It was never supposed to happen.

Setsuna knew everything.

She knew that Hisana would die (and her sister).

She knew when Yoruichi and Urahara would run away (Soi fong crying never stopped)

She knew how Kaine died (Rukia's pain).

She knew about Rukia's stumbling into Ichigo (how much he looked like Kaine).

She knew that Aizen would betray the Soul Society. (And she still fell in love with Tousen.)

There were so many walls that blocked their hearts.

It happened in a way that would have surprised the other senshi if they ever found out.

She knew she couldn't change the future, but she would be damned if she didn't try to warn Tousen of the consequences. She had walked so confidently that everyone who walked by her in the Serieti knew she was on a mission.

The blind man just smiled gently and grabbed a piece of hair.

"You shouldn't really pull hair back anymore." It was a demand, but the way he played with it made her shutter.

It was the kindest, smoothest, gentlest touch she had ever felt. (and he never even touched her skin).

"How would you know that?" She asked the blind man.

He calmly answer, "Your hair is always softer whenever it's free or when your calm. And lately you've seemed stressed, so it couldn't be because your calm."

"When have I ever been calm?" Setsuna was almost afraid of his answer.

"Whenever you're happy."

Everything she knew shattered like glass when he smiled so calmly at her.

It was a deepest betrayal.

"Tousen!" A little girl with violet eyes cried out as she ran over to the couple. "Setsuna-mama!"

"Hotaru!" Haruka scooped the girl in her arms before staring at the Senshi of time in confusion. Tousen was walking next to Setsuna, holding her hand like glass.

(As if any moment, she would break).

Michiru ran up and smiled nervously, "Oh look, there they are." The traitor…Setsuna could practically hear her thoughts. They knew what was going to happen, but they didn't say anything when he walked into their house.

Haruka just wouldn't allow Hotaru to be near him.

It was a sin.

Kisses rained (only in private).

And it was only short, tender kisses.

Knowing he would betray everything, everyone, even her.

When she heard about the betrayal of Aizen from Kename…

She only cried one tear.

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