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"Aw damn, I died! Again!"

Matt snorted in poorly concealed amusement at the blonde's obvious irritation.

"It takes practice, Mello."

"And I assume said 'practice' is your justification for sitting in front of the TV for eight hours a day?"

Matt gave a goofy grin. "You're just jealous."

The words 'Game Over' flashed obnoxiously on the screen, and Mello flung the controller at the ground in frustration. "Yeah, you wish."

Matt picked up the controller and offered it to Mello. The blonde scowled darkly at the offending piece of plastic before taking it grudgingly. Matt put his hands over Mello's on the buttons. "I'll help you."

Mello gave a mischievous smile, twisting out of the redhead's grip and maneuvering himself into his lap. The blonde rested his fingertips lightly on the gamer's collarbone. "I would greatly appreciate your…help," Mello purred, running his tongue up Matt's neck.

Matt shivered, letting the controller slip from his fingers. "Me-ells…"

Mello smirked into Matt's shoulder at the sound of his broken moan. The blonde turned his attention to the redhead's lips as said redhead went to work on Mello's deliciously-too-tight pants. Call of Duty 4 lay forgotten as the gamer's nimble fingers pushed an entirely different type of button.


"Matt. Ma-att. Matty Matt Matt!"


Mello folded his arms across his chest and frowned. "Matt. Get up."

Matt rolled over and shoved his face into the pillow.


"Gah. Wha tize it?"


Sleepy green eyes peered out from under tousled crimson bangs. "Mello, you're a douche."

Mello adopted a hurt expression. "I can't believe you just called me such a nasty name, you little shit." He punched Matt's arm playfully. "C'mon, get up. I made breakfast."

The redhead struggled groggily into a sitting position. "I'm up, I'm up!"

Mello looked on in amusement as Matt dug through the couch cushions in search of his various articles of clothing.

"Your boxers are on the lamp," the blonde said mildly before retreating into the kitchen.

Matt tried to ignore the laughter in Mello's blue eyes as he staggered, still mostly asleep, into the kitchen. "Don't tell me," he said before Mello could so much as open his mouth "because I don't want to know." The blonde shrugged and grinned, helping himself to a pancake, which Matt was dismayed to find was more chocolate chip than pancake.

"Are you trying to make me fat?" Matt muttered. Mello shrugged in a noncommittal fashion, reaching across the table for the bottle of chocolate syrup. Matt sighed and went for the cupboards. Cereal it was, then. Mello pushed his bottom lip out in a pout, but his eyes danced. "Sometimes I think you don't appreciate me."

Matt dug through a drawer in search of a spoon. "It's the thought that counts. But unlike you, I can't survive on a diet of pure chocolate."

Mello smiled innocently, and Matt opted to forsake his chair in favor of Mello's lap. The blonde sighed contentedly, and wrapping his arms around Matt's waist, laid his head on the redhead's shoulder. "I love you, Matty."


"Ma-att, you're such a tease!" Mello whimpered, squirming beneath the redhead's touch. Matt quirked an eyebrow at the blonde, his hands pausing on their journey up Mello's leather-clad legs. "Oh?"

"Yes, and you're—"

Matt captured Mello's lips, effectively cutting him off. He stroked the blonde's scarred cheek tenderly with the hand he wasn't using to prop himself up.

"A damn good kisser!" Mello finished, slightly out of breath, as Matt pulled away. The redhead chuckled, sitting back on Mello's hips and running his hands seductively up the blonde's chest.

"Oh, Mells." There was a suggestive undertone to the redhead's voice that caused the man in question to flush a pale pink. "I know just how to push your buttons to get a high score."

A scowl abruptly replaced Mello's shy smile and blush. "High score, hmm?" He sat up and shoved Matt roughly off of him. "Matt, you jerk!"

Matt clambered off the couch after him. "Mells!"

The blonde stomped his foot. "Do you care for me, Matt? Do you? Or am I just another one of your goddamned games?!" Matt's jaw worked furiously, but no sound came out. Mello's eyes were like ice. He expected an answer.

"Mells…" Matt said weakly.

Mello threw his arms out in exasperation. "Damnit Matt, why'd you gotta be like this?" he cried. "Do you know how many times I've said 'I love you' to you? A helluva lot. You know how many times you've said it to me? Not once. Not once, Matt!"

Matt couldn't stand the accusing look in Mello's sad blue eyes. He looked away. "Mells…" he said again, softer. "I…"

"No, shut up! I don't want to hear it." Mello tapped his chest over his heart. "This isn't to play with, Matt, like your DS or PSP. This is for real, and guess what? Game over, Matt. Game over."

Matt was left in stunned silence at Mello dashed unshed tears from his eyes, then spun on his heel and stormed out the door.

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