My gawd, it's a CROSSOVER?! But since it's Kingdom Hearts it's easier to get away with. Well, here goes.

Summary: Sora's adventures across the different worlds lands him unexpectedly in Domino City, right in the middle of a tournament. The Heartless and Nobodies alike are rampaging freely, and knowing that he can't do it alone, Sora quickly turns to find help…and gets two for the price of one.

Author's note: Worst. Summary. Evar.

Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh! is owned by Kazuki Takahashi. Kingdom Hearts is owned by Tetsuya Nomura and all that.

Duel Disks and Keyblades

By FlikFreak

Chapter One: Detour

The sky beyond the clouds swirled elegantly as multi-colored hues mixed around, various stars twinkling playfully. If one looked closely enough, they would see the sun on the horizon. Altogether a wonderful, beautiful sight to behold. Those that did so much as hear about it would do just about anything to see it for themselves.

Sora hardly noticed it.

Truth be told, the first time Sora had been in the Gummi Ship he had wowed at the sight of the sky beyond the atmosphere of Traverse Town. It never ceased to amaze him, that was true, but right now his thoughts were focused. The previous night when he had been resting in Radiant Garden, a stranger had approached him.

He had been garbed in a cream-white cloak and turban. His complexion was dark, and his azure eyes were devoid of emotion. Around his neck was a rope, tied to an ankh-shaped key of sorts. Upon this sight, Sora had been very close to summoning the Keyblade to defend himself, but this man did not have any real weapon. Instead, he had resorted to words. "Who are you?"

"My name is of no real consequence," the stranger had replied. "You are the Key Bearer, correct?"

Sora couldn't help but be surprised. People had approached him about this before, but such a person like this simply made him nervous about the whole affair. Deciding to play it safe, the boy narrowed his gaze. "And if I am?"

The instant he said it, the key around the man's neck glistened very slightly. Normally he would not have noticed it, but years of battling Heartless and Nobodies with the keyblade had honed his ability to notice such things. The man's gaze narrowed a bit. "I do not wish to force myself on you to extract the truth," he said. "But if you are the Key Bearer, I must request your assistance."

If anything, that had caught Sora's attention. When someone asked for his help with that tone of voice, it could only mean one thing, and he never liked the sound of it. "I'll do what I can," he said. "What do you need?"

"Dark creatures threaten our world," the man said, seeming satisfied with Sora's answer. "Chaos is invading our safety. We have done our best to hold them off, but our own efforts are in decline. We need you to find someone for us."

"Find someone?" Sora echoed. "That's it? What do I do when I find him?"

"It will all become clear when you arrive," the man said vaguely, vanishing from sight. Sora was left with nothing in his mind but confusion. Where the man had vanished, however, he found a very familiar-looking Gummi Block…

Wasting no time, Sora leapt out of bed and made way for Merlin's. He was going to have a talk with a certain engineer…

"Wake up and smell the coffee, Sora!"

The spikey-haired boy flailed a bit when he heard the sudden transmission, taking a moment before he could calm. "I'm here, Cid. What is it?"

"About time," the voice grumbled. "Listen, I've got some information on where you're headed. The details are a bit shady, but I've managed to dig up a few things that may prove useful."

"Like what?"

"Well," Cid began as a flurry of keystrokes came from across the communications line, "The specific part you'll be entering is called Domino City. The King visited it a long time ago and nicknamed it the City of Games."

"City of Games, huh?" Sora replied.

Cid sighed. "Yeah, City of Games. I wasn't able to dig up anything else, but I was getting some weird readings from there."

Sora felt himself stiffen. Cid was very knowledgeable about what he found, no matter what it was. If he didn't recognize a signal, then it couldn't be good news. "You didn't recognize them at all?"

"Not quite," came the reply. "They looked a lot like those Nobody readings that I used to get so I thought that's what they were, but they just didn't match up at all. I'm not sure what they are, but be on your guard, kid."

With that, the connection was closed. Sora rolled his eyes, half at the fact that Cid called him 'kid' again, and half at the fact that once again he was being left in the dark for details. Then again, he couldn't be that angry. Cid wasn't the one to be at loss for details. If he couldn't get it, then no one could.

The world was soon in sight. It was definitely a city from the sight of it, Sora knew that much. He paused, however, when he noticed a very dark and sinister aura reaching him.

Heartless? Or maybe…

Ever since Battle City, duels had commonly taken place in the streets in Domino City. In fact, it was not uncommon for one to pass by one on their way to the market. Today was no exception.

Jounouchi was headed to the Game Shop to visit Yugi when he passed by one duel in particular. He didn't recognize either of the duelists, but stopped by anyway to watch for a moment. Both duelists seemed to be giving each other the death glare, which was mostly what caught his attention. Nudging a nearby spectator, he asked what this match was all about.

"Didn't you hear? They were talking about some rumor going around and they decided to duel to prove who was right."

That's kind of a weak reason to duel, the blonde mused, but he stayed to watch anyway. Maybe if he hung around long enough they'd start trash-talking each other and he'd find out what this mess was about. He'd seen people duel over all sorts of things – who would pay for the trip to KaibaLand (it ended in a draw, so they both split the costs), who deserved a rare card, who would enter the Battle City tournament – but this just took the cake. Dueling over the validity over a rumor? That was just nuts… "What's the rumor, anyway?" Jounouchi finally asked.

The kid glanced up at him momentarily. "Well, people say that the Rare Hunters are back or something. There are some weird guys in cloaks walking around. One of these guys says that they're not the Rare Hunters; they're just a bunch of thugs trying to creep people out. The other guy says that the Rare Hunters really are back and they're up to no good again."

At this, Jounouchi couldn't help but hesitate. The Rare Hunters couldn't really be back. That was impossible. Marik had quit that line of business a long time ago. He did have to agree though; people in black cloaks walking around…it definitely seemed suspicious. Maybe Yugi would know something. Whatever this was, it couldn't be good.

Out of the corner of his eye, Jounouchi saw one.

Sora arrives in Domino City in the next chapter, and Yugi will make his appearance as well. My gawd, I must be going insane to be writing a CROSSOVER.