Title: Which One? Zack or Cloud

Main Characters: Aerith, Yuffie, Tifa, Zack and Cloud

Summary: Aerith asks Yuffie who from Cloud or Zack she should choose. Tifa walks in and joins the conversation. Who will Aerith choose? Note: Aerith and Zack are alive. AU.

During lunch time Aerith walked towards the table she usually eats in. Aerith sat down when a black haired girl approached her.

"Good afternoon, Yuffie" Aerith said calmly. Yuffie sat down on one of the chairs

"Good afternoon, Aerith" she said "How is it being a senior?"

"Quite fun" replied Aerith. She then eyed two guys who were approaching the table next to them

"Who you lookin' at?" asked Yuffie acting excited

"No one really" said Aerith who was starting to blush

"Yeah, right..." said Yuffie "Zack or Cloud?"

"..." Aerith remained quiet while she was getting redder

"Both?" Aerith nodded "Who do you prefer?" asked Yuffie

"I can't really say, maybe I should list their strenghts and weaknesses" Aerith whispered

"Hey look, it's Tifa" Yuffie said while waving her hands wildly

Tifa went near and noticed Aerith blushing "Who is it?"

"Who?" Aerith asked

"Cloud or Zack!" said Yuffie "She wants to choose one. She said she'd list their strenghts and weaknesses to choose"

"We'll help!" Tifa said looking determined


"Yeah, let's!" exclaimed Yuffie


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