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Duel Disks and Keyblades

By FlikFreak


Yugi sighed inwardly, smiling. It had been a week or so since Sora had left. That week had been so chaotic, and it all only started with a simple duel catching Jounouchi's attention as he made his way to the game shop to visit. Sora had his own reasons to come, but had he not met the boy this mess would have probably taken a vastly different turn. The tournament that had happened shortly after Sora left seemed interesting, but Yugi passed it by, content only to watch, though several of the competitors challenged him outside the main event just for fun, but otherwise relaxed at home. After all of the chaos concerning the Heartless and Nobodies, Yugi really needed a break.

"This is for Sora, kupo?"

The duelist nodded, handing the boxed Duel Disk to the moogle in front of him. "Yeah. Tell him it's from Yugi, and that there's a letter inside from Pegasus."

Stiltzkin nodded and happily flew out the window. Yami promptly appeared next to Yugi and gave him his usual suspicious look. Pegasus sent Sora a letter?

Yugi nodded. Yeah. He sent it to me, but he mentioned that he wanted me to give it to Sora.

I see. I wonder what he's up to…

The sound of fingers at a keyboard was the only sound that filled Seto Kaiba's office for a while. Mokuba teased him often for missing Sora, and as much as Kaiba denied it, he inwardly admitted that his little brother was right. After having a troubled childhood, Seto always had trouble getting close to anyone other than Mokuba – even as a friend – but there was something about Sora that just pulled him in. That boy had gone through a troubling past of his own and somehow still managed to wear a smile on his face all the time. Mokuba had told Seto that Sora's last words before he left were that he was going to come back and visit sometime, and Seto secretly hoped that he would.

Greetings, Mister Kaiba.

Seto's thoughts popped like a soap bubble when he heard the odd, computerized voice. In fact, he nearly fell out of his chair, but managed to counter this by standing up and leaning forward, slamming his hands onto the desk. "What the-"

Oh! Sorry for startling you, sir. I hope I'm not interrupting anything.

"Who the hell are you?" Seto demanded, sitting down with an incredulous look on his face. He had spoken to his computer before – the one hidden underneath the island at Duelist Kingdom – but that one he had personally installed an A.I. into (mainly to keep out hackers and intruders). His company's database shouldn't have had one.

My name is Tron. I'm a security program.

A security program, huh? Seto mused. After a moment of thought, he reached for the phone and began dialing at record speed. He wanted answers, and he wanted them now.

"Yugi! It's for you!"

The duelist made his way downstairs after seeing Stiltzkin off, picking up the phone from its spot on the counter. "Hello, Yugi Mutou here."

"Yugi, you have some explaining to do!"

Yugi did a double-take. "Kaiba? What's wrong?"

"You should know precisely what's wrong! My computer is talking to me! I know you have something to do with this, so start talking!"

The duelist chuckled and Yami appeared, giving him a sly look. Yugi returned the gesture, smiling knowingly. Should we tell him what went on when we entered the system?

Yami grinned mischievously. Nah. Just explain Tron; that should be enough for him. You know how he feels about the supernatural.


"All right, all right. About Tron…"

Sora had been home for about a month, relaxing and enjoying peace for a while when Stiltzkin gave him a start. He immediately summoned the keyblade, worried that a Nobody was attacking, but he was thankful to find that the only arrival was the moogle. To say he was excited was an understatement; he was very happy to receive contact from Yugi so quickly, though when he saw the package he was rather surprised; he had forgotten all about his duel disk and deck in the midst of tracking down and defeating Anubis.

"There's a letter inside, kupo!" Stiltzkin told him. "Do you want me to wait for you to read it and write back?"

"No thanks," Sora said, smiling. "I'll call you up if I need you. You should get some rest."

Stiltzkin thanked him and flew off. Sora opened the package to find his duel disk inside as well as a small tin box containing his deck. There were also two small folded pieces of paper, which Sora curiously took out, unfolding the smaller of the two and reading it. He could immediately tell that Stiltzkin had translated them – Sora didn't understand the alphabet they used in Domino City, and Stiltzkin's writing tended to be rather awkward – and eagerly read.

Dear Sora-kun,It's me, Yugi. How are you? Things have been alright here in Domino City. I ended up not joining that tournament though; Yami and I were exhausted, so we just watched. Some people still challenged us to duels anyway, but we had fun. Jounouchi-kun entered the tournament but Kaiba-kun beat him again. Axel is working with Anzu at the department store now, and they're getting a lot more business. I think it's because Axel's got Anzu's fashion sense now; most of the new regulars are girls.

