The moonlight is helped along by the bright lights of the ZBZ house illuminating the front lawn. Evan is walking up, stopping in front of her and she's so afraid. Casey Cartwright doesn't know if this is what she wants. Her mind is replaying that kiss, the one between her and Cappie that had taken place the night before. The perfect paper, the perfect team. She had been so ready to believe in him again, to believe in fate and then he had told her about the TA and the beer and she'd stormed out. He'd said in ten years he'd wanted to be with her. She'd been wrong. It didn't matter if he bribed the TA, he'd known she'd wanted him still and he wanted her. That was all that had matter and now- now what. She desperately looked at Evan, begging him to stop but soon it would too late.

"Stop!" Casey spun on her heels and came face to face with Cappie and almost the entirety of Kappa Tau walking across the street. Beaver looked rushed and nervous on Cappie's left, Rusty was on his right.

"What the fuck Cappie! This is a private ceremony and you know it. Go back to Kappa Tau, throw a party, and just go away." But Cappie wasn't looking at Evan, he was looking at her.

"Case," he said, "you don't want this. You've got a choice." He reached behind his neck and took off his letters, which hung on a black leather cord around his neck.

"What are you doing Cappie?" Evan was furious; he stepped between Cappie and herself and pushed him back. "She doesn't want you."

"So sure Evian?"

"This is a joke to you Cap?"

"You're a joke."

Then it happened, quick as lightning Evan punched Cappie in the face. He reeled back and went down. Casey surged forward but Beaver moved to hold her back. She viciously stopped on his foot and in the second his arms loosened she pulled away.

"What's wrong with you!?"

"Case, I-"

"No, no more excuses! First it was Rebecca Logan and now this? Just no, Evan, no." She shoved Evan out of her way when he tried to put his arms on her shoulders and dropped to her knees beside Cappie who was sitting up.

"Cap, are you okay?"

"I don't know. You tell me." She smiled, tears filling her eyes.

"Did you mean it?"

"How could I not. I have ten year plan that involves you pretty heavily." He smirked and she laughed and then with everyone including the Omega Chi's watching, he tied the battered leather cord around her neck. She laughed softly before he leaned up and kissed her. "I love you Casey Cartwright, never stopped."

"It must be fate." She thought as they kissed again that without a doubt she did want this.