Hi, everyone! I was sick and thought up this story! I guess that being sick isn't that bad if I can think of stories to write. I don't own any of the Vampire Knight characters but the story line is mine!!




Zero Kiryuu, a low class vampire and a vampire hunter, was outside taking a nap under a tree near the stables. It was a nice day; clouds were fluffy and white while the sun warmed up the air. It was hot out, but other then that it was fine. Zero wasn't bothered by the heat because he was in the shade the trees cast.

Yuki Cross, an innocent girl that lived with Zero ever since his family was attacked and killed by vampires, was looking for the silvered hair man. When she spotted him lying under a tree she ran up to him calling, "Zero!" When she was standing next to him she not saw him open an eye to look at her. "I've been looking every where for you." She told him.

Zero closed his eye again. "What do you want, Yuki?" He asked tiredly.

"Me and the chairman are going out." Yuki answered. "Since the school year is over he thought that he would take me out down town to do some shopping. Do you want to come?"

The purpled eyed teen rolled over on his side so it was facing the younger one, using his arm as a pillow. "When did you get the idea that I would want to come?" He murmured.

"I don't know, I just thought that--"

"Besides," Zero interrupted her. "Even if I wanted to come, I don't feel well right now."

"Don't feel well?" Yuki kneeled down and placed her hand on Zero's forehead. "You are a bit warm." She retracted her hand. "Zero, do you feel the need for--"

"No!" Zero opened his eyes and leaned up on his arms. He knew all to well what Yuki was going to ask. "No, I don't need blood."

Yuki stood back up the white skirt and loose tan-top fluttering in the wind. "Alright, then. Gosh, you don't have to act so serious about it. I was just making sure." Zero narrowed his eyes. She should know that the need for blood disgusted Zero. He didn't want to be a vampire, but he has no choice in the matter. He hated it. Yuki giggled at his reaction. "Come on, Zero. I know that you don't like being a vampire, but you could cheer up a bit."

Zero lay back on the ground. "Whatever..." He sighed. He didn't know how this girl was able to keep a smile on her face all the time.

"Don't push yourself to hard, Zero." Yuki ordered. "I have my cell phone on if you need me. Bye! Oh, and get out of your uniform and put something else on. It's too hot to wear black." She walked away, back to her dome where the chairman said he would wait for her.

Zero scoffed. 'Call her on her cell? Yeah right. I wish she would stop treating me as a little, helpless, child.'

Sitting up Zero decided to go find something to do. He didn't really want to sleep here all day. The shooting range sounded like a good idea right now. He got up and started his way there.


Bang, bang, bang, bang! Zero shot his Bloody Rose at the piece of paper that showed the cut out of a person. He armed it at the heart and shot numerous of bullets at it. It wasn't that entertaining because no cries of agony were heard, nor was there crimson, blood to be seen. Well maybe no blood was a good thing. He didn't want that horrible beast inside him to smell the blood and lose his sanity.

Getting bored and a bit dizzy, Zero dropped his arm with his gun and ran his fingers through his hair. He started breathing harder. 'I think this cold is getting worst...' he thought to himself as he headed for the door.

He walked out of the building and saw someone who he didn't really want to see at the moment. He sighed and passed the taller man wearing white jeans and light blue tee-shirt. "What do you want?" Zero asked him. "Kaname Kuran."

Kaname followed Zero holding an umbrella over his head to protect him from the sun. "Nothing really." He responded calmly. "Just out for a little stroll around the school."

"Since when do you 'stroll around'?" Zero quickened his pace trying to get away from Kaname.

Kaname didn't answer. Instead he started his own conversation. "You don't seem well, Zero. What's wrong?"

"N-nothing." Zero stuttered. "What's it to you?"

Kaname stepped in front of Zero stopping him in his tracks. Kaname took Zero's chin in his hands and examined the boy. "You're pale." The pureblood vampire pointed out.