How are you and your friends? Is Roxas doing okay?

I hope to see you soon,

Sora scratched his head curiously. Whatever language Yugi spoke was certainly an odd one (Sora-kun?), but he was happy to hear from him either way. Quickly, the boy grabbed a pen and paper and began to write.

Dear Yugi,

I'm doing great! It's been really quiet here. Riku's still kind of quiet, but he and I still spar with our wooden swords every now and then. The score's 10 to 10, so next time we fight we settle the score. Kairi's finally back from summer camp; if you don't know who she is she's the girl in the picture I'm sending you.

Sora paused, casting a glance at the dusty camera on his shelf. If he couldn't use it, he'd just have to borrow Riku's.

I miss everyone so much. Roxas is doing okay. He doesn't talk to me much, but then again he never really does. I'm going to head out today and visit with some of my friends to see how they are; I haven't spoken with them in ages.

Take care,

Sora folded up his letter and tucked it under his pillow before opening the next letter. It was very formal, topped with an I² logo. Tilting his head, he read the letter cautiously. After setting it down, he crossed his arms and stared out the window, a strange look on his face.

Who was it from? Roxas asked, appearing on Sora's bed.

"It was from that Pegasus guy," Sora replied. "He was wondering if I had shown Duel Monsters to my friends yet."

Roxas rolled his eyes. He probably wants to spread his product around the universe.

Sora shrugged. "It would be nice to show other people the game," he pointed out. "I mean, aside from you I can't play with anyone here, and it wouldn't be fair if we played against each other. We technically use the same deck."

You have a point there, I guess.

Tucking his duel disk and camera into his backpack and his deck into one of his jacket pockets, Sora made his way downstairs and out to the road where several of his friends were passing by. He waved at them, managing to get their attention. "Hey guys, come here! I wanna show you something. There's this game I played while I was gone, it's called Duel Monsters…"

Epilogue End!


Blooper 1: Mis-summoned

As Yami took control of Yugi's now-digital form, he couldn't help but stumble slightly, but he was quick to regain composure. Swiping a card from the deck on his duel-disk arm, he examined it. Not much different from Duel Monsters, I see, he muttered. Lifting the card into the air, he cried out, "Come forth, Obnoxious Celtic Guardian!"

A warrior sprung to life from a beam of light shining from the card, and a warrior strikingly similar to a young man that Yugi knew as "Link" appeared, grunting, "I'm so obnoxious!"

Sora stared blankly. "Um, Yugi…how is that supposed to work?"

"Well, by pestering these things by being obnoxious, we'll win in no time!"

Blooper 2: We need better shoes, partner.

There was a brief golden flash of light and the two swapped, Yami now taking Yugi's place. As Yami took control of Yugi's now-digital form, he couldn't help but stumble slightly...

Ra, damn it! Yugi, I told you we shouldn't have worn platforms!

Blooper 3: Fighting in Cyberspace is Trippy

We're right here, Kaiba. Another voice. This time it was clearly Yugi's, only causing the young CEO to stagger a bit more. We haven't found the actual hacker yet, but we've definitely found where he is and what he's up to. We're trying to stop him with whatever we've got, so give us some time.

"Why should I?" Kaiba grumbled.

As though to answer, there were a few small thuds from the speakers before Sora spoke up. We've kinda got our hands full, Kaiba! More thuds and a slashing sound followed.

Well done, Sora – just trip over me, why don't you! I know I'm small, but geez!

Blooper 4: The System is Down

Yugi swept a glowing-edged card from his deck, and called forth Kuriboh. Yami was still controlling the Dark Magician from afar, and Sora was slashing away. Come on, he begged silently. Can't it load faster? He glanced up at the large database screen that wasn't possessed by the hackers. Nintey-nine percent. Almost there…

System Error.

"Nooooooooooooo!" Yugi cried, falling to his knees. "I'll never get to wreck the inside of Kaiba's computer again!"

Blooper 5: Security is never punctual

Sora blinked and did a double take. Leaning to the side, he noticed that the data screen now read one-hundred percent, and he spun around happily to see a familiar figure standing behind him and waving. "Hope I'm not too late," he said.

"Dude! Where the hell have you been? You're VERY late!"

