planes tickets for them to visit. Still a little scared the FBI was watching their parents even after so many years; they flew them to different parts of the state or a state over and then drove them over. Jim assured them that the FBI had stopped monitoring them years ago. They learned Maria's mom, Amy, had died only months after Maria of a heart attack. To Isabel's sadness, her parents told her they hadn't heard a word about Max.

Scott had stayed behind with the children while the group had picked up thier parents.

When they arruved home, Scott met them at the door.

"Where are the kids?" Michael asked.

"The backyard. Something about playing Antarian versus skins." He shrugged and moved forward greeting everyone.

"Mom, dad, this is my husband, Scott."

Both Phillip and Diane hugged him an welcomed him into the family.

Scott was introduced to the rest of the parents.

Then, Kyle said, "Dad, you've met Ava before."

Valenti smiled and shook Ava's hand. He was going to get used to Ava being a seperate persn from Tess. "You look a little different" He half laughed.

Ava smiled. She no longer had her piercings or wore dark makeup.

"You look amazng, dear." Valenti said honestly.

Ava beamed. "Thank you Jim."

Michael, Kyle and Scott took everyone's luggage by the stairs.

Isabel led everyone to the living room, where Scott had laid trays of snacks and limonade on the coffee table.

Several minutes later, Jr and Jim ran in, "the girls are cheating!"

They all laughed. "Jr, will you bring everyone in here please." Liz kissed her son on the top of his head.

The parents stood, knowing they'd finally be meeting thier grandchildren and they'd finally be able to get to know them. From now on, all their lives would change. They'd stay in touch and come visit more often. But most importantly, they'd be able to spoil the kids.

"Mom, dad," Liz spoke first when the kids entered the room, "I'd like you to meet your gran kids."

The kids were all lined up in no certain order, all excitedly watching, waiting to be introduced.

Jr stepped out first in the line of kids. "This is Michael Alexander."

Jeff and Nancy smiled, both with tears in their eyes. Jr walked over to them and didn't know quite how to do. Nancy pulled him into a hug and Liz cried seeing her paretns hug her son. Jr smiled and hugged back. "And this Jezebel." Jezebel stepped out and ran to her parents who hugged her. "Matthew." She called her son and he went toward her, a little shy of her parents. "Baby, say hi to grandma and grandpa." She gently pushed Matthew toward her parents but extendedhis hand to have a shake.

Isabel called her twins. Avari and Elizabeth names after Liz and Ava stood infront of Isabel and Scott. "Mom, dad. This is Avari and Elizabeth."

Avari didn't move from where she was while Elizabeth moved forward, saw her sister wasn't moving and pulled her. "Hi," the girls said and were immediattly pulled up into the air with huggs and kisses by their grandparents.

"Dad, I'd like you to meet Jim." Everyone saw the tears form in Valenti's face at the point when he found out his son had names his child after him. As Valenti cried, Jim walked over to him and said, "Don't cry grandpa. Dad said you'd be proud and happy."

Valenti nodded through his tears and took ahold of Jim. "I am, proud. Damn proud."

"And this lovely girl is Maria." Ava held 1 1/2 year old Maria.

The parents stayed about 2 and a half weeks and promised to come back for the Holidays and the group also promised to finally head over to Roswell and visit as well.

One day, after dropping Jr, Jezebel, and Matthew off at school, Liz arrived home only to find a letter addressed to: Mr. and Mrs. Guerin from: Max Evans.

She grabbed her purse and drove over to Ulysses.


"What's wrong honey?" Michael called from his office, exiting a little scared.

"Michael, it's a letter from Max."

"What does it say?"

"I don't know. I came straight here. It's addressed to us both as Mr. and Mrs. Guerin."

"Read it."

She nodded and cleared her voice. "Liz and Michael, first and foremost I'd like to apologize for how I acted all those years ago. Thinking back I honestly don't know how any of you stood by me for so long. Leaving when I did was best for all of us. It gave a chance to all of you to finally breathe and learn to be happy. It gave me the chance to learn what I had done wrong and I had to face who I had become and I know it was the only way I could have changed to who I am now. I have kept an eye on you since I left. I never stopped caring for all of you and never stopped looking out for you, no matter the anger I felt. I had to make sure you were all safe and happy. I know you're all married now and all have families of your own. I wanted to call Isabel because I know we have our own special bond and I missed out on a lot I shouldn't have. I'm happy and I'm living in Florida. I married a year ago today. My wife's name is Clara and she knows about who we are. She's honest and tough. She puts me in my place when she needs to. She's pregnant with our first child. She's having a girl. Before I left, I remember Isabel mentioning about how you both had made a connection and how that meant you were soul mates. Well, I found that with Clara, and I know it's odd but when I first made the connection my mind raced to those years ago when I had dismissed your love and I knew, I realized how true and honest your love for each other was. Anyway, I finally found Zan and he's with me. He was in a foster home, long story. I'm writing to you now because Clara has no family and I don't want my children growing up without a big family. That is one of my many excuses of why I'm truly writing this. I miss you all and I've been ready for a while to come and visit you. I left in really bad circumstances and I know that the most ruined relationship was mine to yours. So, I'm reaching out to you, to ask you to permit me to come visit you. I understand if you say no. But I would really love a chance to ask forgiveness for my behavior face to face and I would love seeing all of you. Please think about it. Clara really wants to meet the family i left behind. Love with hugs and kisses to all, Max, Clara, Zan and baby Diane." Attached to the letter, Liz noticed, was a picture of an older Max than they remembered with a very pregnant and happy Clara and Zan who was now all grown up and resembled both Max and Tess.

Liz looked up to find Michael looking at his shoes.


"It took him a while, didn't it?" He faced her smiling and she could see the happiness in his eyes.

She nodded.

"Write him back will ya? Let him know he's got nieces and nephews who'd like to meet him, Zan and Clara."

Liz walked over to Michael and hugged him.

"God, I love you Michael."

"Elizabeth Guerin you're the love of my life."

And they kissed. Their life was perfect. As they kissed, they smiled, remembering their first attraction to each other and how unconventional it all was. Polar opposites they were but they balanced each other out.

Everything was just as it should be.

She was Elizabeth Guerin and she was HAPPY.