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Don't Mention It


She turned and looked.

"There's nothing but rain and seawater."

He chuckled lightheartedly, and she turned her head back towards him and raised an eyebrow.

"What?" he said, still grinning ridiculously like a little schoolboy.

She felt her lips inadvertently curl into a slight grin at that irresistible charming attitude of his. "What?"

"I just asked you that!"

She let out a tiny chuckle of her own. "Well, what do you want me to look at?"

To her surprise, he just turned his head to stare back out the window and shrugged. "Nothing. I just like how you react to me teasing you."

She had definitely not been expecting that.

"Excuse me?"

He grinned yet again, but this time the grin was a bit shyer, she noticed. And he refused to look at her. "It's..."

"What?" she asked again, crossing her arms in confusion towards his odd behavior.


Her eyes widened as he continued to avoid her gaze and stare intently out at the driving rain. For a minute, she ran the moment through her mind once again, trying to comprehend what he had just said. Had he really said that?

"Uhh...thanks?" she finally muttered, blushing profusely and feeling terribly awkward.

"Don't mention it."