Blooper 6: ORLY?

Tron nodded politely. "Greetings." There was a momentary pause while Tron took a closer look at the two duelists. "Are you two twins?"

Yugi and Yami frantically glanced at each other and paled. "No way!" They shrieked simultaneously. "Us, twins?! What gave you that idea?"

Sora smacked his forehead.

Blooper 7: Attack of the Fake Exit

Sure enough, after one more corner, the wall was in sight. Sora and Yami took off full-speed ahead toward the crack ahead of them-

-and smack! Sora heard Yami groan from his left. "An invisible wall?!"

Blooper 8: Shame On You

Axel, whom had been fighting nearby, slumped onto the ground. "I can't believe this," he groaned. "I should have known better…"

"Yeah, you should've!" Admonished Yami, waggling his finger.

"I'm so sorry!" Axel cried out in shame, falling to his hands and knees. "Please forgive me, master!"

Blooper 9: Watch Your Mouth

Yami and Sora exchanged glances. "Is that…"

Sora nodded at his friend. "You can see him?" he asked quietly, as though his words would shatter the image in front of them.

Roxas screamed in agony as he broke into tiny little pieces and vanished. Sora began to sob. "No!" cried the brunette. "I didn't mean it!"

Blooper 10: Who Are You?

Hordes of Dusk appeared in the street, to which there was no problem for Sora and Axel to cut through. Yami did not hesitate to help either; a few blasts from the Dark Magician helped clear the way. Though his mind should have been focused on making it to safety, Sora couldn't help but wonder about the appearance of the boy.


No Sora, – It's Superman, echoed a voice in the brunette's head.

Blooper 11: Saving the Best for Last

The leader grunted in disappointment and turned around. "Releasing another sphinx this soon may not be a good plan. If we can manage to wear him down or at least defeat him sooner, there will be no need to use the Last Resort…"

Zexion's eyes widened. "You couldn't mean…"

"Yes, Zexion..." The leader laughed loudly, sounding thoroughly manic. "I shall call my mother!"

Blooper 12: Round Two, Commence?

Roxas grinned broadly. "Actually, Axel and I are best friends."

"Best friends that nearly killed each other," the replica moaned.

"Oh, knock it off. I've already forgiven you."

"Okay..." An awkward silence fell until Axel continued, "Can I kill you again then?"

Blooper 13: The All-Knowing Flurry of Flames

"That's precisely what he's doing," Axel said. "I may be a replica but I still have the real Axel's memory, and don't think I've forgotten what you got from Yen Sid, Sora."

Sora cast an odd glance downward. "You mean my shoes?" He asked quietly, eyes darting back up to glare at Axel. "No one was supposed to know about the shoes!! HOW DO YOU KNOW?!"

Axel narrowed his eyes, and hissed, "I know all, Sora..."

Blooper 14: Always Wear a Seatbelt

Rishid looked doubtful. "Are you sure he'll know?"

"Positive," Marik replied. "The kidnapper directed me to Domino City. Either he's set up base here or he's after the Pharaoh as well. Yugi's bound to know something."

"A wise deduction," Rishid said with an odd grin, hitting the gas pedal as an opening came in traffic. Unfortunately, due to his face turned Marik and not the road, he failed to see the large van with a "FRAGILE" sign on it's back door.

Hours later, their demolished car was lifted from a nearby ditch via helicopter.

Blooper 15: Not Yours

"Your clothes are actually kind of cool, Sora," Anzu commented. "Where'd you get them?"

Sora rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. "Actually, they were made especially for me," he replied. A smug smile appeared on his face. "Mine, all mine! Mine! MINE!!"

"Uhm, okay..."

Blooper 16: Strike me a pose, Mister!

"Does it work for you?" Anzu asked.

Axel looked over himself in the mirror. "It works," he said eventually. With a confident grin, the red-head spun on the spot, striking a dramatic pose – and scaring most of the customers from the shop. Anzu was fired three days later.

Blooper 17: Marik's Map Misunderstanding

"Hey, Marik!" Yugi said as cheerfully as he could manage. There weren't many pleasant memories that he had with Marik, but he knew that the boy's darker side had been banished for good, so it was safe to be friendly.

Jounouchi, however, was still stiff around him, but he knew the boy meant no harm. "What's going on, Marik? Not every day you're not in Egypt."

"Damn!" the Egyptian cursed, crossing his arms. "You mean I got lost again?"

