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Jasper's POV

She doesn't remember. This was something I expected.

New borns are a specialty of mine, having dealt with them on countless occasions. Occasions that I try not to think about but I must recall from my memory to use now. The pain of her transformation should have tampered with her previous short term memory. Despite how horrific her attack was she probably doesn't remember a second of it.

What I didn't expect was her to be in so much control. She actually stopped when Esme told her too. She should be completely and utterly wild! This is very unnatural. Truly the understatement of the century.

Maybe she does remember.

Since she was so different in her transformation and behavior I was always on alert waiting for her come up to me and demand an explanation for me attacking her. That never happened.

She was even carefreeat times. Most of the time she was confused and afraid which I took reassuringly that she was not somehow defective. She should be afraid and confused, being a newborn is not something enjoyable in the slightest. Of course she felt the constant unbearable burning thirst and need for blood.

I almost couldn't bear it when Alice made me teach the poor girl how to be a monster, the monster I created, but I had to take responsibility. I felt no grudge against my wife of course. She wouldn't have done it if she did not have a good reason. Her pain was mine and vice versa.

The hunt did me good. The animal's blood seemed almost repulsive as it touched my tongue after having some on Whitney's human blood. I drank greedily reminding myself that this is all I need. That this is who I am.

I am Jasper Whitlock Hale and I am a vegetarian.

I had to look away when Whitney hunted. Seeing her devour those four mountain lions would have been difficult to watch, remembering that when she was human she would be afraid to touch the glass that separated the lunch ladies and students because it was covered in germs. She killed without hesitation and when Esme brought hunting up again she was bursting with excitement and eagerness.

When we reached the river behind our home I began to walk towards Whitney and Alice and I couldn't help but notice how very much they look like sisters. Maybe they could share a last name at our next school. Whitney and Alice Brandon. Alice would like that.

They're both very petite and shared black hair that was striking against their skin.

Whitney was about three inches taller than Alice and wasn't anywhere near as thin but quite curvy and soft looking in fact. Their faces was where they differed the most. Alice had sharp and small features while Whitney was the opposite. I caught Esme staring at Whitney's large round cheeks when she would talk to her and she felt longing and happiness, she probably wanted to pinch them in a maternal fashion. Her red eyes were wide and round, like Bella's actually, lined with thick black lashes, just like Alice's.

I wouldn't be surprised if Bella labeled Whitney as a fairy seeing as she calls Alice a pixie.

I told her I needed to speak to her. She had a peculiar look on her face. She felt confusion and apprehension.

"Okay." she said. She held back the desire to ask me a question.

Alice caught eye contact with me and silently asked if she should stay by simply raising one eyebrow.

I nodded slightly. I may need her if I loose control of my emotions.

"Let's up to our room!" she said chipperly. "You need to change your clothes Whitney. No offense but you look a hot mess."

Whitney looked down and saw her gory appearance. She had torn her clothes here and there, had clumps of fur in her hair and sticking to her arms. She also had animal fat and other unidentifiable small pieces of animal flesh on her hands. She probably didn't notice that she was squishing the lions with her bare hands. She couldn't see the smudged tint of pink on cheeks and mouth from the blood though.

"Eww." she whined looking at her arms. She started to gag at the animal fat.

"Uh oh" Alice said while pulling Whitney's hair back.

Whitney threw up the water she drank while Alice rubbed her back soothingly.

"Sorry about that." Whitney whispered as hoarsely as vampire possibly can. She put her arms behind her back so she wouldn't see them and we walked to the house. When we got the front steps Alice made her take her shoes off because they were covered in mud. Esme wouldn't yell at Whitney because she is new but Alice and I would be held responsible if the floors were tracked with mud.

"Come on, our room is on the top floor." Alice said excitedly pulling Whitney up the stairs by the arm.

"So what did you want to talk about Jasper?"

I took a preparatory breath and calmly said,"About why your a vampire."

She stared at me for a few seconds like I was speaking welsh then her wide eyes got even wider and she smacked herself on the forehead and muttered,

"Idiot!" and she started on a little rampage of self loathing, "Ohmygosh! I can't believe I didn't even ask how I became a flippn' vampire! I am such an idiot!"

"No your not. Your a newborn. It's a lot to take in." said Alice opening the door to our room.

"Newborn? Like a baby?" Whitney asked.

"Yes, I guess you could put it that way. A vampire baby." Alice said giggling which made me smile, easing some of my tension.

Whitney and Alice's emotions were very pleasant to be around and being in the closed space our room helped protect me from the vast range of strong emotion from the rest of the family downstairs. Whitney and Alice were very comfortable with each other.

"We need to get you into the shower. We can talk after." said Alice

"That would be thoroughly appreciated." Whitney responded. Alice smile back at her and went off to get her robe for Whitney out of the closet.

"Alright try not to freak out too much when you see yourself. Don't worry you look gorgeous."

Whitney was about to explode with excitement which was balancing out my dread of telling her about me condemning her to this life. Our emotions combined into a nice neutral level for me.

