Chapter 4:

She has all these guys that want her and she doesn't even realize it.. What a slut... Mika thought as she walked through the woods, leaving everyone far behind. She skips school and comes here, to this beautiful place, and gets off scott free... Wow...

Then a noise came from in the bushes. "Kagome?" Mika called as she stared at where the noise came from. Then she heard a rustle from a different direction. "Inuyasha?" She called in the other direction. "If you guys are fucking with me then this isn't funny. Come out!"

Suddenly a lizard demon jumped out from behind the bushes. It was huge and green with a long tongue coming out of its mouth, whipping around like a snake's. Mika looked it up and down with disgust. There are not many things that bother Mika, but reptiles were one of them. She froze, not knowing what to do.

"Well, well.. What do we have here?" the lizard demon asked. "What a tasty looking young thing you are..."

"EW! What the hell!? Get away from me! ! !" Mika screamed as she punched it in the face. It didn't seem to make a difference, the demon barely flinched as it came closer to her. "Get away!" Mika screamed again as she jumped back only to run into a tree. The demon swiped at her and she ducked quickly as it scraped the bark from the tree.

"A feisty thing you are.. You will be well worth the wait when I have you in my belly." The lizard demon laughed.

"Ugh! Disgusting jackass!" She yelled as she kicked the demon in the stomach hard enough to make it fall back, pretty proud of herself for remembering to use her kickboxing skills.

"You wench! How dare you!" The demon yelled as it backhanded Mika across the face, knocking her to the ground. Mika slowly got up, but not before the demon stepped on her back and pushed her back down to the ground. She struggled under the weight but to no avail. "No you will become my dinner. Hold still so I can get a good bite out of you.."

"Not a chance Lizard breath!" Mika heard Koga yelled, followed quickly by the sound of flesh being hit. Soon after the weight of the lizard demon was off of her and she picked herself up off the ground.

She turned around just in time to see Koga kick the demon in the head and knock it to the ground where it laid unconscious. Koga landed gracefully on his feet and smirked at Mika, as if to say 'He didn't stand a chance against me.' Mika watched as he sniffed the area to make sure there were no more demons around to attack. "You shouldn't hve walked so far from the camp. You're lucky I heard I smelt your blood." Koga said.

"Blood?" Mika asked, wondering where she was bleeding. Then she felt her face. When the demon smacked her he must have scratched her. A drop of blood rolling down her finger onto her hand. She gasped when Koga grabbed her hand. She looked up at him in the eyes, flinching as he reached towards her face with his free hand and wiped the blood away. "Thank you." She said, feeling a sensation she never felt before as he touched her cheek briefly.

"I hate the smell of human blood." Koga told her. "You may want to have Kagome bandage that with her medicine from her world. You're human so you won't heal like us demons do."

"Feh... A little scratch won't do me in." Mika said with a smirk. She pulled her hand away from his, the feeling leaving her and she put a smirk on her face, hiding any signs of shock from the past event. "It's a bit chilly out here though. How do you guys keep warm?"

"Well uh... since I'm a wolf demon a rarely get cold unless the weather is bad.." Koga replied. "You're not exactly ummm..." he tried to find a polite way to describe how she was dresses, with her stomach and shoulders showing, only her breast covered. "Covered appropriately?"

"Are you trying to say I'm dressed slutty?" Mika asked with a ticked off tone.

"Dressed what? No! I'm not saying that! You're just not dressed normal for a woman your age!" Koga choked out his words. Mika started to giggle. He wasn't quite as hard headed as Inuyasha. He had a nicer tone. He's definitely better looking than the rest of the men Kagome travels with. Mika thought.

"We better get back to the others. Kagome was worried about you. That's why I came to look." Koga interrupted Mika's thoughts. "If we hurry we'll get back before Inutrasha finishes all the food..."

"You don't like him at all do you?" Mika giggled.

"No.. He's an asshole." Koga said curtly. "Kagome deserves a full demon for a lover. She can see the Shikon jewel shards and deserves a leader like me. I have claimed her as mine and she still runs around with that mutt."

"So don't you think maybe it's time you move on to someone else? Someone who just may be better?" Mika asked.

"No one else could be better." Koga said as they walked through the woods back to camp.

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