Blooper 18: What what?

"What seems to be bothering you?" Yugi asked.

Marik looked away. "I got home from a ride one day and Ishizu wasn't home."

"What happened?"

"She was kidnapped."


"She was kidnapped."

"Yeah, I know that, but... what?!"

"I said, she was kidnapped!"

Blooper 19: All Your Sweets Are Belong To Marik

Marik grinned sheepishly. "Sorry, Ishizu…I kinda had to…"

The woman's eyes traveled to the Millennium Rod. "You didn't."

"Yes." There was an uncomfortable silence. "Yes, I did steal your chocolate again."

Blooper 20: Axel the Know-It-All

"Why did he even mention that?" Sora muttered, beginning to walk off. "How did he even know…?"

Axel crossed his arms superiorly, and grinned. "We nobodies know all!"

Blooper 21: Why am I not Surprised?

"So Sora's from another world?" Yugi asked. "Why didn't he tell us?"

"How easily would you have believed him?" Roxas replied.

"Well..." Yugi sighed, counting off his fingers. "I've been kidnapped by a possessed foreigner, travelled back in time to Ancient Egypt, been involved in several Shadow Games that almost killed me, watched my grandpa have his soul absorbed into a video tape... Yeah, pretty easily."

Roxas stared back at the duelist with wide eyes.

Blooper 22: Identity Problems

Yugi sighed. Normally, Yami would be able to speak to him via soul room, so maybe he could do the same. Looking upward at the cloudy, rainy skies, he spoke. "Sora, I don't know if you can hear me, but I know you're upset because of what Xaldin said."


"No," Yugi replied, shaking his head.

Oh. Goofy?


Okay, okay... Donald. Stop trying to wake me up, I'm tired.

"For Ra's sake, who are you talking about?"

Oh, I get it... so it's you. Get out of my head, Cid! Can't you see I'm trying to sleep?

Blooper 23: Forever Frozen

The storm clouds faded, and the rain ceased. The sun appeared in the sky, shining brightly. Roxas nodded. "Thanks, Yugi. Maybe now Sora will be more confident about this."

"He will," Yugi replied, as he began to walk off. "And Roxas?"


"You might want to eat that popsicle before it just completely melts away..."

Roxas' eyes narrowed, looking around as if someone could be watching them, before muttering back in a most foreboding tone, "It never does, Yugi, it never does..."

Blooper 24: I'm not mad! Geez!

Everything's fine, Yami. Sora's calmed down, too.

He'd better, Yami agreed, disgruntled for some reason. If I had to swap in the middle of the night for some reason and find he's broken your bed in half from tossing and turning so much I would have given him a penalty game just for that, involving dirty sheets and a lot of rain.

Get some sleep, Yami, Yugi replied, grinning. You're still cranky because you haven't gotten enough rest.

The spirit growled angrily. Me, cranky?! I am NOT cranky, Yugi! Take that back now!

Blooper 25: The Infamous and Always-Effective Plan B

The cards on all fields vanished within wisps of vapor, leaving Yami and Sora stunned and defenseless. The Nobodies were grinning. "Levia-Dragon, attack them directly!"

The two duelists braced themselves as a torrent of water slammed into them. When the assault ended, they glanced at their duel disks, noting that their life points had dropped from 4000 to a staggering 1400. Sora could feel Roxas wince. Got any plans, Sora?

As a matter of fact, yes – we run.

Blooper 26: The Mother of All Evil

A loud roar of anguish echoed through the area, and Theinien began to stumble, vanishing into wisps of darkness. Sora slowly glided back down to the ground where he stood quietly as the great monster before them vanished, leaving one figure standing just beyond it: a familiar man in a black cloak.

Their battle was far from over... for now they had to face the mother of all evils.

Anubis's mother herself.

Blooper 27: Actually, I prefer Tacos

Stitch growled furiously. He knew this person, but he did not like this person very much. Stitch thought this person was very suspicious. This person was dressed in a black cloak, so he was probably one of those bad guys that hurt Sora. Stitch would very much have liked to blast this person with his plasma cannons, but Sora would not like that at all.

This person was the pizza man.

"Stitch no like pizza!"

Blooper 28: The REAL Secret to Victory

"Sora will be fine," Axel replied. "Sure, he's a complete goofball, but he can take care of himself. I saw him take on a thousand heartless single-handedly once."