Zero pushed Kaname's arm away. "So what? It's not like you care." He turned and started his way back to his dome. Kaname wondered if he should stay close to him, just in case something happened.

Zero stopped walking and was losing his balance. 'It's just the heat. When I get back inside I'll be fine.' He began to gasp for breath. 'Just get back to the dome...' He fell to the ground.

"Zero!" Kaname called, running to the teenager. He picked up Zero and placed him under a tree so the shade covered them. "Zero, can you hear me?"

Zero moaned and pushed Kaname away. "Yes I can hear you." he responded stubbornly. "Get away from me."

"You just collapsed, Zero." He felt his forehead and cheeks. "And you have fever. The heat is too much for you right now." He grabbed Zero's jacket and tore it off his body.

"Wh-what are you doing?" Zero breathed worryingly.

"Taking off any extra clothing." Kaname told him. "Why are you wearing your school uniform anyway?"

Zero didn't responded. He turned his head to the left, not wanting to look at the high class vampire. He doesn't want this guy's help. Wondering why Kaname was trying to help he rested his arm over his eyes to block out the sun that was giving him a headache.

Kaname watched Zero with concern. "What's wrong, Zero?" he asked again. "Tell me how you feel."

Zero groaned. He knew that this beast in human form would not leave him until he knew that he was alright without him. "Just leave me alone Kaname..." He had to try at least.

"Tell me what you feel." Kaname commanded.

Zero sighed in defeat. There was no way out of this. "I'm a bit dizzy that's all."

Kaname noticed that Zero was starting to sweat. "Do you feel tired?" Zero only nodded slightly. He breathing was picking up it's pace. Even in the shade it was still hot. and Zero was finding it hard to breath.

The silver haired man moved his arm away from his eyes so he could put his hand over his mouth. 'I think I'm going to be sick...'

"Zero," Kaname wrapped his arm under the weak teen's shoulders. "We have to get you inside where it's cool. Can you sit up?" Slowly Kaname helped Zero sit back up. "Okay, now lets get you standing." Zero pushed himself up off the ground only to fall back down.

Zero huffed and continued to gasp for breath. "I'm not going... anywhere... right now..."

Kaname sighed and picked his umbrella off the grass where he left it. Next, he picked Zero up, bridal style, and placed the umbrella between them to hide them both from the sun. Zero squirmed weakly in Kaname's hold. "What are you doing?!"

"I have to get you inside one way or another." Kaname told him.

Zero was about to argue with the older man, but felt to tired to do so. Instead he closed his eyes and lost consciousness.

Kaname started to run for Zero's dome room, knowing that it was close by. He looked down at Zero to see him pass out. "Zero?" He shook him a bit as he ran. "Zero!" 'Damn it, he fainted. I have to get him to inside quickly!'


Zero moaned. His body was aching as well as his head. He opened his eyes to find Kaname still holding him. Why is he taking care of him? Why does he care? 'Hold on, something's not right here.' He looked down at himself to find him with nothing on. 'What the hell?! I'm naked!!' "What the...?!"

Kaname took a glance to Zero's face and released a breath he was holding for quite some time now. "Good, you're awake."

"Where are my clothes?!" Zero yelled.

"I'm giving you a cool bath to take your temperature down." Kaname said to him. "You can't take a bath with your clothes on."

"I can bathe myself, if you don't mind!" Zero struggled to get Kaname to let him go. "Put me down!" Kaname placed him on the floor of his dome room. As soon as he let Zero go, though, Zero lost balance his and fell back.

Kaname, knowing that Zero wouldn't be able to stand up, scooped him back in his arms and made his way to the bathroom. "Your body is too weak to do anything, Zero."

"No, I just wasn't ready!" Zero protested. "Let me try again!"

The taller one didn't reasoned. He walked into the bathroom and bent over to put Zero in the bath full of, not cold, but cool water. When Zero's skin touched the water he gasped and bulked his hips upwards to get away from it. Kaname, a bit surprised by the sudden movement, stood up straight again so he wouldn't fall over. Zero glared at Kaname. "You said that it was cool, not freezing cold!"

