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Human Blood

Subaru sighed softly to himself as he stared out at the rainy outside, the wet world outside the glass. He really wished he didn't have to keep moving, like these droplets of water sliding down the glass. Well, it really wasn't his choice. Sighing again, the vampire looked down at the sidewalk, where the inhabitants of the world were rushing around, looking for shelter. At least the rain wasn't acidic.

"Subaru, I'm back."

Subaru looked up, a faint smile flickering on his face before he turned back to the window. Kamui ignored Subaru's disinterest as he threw his coat on the second bed in the little room. The landlady for the small apartment had been thrilled to find two young travelers looking for shelter. Without argument, the keys had been handed over and the room was now theirs. Kamui collapsed into a chair and looked over at his brother, still staring airily outside.

"I asked around," Kamui said shortly, staring at his hands, staring at the nails that could grow long, sharp, pierce the enemy. "There's no one like that vampire hunter here. No one asking about you or looking for rare items. We're safe for the time being." Breathing a sigh of relief, Kamui grimaced. "We're lucky that…man isn't here."

Subaru glanced at his twin, feeling an expression of sadness flit across his face and quickly erased it. Kamui would be mad at him for sure. He didn't hide his emotion quick enough, for Kamui caught it and made a sickened face. "Don't look like that. Your…your Seishiro-san is a deadly person."

"No…" Subaru let the disappointment stay on his face. Kamui used to understand…

"Yes," Kamui insisted. "He just wants our blood and he doesn't care if he has to harm anyone to get it." His eyes narrowed. "The only problem is your stupid attachment to him."

"That's not true. He doesn't want to hurt us…" Subaru's gaze dropped to the floor. "Listen…Kamui…I've been thinking…I don't really want to run around anymore…"

"What?!" Kamui exploded. "Look, you might have some kind of dumb infatuation or something, but that doesn't mean you have to expose yourself to danger like that! What are you thinking, you don't want to run anymore!"

Subaru was silent for a moment before a small smile appeared on his face as he looked up. "Look at it this way: what if you met Fuuma here?"

"What?!" Kamui repeated, although his face suddenly flushed a light pink. Subaru's smile grew as his question got its desired results. "What does…what does that idiot have anything to do with me?" he sputtered.

Subaru's grin was starting to annoy the other vampire twin. "Whatever! What would give you the crack-headed idea that I would feel anything else but hate toward that man's brother?"

"I didn't know at first," Subaru admitted. "Since you were fighting him…but to let yourself get captured like that…pretty close for someone who you hate. And I had to get you out of that too. You didn't resist on your own."

"I couldn't! My arms were tied!" Kamui turned with a huff. "You're wrong. You may like that Seishiro-san, but I don't like Fuuma."

"I never said…"

"I'm going out!" Kamui grabbed his coat and stormed out. "Just shut up about him, okay? Stop thinking about Seishiro!" Without another word, the twin slammed the door behind him.

The smile on Subaru's face faded as he stared back out the window, spotting Kamui's angry form walking down the rain-spattered streets.

They were similar in so many ways. Maybe this was one of those ways.


Note: This is the sequel slash parallel to my other one shot, Vampire Blood. Someone asked for a fic from Subaru's POV and although it's short and he practically shares the spotlight with Kamui, what's done is done. Read and review, please!