"Not bad," Jounouchi commented, grinning. "How'd he pull that off?"

Axel chuckled. "By being very inventive."

And so the replica spent an hour explaining why Sora was blessed with such huge feet.

Blooper 29: Continuity

"Besides," Axel continued, "Roxas isn't here right now. My guess is he hitched a ride on the way in, so to speak."

"How does that work out?" Jounouchi asked. "When that pyramid thing showed up, we all got sucked in except for the Pharaoh and Roxas. How'd they go in again?"

"Through the secret entrance, of course... members only."

Blooper 30: Return of the Know-It-All

"I've seen it before," Axel replied, exchanging a glance with Stitch before going on. "When Sora's best friend Kairi lost her heart, she didn't really become a Nobody. Her heart wasn't really lost to darkness, so her body still existed the way it should, only she didn't really move or respond to anyone. She was like a zombie."

"How do you know all that?" Marik questioned.

"You forget, blondie..." Axel grinned superiorly. "I know-"

"Yeah, yeah," Roxas cut him off, rolling his eyes. "You know everything!"

Blooper 31: Making a Glorified Cameo

Sora smiled. "Kuriboh," he called. The little fiend instantly swiveled its attention to the keyblade master. "You kept trying to lead me to something the last few times I came. We need to get there now. Can you help us?"

Kuriboh bobbed in the air, and once again the group followed him. It was not long after they had navigated through the labyrinth that they met with an unexpected guest.

"Yugi boy, how nice of you to drop by!"


Blooper 32: A Bad Case of Red-eye

There, standing in front of them was none other than Anubis himself, back in his human form rather than as a beast. Yami could tell something was not right with this man; an incredibly powerful darkness flowed off of him. The Pyramid of Light no longer hung around his neck, but a familiar crimson gem was embedded in his chest. He had a manic smile spread across his face, and his eyes were tinted a furious red.

"Oh boy," Roxas whispered. "I'd hate to see his eyes in a photo..."

Blooper-slash-deleted scene: Who cares?

"Ah, I don't think we've had a proper introduction." Marik gave a sweeping bow. "My name is Marik Ishtar."

Sora narrowed his eyes. "I don't care."

Marik grinned slyly. "What if I told you I had exclusive knowledge of certain secrets?"

The keyblade master crossed his arms. "I don't care."

The blonde grumbled angrily. This called for a change of tactic. "Once I possess what I desire," he said, lifting the gold artifact in his hand, "The Millennium Rod will mean absolutely nothing to me!"

There was a stony silence, and Sora narrowed his eyes, clenching his teeth in determination. Marik was definitely making a nice offer; it was hard to turn down. After a moment of contemplation, Sora looked up at the Egyptian and muttered his reply.

"…I don't care."

Character Profiles

Andro Sphinx
(Yu-Gi-Oh: Pyramid of Light)
A bi-pedal Sphinx created by Anubis. Its ferocious appearance does not exceed its power, for a single roar from the beast can dispose of just about anything. The lion-like creature was an immensely powerful adversary, but thanks to Slifer the Sky Dragon, Yami managed to take it down.

(Yu-Gi-Oh: Pyramid of Light)
An ancient sorcerer that once planned to destroy the world, and thus rule over the destruction as Lord of the Dead. In the past, his plans were foiled by the Pharaoh, and he has revived to seek vengeance upon him. He utilized the Nobodies and created several replicas of Organization XIII to fool Sora and draw out Roxas, in the end only using them to bolster his Heartless army. He was eventually defeated by the Blue Eyes Shining Dragon, and subsequently his soul was eradicated from the Millennium Puzzle, where he had attempted to hide when his physical form was demolished.

Anzu Mazaki
Yugi's childhood friend, Anzu is a headstrong girl who isn't afraid to stand up for herself or her friends. She isn't much of a fighter or duelist herself, but her will is stronger than anything else. She values her friends more than anything, and seems to have the innate ability to sense them in danger.

Axel, Flurry of Dancing Flames
(Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories; Kingdom Hearts II)
A replica of Axel created by Anubis. He was threatened with being erased from existence if he did not defeat Sora and Yami, but Anubis did not count on him remembering the true Axel's experience with the keyblade master and his respective Nobody. Rather than fighting his own friend, Replica Axel switched sides and began fighting alongside Yugi, Yami, Sora and Roxas.

