Sorry this took so long. I am thinking about actually making a plot for this. So far I have just been going with where my mind takes me.


Kaidoh looked on at the water park. Well as much as you can see of a water park from behind a potted palm tree. Inui had insisted that they observe the dynamics of the group before making a "thorough and to the point strategy". So there he crouched looking at the lovely beach seats as his too long legs started to cramp from crouching.

"Notice how Sanada keeps adjusting his cap. It's an unconscious habit he does when he gets either nervous or impatient." "I thought he slapped people when he got impatient?" "He has improved since then. He rarely strikes out much now." "Rarely?" Kaidoh had no intention of Sakura being around violent men. "Remember, he has Kirihara on his team. Rarely entitles him to sainthood." "Ah."

"And what do we have here?"

Kaidoh whipped around to see a pair of navy blue swim shorts. These swim shorts led to a torso which led to the stern look of distaste Tezuka Kunimitsu had perfected. "Good day Tezuka-san. I believe you are here for the same reasons we are?" "Correct." "Would you care to join us? This is the best place I could find where we are hidden but have an unhindered view of the subjects." "You are not invisible. The security guard by the bar looks like he is about to have a word with you."

Kaidoh did a quick scan of the bar. He hadn't noticed the guard before because the he had looked like just another badly dressed staff member. Only now did he see the badge on his floral Hawaiian shirt and the suspicious looks being sent their way. "I think we should move sempai." "Mhmm." Inui agreed as he got up, eyes still on the 'subjects'.

Now Kaidoh didn't really have a problem with Inui's tendencies to stalk. Usually it was just for information about other teams but at times like this his sempai could get a bit much. Sempais he thought, as his captain handed Inui a pair of binoculars. "Extra strength zoom and focus. There is a café with a view of Sakuno and Sanada a few floors up." "Thanks for bringing them. Just like old times." Old times! Kaidoh"s mind was reeling at the thought of his straight as a board captain going with Inui on his 'reconnaissance missions".


Sakuno twiddled the straw in her smoothie. Sanada was nice; he had pulled put a chair for her and insisted on paying for her drink. She had attempted conversation but because neither parties was at all the talkative type talking quickly died to a few sentences here and their. "Have you seen any new movies lately?" "Not much." Silence. Twiddle. Adjust cap. "Do you play an instrument?" "I once played the piano." "Really!" "When I was young my mother made me take lessons." "Did you like it?" "It was alright" Sakuno smiled. She had made human rock no.2 talk to her.

On the other side of the table Sanada adjusted his cap. He had to stop doing that. He tried to think up something to say. He knew he was being watched. Akira would not have been able to resist a chance like this to humiliate his vice-captain. He looked across the table to find his date smiling softly at nothing. She was quite cute. She also looked quite young. It dawned on him that he might be her first date.

Sanada was not a very experienced dater. He had been forced to attend matchmaking by his grandmother but nothing really happened apart from tea and one sided conversations. He had always been polite and a gentlemen but had never made any real effort to impress any of the girls. He loved his grandmother but he didn't want to encourage her. But this girl was not like the other girls who he was forced into meeting.

Even though she was supposed to like him she was not throwing herself at him and he was beginning to have a sneaking suspicion that this date had been a cover up for her friend and the abs comment. Being the no nonsense guy he was Sanada decided that the quickest way of confirming his suspicions was asking. Unlike certain some ones hiding in cafes. "Did your friend force you to do this?" Sakuno spluttered into her smoothie."A-ah, um, ah no. Heh heh, no." "So you like me?" "Uhm , er….yes?"

"WHAT!" a voice screeched from behind.


Yeah this is short but I just wanted to get this out there.