I've died three times.

How many people can say that? You're right: not a lot of people.

About just a many who can say they've lived four lives.

And I, Buffy Summers am one of those few unfortunate people.

Why so unfortunate you ask:

Most people live once, twice if you're lucky. By your third life, you really must be something special, an anomaly that shouldn't exist. And I really wished I only lived twice.

Seriously, wasn't saving the world multiple times, then dying to save it again enough to get a good death's rest enough? Apparently not, if you're a slayer.

Before you ask (and I know you were going to, your mouth's open, the word 'what' on your lips): The slayer is a girl. Just a normal girl, nothing more. Nothing less. Well, except for the fact that she's endowed with incredible strength and skill to defeat the evils of this world. And I'm not talking about lowly criminals. The police deals with all that crap. No, the things I fight are true evil, creatures of the dark, demons, call them what you will, I battle them all for A to Z. Things most humans can't even begin to fathom.

How is this possible? You sure ask a lot of questions.

The answer is how I lived four lives:


I used to think magic was a nifty tool. Useful. I'd go even as far to say that I liked it. But back then I was young and naïve and hadn't seen what it can do. Now I know I was wrong, it sucks. It tears your world down around you and then some. It controls you, makes you bend to the caster's will. It kills you. It brings back the long dead. It tore me out of a heavenly dimension: Twice.

You think that's 'cool'? Try again.

If you think fighting night in and night out, risking your life and limbs without a word of gratitude or thanks from anyone, while watching loved ones die and then dying yourself, in a most painful manner, then having to be resurrected into a world of hate and war to fight once more because of some stupid mojo is 'cool', that's your prerogative. But come back to me once you've experienced it. I guarantee you'll have a different opinion!

Sorry, that was kind of rant-y. Not my favorite subject to talk about if you can tell.

Anyway, needless to say after dying a third time I was done: a fully baked cookie (metaphor...never mind). I was fed up with this world; it's people, cruelty and everything else. I never wanted to be a part of it again. I had known barbarity and savagery at it's worst. Or so I thought.

I knew nothing until my fourth life.

My name is Buffy Summers and this is my story...


A/n: Well, after a LONG hiatus, which I'm truly sorry about, by the way, I've decided to set a story in motion that I've had since last summer! Hope you like! Leave Reviews a plenty, they motivate,