My first shot at a fanfiction. I think it could turn into a cool story.

Jasper had accident.

I do not own Twilight at all its all the work of Stephenie Meyer.

Jasper's POV

It tastes so good. Wait, what's going on? I thought to myself. Then I became all too aware of the skin, blood, and flesh my mouth was firmly clamped against. I was crouched on the ground over a small girl. Her lower body lay on the ground and I held the rest of her up. I had one hand mercilessly gripping her shoulder and the other at the back of her neck. Giving me better access to her jugular. The monster inside me growled in anger as more humane thoughts of reason came to me.

My instincts told me to quench my thirst and that's all that mattered.

No. I had worked too hard controlling myself for so long to just let this ruin my life and my family's.

I stopped drinking so heavily, which was hard. Truly the understatement of the century. To actually unlatch myself from this child's neck... I don't know if I can. It sickly felt perfect, me killing. My one true purpose. I let the guilt and pictures of my family's faces run through my mind hoping it would help.

At every face I saw I felt myself pull away a little at a time from her neck.

Just do it quick, like a band-aid. Like the human phrase. I would have taken a deep breath for preparation, but the scent of her blood would only bring me back into the vice grip that is blood lust.




Quick as I dared I pulled my teeth out of her neck; if I went to fast I would have torn right through half of her neck like tissue paper. I leaned as far back as I could while still holder her. Still not breathing I averted my gaze, not wanting to see the blood and my victim.

I started calling out to Edward in my mind, panicked pleas for help for me to get myself and Whitney away from here.

She was still alive. I didn't want her to die. She was nothing more to me than just something to stare at when I was bored at lunch, but still I wanted to save her. I wouldn't say I cared for her she was just were interesting and amusing. I cursed myself for being so obvious when staring or this never would have happened in the first place.

I carried her limp whimpering body quickly to the outskirts of the school near the parking lot waiting for my siblings to show up. Then the screaming started.

Oh no! What have I done?! I thought there was hardly any venom that got in. She was changing I could tell. I had seen it so many times in my vampire army days.

Everything came at me so quickly. My own emotions of fear and panic would turn the happiest person suicidal. Than the anger, shock and even more panic that was pulsing off my now present siblings was enough to make me faint, if I could become unconscious.

Edward, Emmett, Rosalie, and my beloved Alice were suddenly next to me and Whitney in the Volvo.

"Get in!" Edward growled at me. I got in to the backseat with Whitney on my lap, screaming and writhing uncontrollably. Her transformation had begun. I clamped my hand over her mouth to muffle her screams.

I left it at a cliffhanger to get you guys wanting more.

I am setting this in the Edward and Bella are happily dating Eclipse time setting. Although I'm not sure if I am going to incorporate Bella as an important person in this story, she'll just be "there".

Leave a comment if you want to see it continue. I think it could be a good eventful story.