"I Woke Up With Your Heart Beat"

The sun was shinning with its splendor through the window. The glitter of her golden orbs showing as she opened her eyes due to the light and helping her to see what was in front of her.

A naked man sleeping with her.

It made her blush.

She could see the face of her husband on her, resting near her chest while his left arm was holding her lovinly. Her bare chest slighly covered by the blanket of their bed. This made her blink and blush once again. She was indeed surprised to see herself like this, specially since she realized she was nude on her bed and the blue-haired man laying on her was in the same state. Her face was now crimsom. She mentaly said his name.

He suddenly drew a warm smile, still asleep thinking of his cute wife rubbing his face near her left breast. It was his fault that her heart started to beat faster. Cagalli was embarrased at his action.

Athrun started to come back from his dream world as he started to hear something like fast heart beats waking him litlle by little.

Her heart started to melt as she saw him smile. She remembered that this was one of the main reasons why she loved him. She smiled calling his name on her mind and for her surprise he opened his eyes to stare at her with sleepy eyes.

"Morning, my lovely wife." He said resting himself on his pillow watching her all the time.

She used the chance to completely cover herself with the white blanket. He chuckled. She glared at him. And he chuckled yet again cuddling her with his arm. She did not protest but spoke.

"So what are we going to do?"

"What about?"

"It's Sunday. We finally have the day off."



He seemed to think about it for some minutes. "We will do whatever you want, Cagalli. It's alright with me as long as you are with me," he finished with a smile.

She flushed at his words and beamed at him. "For now, let's just rest for a while. We will think of it later."

And the young couple stayed on the bed, chatting about carefree stuff. Soon dawn appeared at their window to light the day.

Yes, I an NOT dead just got free from University. Here is a really short one-shot. I just could not help but to write it. I SO love this couple! Hope you guys enjoyed it. My fav couple AthrunxCagalli of course! xP

Beta Reader? As always, is Ximena!!


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