This is probably one of the shortest bits of writing I have /ever/ produced, and the only one in any danger of having an author's note with more words than the main story. The prompt for this drabble from the lovely Feilyn (Have you checked out Ozymandias yet? Pure WIN - it's in her profile and is a fab Naruto/Bleach crossover) was Dance and even I am surprised it actually may have possibly turned out halfway decent!

Anyway, onto the drabble!

She'll never admit it, but she likes watching him fight.

He's too freakin' tall, and too damn lanky and too bloody cocky. And his face twists into this really weird expression when he's jumping in the air to cut through a hollow's mask.

But despite that fact, there's just something about the way he dodges a blow, the way he sends Zangetsu flying through the air by it's hilt wrap that seems so unlike him. Usually he is rough, brash and unfocused. When he's fighting, he's different.

It's like he's dancing.

His foot catches on a piece of rubble, and he trips.

Well, sometimes.

He's shouting and carrying on, and he isn't dancing anymore. In fact, he's jumping around holding his shin and swearing.

"You need to stop distracting me!"

He continues to shout in her face, swearing still and waving a fist in the air. She grabs said fist, wraps her free hand around his neck, pulls him down to her and kisses him. Hard.

When she pulls away, his face is warped into a really stupid and confused expression and he openly gapes at her. "What the fuck?"

She sighs and pulls him in again. "Ichigo. Shut up."

And believe it or not, he does.

Ummm, yeah. It's stupidly short. But hey, it's a drabble! Hope you enjoyed and have the time to leave a review!