I have always loved nighttime in the Sanderson house. The humans go to sleep and all of the toys get to run free. Last night was particularly special for me. I had always wanted to see what the rest of the house looks like, and I got a closer look yesterday evening. I'd never been out of Jenny's room before, but I'd seen the hallway. I just wanted to see a little more for once.

It was almost the middle of the night before Mom and Dad were distracted enough for me to get away. I told Mini Mort about my plan, and he had promised to cover for me. He'll take any secret to the grave. I'm lucky to have him as a brother. Getting out from under the bed was easy, and luckily, Jenny had Sunshine trapped under her arm for the night, so I didn't have to sneak past him too.

Once I got out into the hall, I took a peek over the rail to the floor below. I could see three of the Free Rangers patrolling the bottom steps. I couldn't tell which ones were on duty so I bent down a little bit to get a closer look. I'm pretty sure Memphis wass one of them. He's the easiest to recognize because he's smaller than all the other Rangers. Satisfied with their patrol of the steps, they stopped marching and joined the entire platoon near the basement entrance. I bent down farther to see what was happening. Sarge was gesturing towards the basement. The entire group of Free Rangers broke into groups of four and head for the basement stairs. Chibi came into the room from the kitchen and followed them into the darkness with Telly trailing nervously behind him. I couldn't see what was going on anymore, but a tiny light shone in the entrance. I bent down a little more to try to see what it was. Next thing I knew, I was falling forward. I let out a small cry and failed to find anything to grab onto except for air.

I wanted to sob. I was sure that was how I was going to die. I'd fall all the way to the bottom and break into a million pieces that even Mr. Sanderson won't be able to put back together! And nobody would ever know how it happened because Mini Mort wouldn't tell anyone what he knew. My parents would be so -

My thoughts stopped when I realized I was no longer falling. I was dangling. Somebody had a hold of my ankle. My panic rushed back as I tried to push my dress as far towards my ankles as possible. Dresses don't work quite the same when you're hanging upside down.

The hand on my ankle began pulling upwards until I was back on solid ground. I flattened my dress and made myself presentable to face the angry adult who would surely be staring me down. I was surprised to look straight ahead at a flower with a face. He looked to be about my age. He also looked a lot like Funky Phil only smaller and more... freaky.

"Thank you for saving me," I said with a light curtsy.

"You're welcome," he replied, his voice cracked and raspy.

"My name's Freaky Phil." He rasped. How aptly named he was. "My name is..." I really hated giving it out, "Lil' Pitts." He tilted his flowered head. I blushed and said quietly, "I'm named after my mom." He nodded. "I'm named after my dad. Kind of." He smiled and I smiled back. He looked a bit like a robot. A silence fell over us.

He broke the silence by striking a pose. It was just like Drake Redcrest, complete with little fireworks and everything. I began laughing and he smiled wider. "Chibi taught me that," He said. "I never get a chance to show anyone new."

His mention of Chibi reminded me, I never did find out what was going on in the basement. "Why do you think Chibi and the Free Rangers went into the basement?" I asked peering cautiously over the edge. He shrugged, "Maybe we'll find out tomorrow, but I'm definitely not going down there." I nodded and stepped back, it was almost morning anyway. Wait, morning?

"We should get back," I said, "It's almost morning, we can't let the Sandersons see us out here"

"You're right," he agreed, "Will I … see you again?" I smiled, "How about tomorrow?" He nodded, "Tomorrow." He smiled back and waved. I waved back and headed for my home in Jenny's room. Mini Mort will have to keep my secret for a few more nights.

-Author's Notes.
So, my first fic!(that I actually bothered to post!) And its Chibi Robo Why am I the only one writing for this game? There are plenty of pairings to meddle in!

Edit 9/9/2013: Wow, I posted this a long time ago. It's kind of crazy that it's still getting hits. Anyway, I fixed some grammar and maybe made the line spacing less awkward? I hope people continue to enjoy this little fic!