Blue Eyes Security Program Dragon
A program created by Seto Kaiba to protect the KaibaCorp database. It was unable to stop the Organization's attempt to look at the data stored inside, and ended up mistaking Sora, Yugi and Tron for viruses. Mokuba managed to disable it for a short time, but Kaiba unknowingly restarted it, sending it after Sora and Yugi again. Luckily, with Tron's help, they managed to escape unharmed, and the dragon continues to defend the system with Tron's assistance.

(Kingdom Hearts)
Though his country accent and mannerisms fool many people, Cid is actually a top-notch Gummi Ship engineer and computer expert. Sora first met him after his home world was destroyed, and places an enormous trust in the man. While he is familiar with the King, he only contacts him when necessary, as both are busy men. Cid looks out for Sora when he can, and it was only by a tip-off from the King that he managed to save both the keyblade master and Yugi from Anubis's wrath.

Dark Magician
A fierce mage and one of Yami's most trusted monsters, Dark Magician was the most often summoned Duel Monster in Yami's deck. His place in the Millennium Puzzle was exceedingly important, as he guarded the keyhole within it, not allowing anyone to pass. Though he is a very serious individual he is oftentimes scorned by his apprentice, Dark Magician Girl, for being too stiff.

Dark Magician Girl
As Dark Magician's apprentice, Dark Magician Girl prefers to fight alongside her mentor. While she has a respect for him, she is often disgruntled that he lacks a sense of humor most of the time. She briefly befriended Sora when he was drawn into the Millennium Puzzle, and aided them in defeating Anubis once and for all.

Demyx, the Melodious Nocturne
(Kingdom Hearts II)
A second attempt to make a powerful replica via data after Axel's betrayal, Demyx was still considered too weak to defeat the Pharaoh and Sora and was instead modified to be a powerful duelist. His deck focused on water-based monsters, with his most powerful card being the Levia-Dragon Daedalus. Even with all his power, however, Yami and Sora managed to defeat him. He only fell unconscious after being attacked by Yami, but was deemed a failure and disposed of by Xigbar.

(Kingdom Hearts II)
A resident of Twilight Town with an attitude problem, Hayner is a fierce competitor when it comes to the local sport of Struggle. A virtual version of himself once befriended Roxas, eventually leading him to become close with Sora once the two met. While he tends to be rather rude, he always means well. The only thing he hates more than his arch-rival is schoolwork.

Ishizu Ishtar
Formerly the bearer of the Millennium Torque, Ishizu is a calm and kind woman. She cares very greatly for her brother, but is hesitant about allowing him to do reckless things. Xaldin attempted to abduct her for information on the Shadow Games, but thanks to Marik she was able to escape his grips.

Jonuouchi Katsuya
Jounouchi was a bully and street thug before he finally became friends with Yugi. He may act tough, but he's actually a kind-hearted, somewhat playful young man whom isn't afraid to try his luck. His encounters with Marik in Battle City as well as other things have somehow given him an odd ability to see the spirits of the Millennium Items when they show themselves, as well as Nobodies like Roxas.

Though a weak Duel Monster, Kuriboh is never to be underestimated. He is a playful and cheerful fiend, but he is very intelligent and brave in spite of his size. Kuriboh is Yami's ka, the Duel Monster that symbolizes his soul. He attempted to lead Sora to the keyhole, but was unable to do so until Anubis was finally defeated.

Larxene, Savage Nymph
(Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories)
Not the true Larxene, but a copy created by Anubis. She faced off one-on-one with Sora, and though she was more powerful than before, Sora managed to outsmart her and she lost the battle. She controlled the element of lightning and was known for her swift speeds. The true Larxene was defeated in Castle Oblivion, in spite of Sora's false memories confusing him.

Luxord, the Gambler of Fate
(Kingdom Hearts II)
A replica created by Anubis. A cunning gambler, Luxord was also created by the data copied from KaibaCorp's database after Axel betrayed Anubis. While his deck provided not much of a threat monster-wise, he always has a trick up his sleeve. Cooperating with Demyx gave him an advantage, but he met his end due to his own recklessness.

Marik Ishtar
When Marik initially met Yugi, he was bent on getting revenge on the Pharaoh, but soon after a series of chaotic events leading to the banishment of his darker half, Marik accepted his duty as Tomb Keeper. He has since been good friends with Yugi. While Marik's residence is in Egypt, he does visit Yugi from time to time. He bears the Millennium Rod, but rarely uses it as of late.

