A/N: Hey peoples! I know I haven't updated my other stories, but I'm waiting for reviews! And writer's block hath stricken me! XD I've had the idea of a PMD fic in my head for like three weeks, and I need to make room for the other ideas and inspirations to form in there, because the space is limited. It won't be the traditional 'Oh no, I'm a pokemon, but I was a human before!!' story, but it'll be kinda dark. No where near what other authors have done, but it will be sad every now and then. This'll be the Prologue, tell me what ya think!

Have you ever had one of those days where it seems like the world is out to get you? Where no matter what you do to try to fix things everything keeps crashing down? I have, and if you have too then try to relate to my tale.

I'm an only child, and so were my parents. That doesn't sound too bad, right? Well when you add the fact that your father is abusive, and your mother is the object of his wrath, do you get the picture? Then, one day, a group of rogue Houndoom show up at your house, and tear your parents apart. You end up witnessing their brutal murder, and are left to run for your life. Imagine your luck when you stumble upon a cave entrance hidden from sight by a bush on Sharpedo Bluff. You enter the cave, and low and behold, there are barrels of food, a small fountain of water, supplies for a fire, and beds set up, plus a wonderful view of the beach.

You decide to stay here, because I mean, who wouldn't?? Then you go to sleep, and are haunted by the images of your parents' lifeless corpses. When you wake up you breakdown and sob the entire night. Then, you hear footsteps…

That's what happened to me, and that was my bad day. Have you ever experienced a day as bad as this? I'm sure you have, I mean, even I have! My dad's beatings weren't only reserved for my mother…

I am Pixii Firesong, and this is my tale.

A/N: See? Not traditional! It's a little short for a prologue, but it'll do. Anymore, and it'll give away spoilers! Please tell me what you think!

Pixii out!