The two girls went into the bathroom and then I heard a staggering gasp as I was assaulted with ginormous waves of shock and joy a few seconds later the gasp was followed by erratic squeals and giggles of delight. I couldn't hold back a large smile.

"Alright Whitney you can get back to staring at yourself when your clean and dressed." Alice said as I heard her turn on the shower. Knowing Whitney being a newborn she probably would have broken the water nozzle right off the shower wall. "Try not to touch anything, you don't have any control over strength yet."

I believed Whitney was in the shower when I felt a pleasant blissful feeling coming from her. Alice walked out of the bathroom, walked right up to me, actually walking, and hugged me. I hugged her back, this was a very stressful event and we needed to collect ourselves together.

"Have you been having any visions?" I whispered quietly enough so only she would hear.

She nodded her head.

"Brief and odd."

"How are they odd?"

"I had this one vivid flash of you and Whitney sitting in the woods together, it looked like you two were meditating or something."

"Hmm." Was all I said. I didn't think on Alice's vision I was just trying to gather my strength and courage together for this conversation I was going to have to have with Whitney. Alice wasn't telling me about all of her visions. I could sense her holding back the information. I didn't question her though, she would tell me when she was ready.

We continued to stand there in the middle of our room, holding each other, for a while until we heard a ripping noise and meekly Whitney calling out,

"Alice? I'm so so sorry but I kinda ripped your robe... and a towel." Alice chuckled and said, "Don't worry about it I gave you that one because I knew you would."

Alice then pulled away and went into the closet to retrieve another robe for Whitney. Then she knocked on the bathroom door. "Here's another robe. Try handling it like it's paper. Move slowly and carefully." Whitney cracked open the door and Alice handed her the second robe. "Thank you." A minute later Whitney emerged from the bathroom feeling proud of her work. There was a long tear in the shoulder of the robe though but it didn't compare to the shredded mess of fabric that she handed to Alice which used to be the first robe.

"Okey dokey, time to get dressed!" Alice said ushering Whitney into the large closet.

I knew this take a while so I sat on the bed and waited for them to come back out. I figured I would start off with apologizing, recall the events and then beg for forgiveness. A half an hour later Whitney and Alice emerged from the closet in new outfits looking feeling happy and satisfied. Then their spirits lowered a little when they saw me, probably remembering what was about to happen. Whitney never failed to have this feeling of misery that she was trying to push away. It was peaking out from under all of her other emotions. The sadness was like concrete and her other emotions were fog, failing to cover the concrete completely.

"Whitney, let me start out with apologizing."

"What for?" She and Alice took their seats at the edge of the large bed.

"I'm the reason for why your are a vampire. For that I'm terribly sorry." I said the first part monotonously and the second part with earnest and conviction. She was silent for a few moments and she felt confusion and then some pity.

"Did... did you bite me? I mean how does it even work?" she asked with agitation laced in her voice. She was starting to get angry and annoyed.

"Yes, I bit you. I'm so sorry. I was coming to visit Alice at school and you came up to me outside. I was thirsty having not hunted in a very long time but I still idiotically came to the school. The wind blew your scent to me and you were rather close. I... I lost control. I'm so sorry. I almost didn't stop. It's nothing short of a miracle that I didn't kill you." I lost most of her attention because she began to become overwhelmed with thirst. I internally kicked myself for reminding a newborn about blood, not that they need reminding, but Whitney seemed like she was trying hard to focus on the clothes, house and Alice and me so she could ignore the thirst. I didn't want to burst her bubble and tell her its near impossible to do.

"Jasper, I hope you understand that I can't forgive you now or probably any time soon, I mean you did take my life away." She was speaking quietly with a tone of fatigue at first but the last part was said with a small amount of the anger out of the large amount I was expecting from her.

"I don't expect you to ever forgive me Whitney. I won't hold it against you if you don't."

She didn't say anything as she thought over my words. She just sat there looking at a spot on the wall, simmering in her anger which was melting away into the aching and deep sadness.

"Thank you." she finally answered. She then took a big and quick breath and gave her head a little shake as if she were trying shaking away her sadness. I didn't go away she just put curiosity and anticipation on top of it.

"Can I see the rest of the house?" she asked trying to sound interested in a tour but she failed miserably.

"Alright." said Alice giving Whitney a small smile. "Lets start on this floor first, since its the top, and work our way down."

"I'll be in my study Alice." she nodded. As I began to walk down the hall I heard Alice tell Whitney what rooms were on this floor.

They were standing outside of Rosalie's and Emmett's room when Edward was walking by and then, it happened.

Rosalie's POV (A/N: just because it's funnier)

I decided to come out and take the tour Alice was giving Whitney, Emmett came too.

Alice started going on about an art piece Esme found in France. Whitney was listening intently at first then looked off to the side in thought with her lips slightly pursed. She has a nice pout, I thought. Mine is better though.

Oh the many things I convinced Emmett to do with my pout... I smiled lazily staring out into space recalling all the times I talked and pouted Emmet into doing something that would get back at our siblings.