Marluxia, the Graceful Assassin
(Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories)
A replica Marluxia created by Anubis. Learning from his mistakes after Larxene's defeat, Anubis powered up Marluxia greatly, and Sora was nearly taken down within moments. In order to protect Sora, Yami challenged Marluxia to a shadow game, forcing him to face the accusations of his past. While Marluxia planned to make an escape even if he lost, his mutinous nature led to his downfall.

Mokuba Kaiba
Seto Kaiba's younger brother, a good-hearted and somewhat naive boy. He is entirely devoted to his older brother, but Seto tends to be a bit annoyed that Mokuba considers Yugi and the gang his friends. He is intelligent in his own right, though he wasn't always kind toward Yugi. He aids his brother in running KaibaCorp, and helped Sora and Yugi enter the database when it was being hacked.

(Kingdom Hearts II)
Kind-hearted and generous, Olette usually gets stuck cleaning up whatever mess Hayner gets his friends dragged into. Even so, she cares very much for her friends and helps them as much as she can, though unfortunately she has to drag them by their ears to get them to do their homework. She isn't into sports very much, but she enjoys watching Hayner compete.

Pegasus J. Crawford
Former wielder of the Millennium Eye and a talented artist, Pegasus not only invented Duel Monsters but also used it along with the Millennium Items in attempt to resurrect his dead wife. After he was defeated by Yugi, however, he realized his errors and changed his ways. He owns and runs Industrial Illusions, the company that creates Duel Monsters and runs several tournaments. He also aids Yugi from time to time, perhaps in effort of seeking redemption for his terrible deeds in the past, even though Yugi has forgiven him.

(Kingdom Hearts II)
Though Pence is a very intelligent boy, he's also very laid back and takes a great interest in the supernatural. He enjoys going with the flow when things come along, and crossing the bridge when he gets to it rather than planning ahead, though this more than always gets him dragged into Hayner's escapades or hauled off to shop with Olette. He enjoys eating Sea-Salt ice cream, and is often teased that he's always happy when he's eating.

(Kingdom Hearts)
Sora's best friend, also a keyblade master of sorts. Riku's yearning to see the outside world became so strong that one day he was granted that wish when his world was destroyed. For a while, he was tricked into believing Sora had forsaken him, but eventually came to realize the truth and re-allied himself with Sora. He tends to be a stern and serious person – not to mention intelligent – but he never passes up a chance to either compete with or tease his friend Sora.

Rishid Ishtar
Marik and Ishizu's adoptive brother, he once attempted to spare Marik from the pain of the Tombkeeper's initiation, but was denied. He later became the one to seal away Marik's darker half, and even after the darkness left Marik he remains loyal to his adoptive brother. Though he may be intimidating at times, he is really a kind man.

Roxas, the Key to Destiny
(Kingdom Hearts II)
Roxas was created when Sora sacrificed himself to save Kairi, and has searched endlessly for the reason why he had the keyblade, and also searched for Sora himself. Eventually, after betraying and leaving the Organization, he found his answers, but not in the way he had hoped. He and Sora share a more parasitic relationship, rather than a symbiotic one that Yugi and Yami share.

Seto Kaiba
The elder of the Kaiba brothers and self-proclaimed arch-rival of Yugi Mutou. Due to his harsh childhood, Seto doesn't allow himself to get close to anyone as a friend or otherwise. He is extremely intelligent, and as head of Kaiba Corporation it definitely shows, as he developed Duel Disk technology himself. Though Yami banished the evil in his heart some time ago, Seto still holds a grudge against him. He firmly disbelieves in anything supernatural.

(Kingdom Hearts)
A cheerful but somewhat naïve young man, the keyblade master. Sora somehow manages to make the best of every situation, and never goes back on a promise. After traversing many worlds, he has easily become adaptable to any situation he is thrown in, but he is still easily surprised. He continues his search for the King and his best friend Riku.

Sphinx Teleia
(Yu-Gi-Oh: Pyramid of Light)
A terrible yet powerful beast created by Anubis, sent to attack Yugi and Sora when Axel failed to dispose of them. Teleia has the body of a white lion and snowy-white, majestic wings, as well as the head of a beautiful woman. When attacking, however, that splendor immediately vanishes to reveal her true, hideous self. Her claws are among her most powerful weapons, and the ability to fly gives her an enormous advantage. With help from Axel and Yugi, Sora managed to take down the monstrosity.