Oh pay attention Rosalie, the girl is moving. Carlisle said we need to be on our guard at all times in case she runs off or something. Her brow was furrowed, then shot up, and her face scrunched up into a "what the hell is that?!" expression.

"Aren't you dating Bella Swan?!" she almost yelled at Edward demanding an answer. He was about to walk up the stairs to probably go sulk in his room. She almost made a room full of vampires jump and I thought my yelling was good. I had to give her props.

"Yes." he said curtly looking a little pissed.

"Is she a vampire too? Cause if she is she must be defective. I mean that girl is on the ground more than she is on her feet!" She said soon breaking out into laughter. Her laugh was off though, kind of hysterical. Not in a joyful way but a pained about-to-break-into-tears hysteria.

I was trying my hardest to hold back my laughs at Bella. Emmett on the other hand didn't try very hard at all. He burst out in his booming laugh and that set me off. Pretty soon we were all laughing our asses off. Except for Edward of course and Jasper was hiding in his study. Even Carlisle and Esme were chuckling lightly from down stairs. It was great! I usually don't have the opportunity to laugh at Bella because I would would be shunned in this place. I think a baby sister is what this family has being missing.

"She's human." Edward said from behind clecnched teeth. He was trying to not look angry at the little girl but the thing is, when Edward tries to hold back his anger from his face he looks like he might start twitching. It's pretty hilarious.

I looked at Emmett with a grin and my eye brows raised in a "you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'" look and nodded towards Edward. Emmett looked back at me and we were set off again into guffaws. Edward gave us a threatening look and we bent our heads, looking at our hands and pressing our lips tightly together.

"Does she know that we're vampires?" She asked like it was the hottest gossip.

"Yes." said Edward again, keeping his answers short.

"Ohmygosh!" Whitney gasped. "Does that happen alot? You know, mixed breading." She said that last part like it was something backward. Wow, even I considered that to be rude.

Edward looked like he had been slapped across the face. Everyone was shocked into silence. Carlisle took initiative, came up stairs, Esme with him, and spoke up before Edward strangled this stupid, stupid, girl.

"I wouldn't put it into those words Whitney. And no, we have not heard of anything about this kind of situation before."

"Wow. So you two just hit it off and BAM!" she yelled at the top of her lungs, "She's in the club huh? Hardly seems fair" said Whitney returning to a normal indoor volume, crossing her arms in front of her chest and leaned back into the couch.

Esme, looking slightly disturbed, pulled Whitney to her side and ruffled her hair lightly. "What are you talking about Whitney, sweety?" Was she seriously trying to keep the situation light? I thought incredulously. I'm pretty sure that opportunity passed when Edward started his twitching face.

"I mean we all know what we had to go through to have this life!" she said looking looking around at all of us, looking for agreement. When she looked at me I nodded in affirmation. I sure as hell thought about the things I had to give up, that were taken from me, what Bella was so idiotically giving up.

"Leaving our families, friends, moralities!! EVERYTHING! IT'S NOT FAIR! IT'S NOT FAIR!! She still gets to keep everything and gets more! She hasn't done ANYTHING to deserve the privileges of sharing our lifestyle!!"

Um. What the...

"HOW DARE YOU SAY SUCH THINGS YOU ABSURD CHILD!!" Edward almost leaping towards Whitney but Emmett pushed him back already defending his new younger sibling.

Oh Lord. Edward has gone off the deep end. I look over to Jasper thinking this can't be good for him. He came out hiding to stand by Alice. He was wide eyed, growling uncontrollably and looked like he might punch Alice in the face if she didn't back the hell up. She was trying to keep him focused by looking up into his face with both of her hands on each of his cheeks.

"Don't Rosalie!" Alice snapped at me, probably having had seen a vision of me telling her to give Jasper some space. Apparently Jasper was so filled up with Edward's anger that Alice was being affected just due to her being so close to him like emotional radiation.

Whitney then started sobbing uncontrollably and Jasper looked like he was about to die of misery. Edward, fumingly, went to go stare out the window with his fists in his pants pockets. Whitney took her hands off her face and noticed they were dry. She looked back and forth between her hands and all of us, shocked, then screeched,

"Why can't I cry!!?"

Esme and Carlisle were on either side of her, holding her and stroking her hair trying to calm her down. Even though they were pained by her sadness they were probably enjoying comforting the child like real parents. They never really got to do anything parental with us, with us all being at least seventy years old.

"We don't secrete any fluids at all except for venom." said Carlisle

Whitney let a few more staggers gasps slipped between her lips and then she pulled herself together.

"I'm sorry Edward. I really really am." she whispered "It's just, never -gasp- seeing my family -gasp- again is alot to take in. I'm sure Bella is great."

"I accept your apology." Edward said curtly but his face became less hostile.

"Alice do you have any black clothes I can wear?" Whitney asked quietly looking like she was struggling to keep her sobs, that were threatening to break through her lips, in.

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