(Kingdom Hearts II)
A moogle that used to run a shop. Stiltzkin now works for the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee, and also serves as one of their top messengers and delivery personnel. He delivered Tron's data disc to Sora when Anubis sent a replica to hack into KaibaCorp's database.

Sugoroku Mutou
Yugi's knowledgeable grandfather, Sugoroku is a duel monsters expert whom retired from dueling shortly after Kaiba ruthlessly defeated him. He has since forgiven Kaiba for his actions. Sugoroku can be a bit absent-minded at times, but he cares much for his grandson.

Theinien, the Great Sphinx
(Yu-Gi-Oh: Pyramid of Light)
After the initial plan was ruined, Anubis fused his two sphinxes together, giving them incredible power as the ultimate Sphinx. It proved to be a nearly unstoppable adversary, almost completely demolishing the group. With Hyozanryu's guidance, however, Sora managed to defeat the monstrosity via Final Form and end its rampage.

(Kingdom Hearts II)
Tron is a security program, and though he might not be much more he is still friends with Sora. Not long after KaibaCorp's database was hacked, Tron was installed onto Kaiba's computer to help find the source of the invasion. While they were too late to stop the attack, the group did manage to get rid of excess heartless that had wormed their way in and save the system a lot of damage.

Xaldin, the Whirlwind Lancer
(Kingdom Hearts II)
A replica of Xaldin created by Anubis. He was sent to kidnap Ishizu Ishtar, the guardian of the Millennium Torque, in order to gain information about the Shadow Games. With Marik's help, Sora and Yami managed to defeat him, but not before he left the keyblade master with distressing words.

Xigbar, the Freeshooter
(Kingdom Hearts II)
Not really Xigbar, but a replica created by Anubis. A sarcastic man, he destroyed Demyx after the duel with Sora and Yami was lost, and was sent to destroy the two on his own. On his own agenda, he instead thought to destroy the Pharaoh by using the darkness in Sora's own heart. Though the plan nearly worked, it still destroyed him.

Yugi's "other self," nicknamed Yami because he is considered to be the dark part of Yugi's heart. Before he sealed his spirit away in the Millennium Puzzle, he was a Pharaoh in ancient Egypt over three thousand years before the story's events. He is a fierce opponent to anyone whom would dare cross his path, and is not afraid to issue a penalty game to anyone deserving of it. While he may be a serious and protective person, he does have a rare sense of humor. Yami has never lost a single game, earning him the nickname "King of Games."

Yugi Mutou
A lover of games and trustworthy friend, Yugi spent eight years solving the Millennium Puzzle, which he is rarely seen without. No longer quite as naïve and gullible as he was, Yugi has managed to gain some of his own self-confidence throughout the years. He is an excellent judge on character, and can easily tell a friend from an ally. Yugi is also very meek, and will give much for the sake of his companions.

Zexion, the Cloaked Schemer
(Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories)
Anubis's second in command and a replica of the real Zexion. He is perfectly fine with exploiting others to do his dirty work so he won't have to soil his own cuffs. When he is forced to fight, he is a very formidable opponent, but thanks to Hyozanryu Sora found a way to defeat him. He was promptly disposed of by Anubis for his incompetence.

Special Thanks

The Danvers Girls (Sammi) – For beta-reading most of this fic and giving me tons of ideas

Charon The Sabercat – For showing me this site in the first place

All of my readers – For taking time out of your day to read this humongous piece of insanity

Kazuki Takahashi – For creating Yu-Gi-Oh!

Square-Enix and Disney – For creating Kingdom Hearts

Special Secret: A New Threat

The sky was dark, the temple in ruins. Within were three statues, each of an elegant dragon. A strange figure in a black cloak walked in, scanning the area quietly. No one – and nothing – was there to see what was to happen.

This world was a peaceful one, but turmoil had been born and was beginning to write its way throughout. This place was exposed to danger, and there was little that could be done. Then again, there was one thing that might be able to help save this world. Silently, the figure looked up upon the statues.

"If you could be awoken, perhaps we could save your world."

Of course, there was no reply. The cloaked person walked away, fear plaguing the air surrounding the area. Before another step could be made, the sky swirled ominously, an eye appearing in the sky, surrounded by darkness. The stranger paused to spare a hateful glance, teeth clenched and eyes narrowed. Making a swift decision, the figure fled, leaving naught but footprints behind.