"It is only cool water." Kaname said looking at the water. "It feels cold because you skin is hot. Now stop complaining." He bent down again and put Zero in the water.

"Damn it!" Zero yelped.

"You'll get use to the temperature." Kaname assured him. "I'll let you take care of the rest and I'll pick out some clothes for you to wear." With that he left the room. He closed the door, but not tightly uncase he was needed in a hurry.

In the bedroom, Kaname dug through Zero's dresser to find some light clothing. He pulled out a pair of boxers and a white tan-top. 'This is all he really needs.' He placed them on the bed and waited for the sound of Zero moving in the tub to stop so he knew he was finished.

Zero cooled himself down and thought for a moment. 'Should I wait for Kaname to come back? I can't do anything because my body is so damn weak. I could try, but that might end up a disaster.' He sighed. 'I guess I have no other choice.' He sat there and soon enough Kaname came back in.

"Feel any better?" The taller vampire asked.

Zero looked away from Kaname and pulled his legs up trying to hide himself from him. He's so embarrassed. First Kaname finds him weak and vulnerable, now adding to that he was sitting here naked in front of the man.

Kaname pulled the plug of the tub. As the water drained, he took off his shirt. Zero could only watch as the older man strip his top off. He felt heat rush to his cheeks and knew that he was blushing. 'Why am I blushing? That's never happen before. Especially not in front of a man. What's this feeling?' Slowly, Zero opened his mouth to say something. "What... what are you doing?"

Kaname looked down at Zero. "You're wet." He said. "I don't want a wet spot on my shirt." He walked over to Zero and picked him up in his arms. Zero felt weird and move uncomfortably in Kaname's arms. Kaname paid no attention to his small struggle and continued his way to the bedroom.

Kaname placed Zero down on the bed and went to helped dry him off. Zero didn't like this idea. "Get off of me!" He snapped. "I still don't understand why you are trying to help me. And since you are I believe there should be some boundaries!!"

Kaname stood still. He didn't know what to think of Zero's outburst. Slowly he leaned down near his face. Zero felt heat rushing in his cheeks again. Kaname smiled softly. "I don't think you want to have any boundaries, Zero." He leaned in even closer and lightly pressed his lips on Zero's. Zero's eyes opened wide, but made no attempt to move away. Soon he found himself responding to the kiss.

The pureblood pulled back. "Zero," he whispered. "You're under stress. Your blood pressure has been lowered because of it. You've suffered from heat exhaustion and you blacked out." Kaname slid his finger tip down Zero's side. Zero shivered at the touch. "Fortunately," His hand rested on his stomach. "I know how to make this never happen again." He kissed Zero again more roughly this time.

Zero closed his eyes, but then they opened again in realization. "Wait!" He yelled. He pushed Kaname off of him. "What's… what's going on?"

"Can't you figure that out?" Kaname grinned at Zero's confusion. "You really slow, aren't you?" He closed in on Zero to kiss him again, but Zero held him back.

"N-no, d-don't!" He stuttered. Kaname was the one confused now. "I don't understand."

Kaname was quiet for a moment. He then slid his middle finger down Zero's member making Zero arch and hiss at the touch. "Do you understand now?"

The younger vampire looked up at Kaname, dazed. He didn't say anything, he just stared. Kaname waited for a response, but when he didn't get anything he stood up. He walked to the door and opened it when Zero said, "Wait!" Kaname stopped at turned to face the boy. "Where are you going?"

"I'm going back to my dorm room." Kaname stated plainly. "I do have important things to attend to and since you can't seem to put the pieces together I'll wait there for you to solve the puzzle." With that he left closing the door behind him.

Zero was left clueless. 'For a second there I thought that he… hold on a second…' Zero's eyes widened again. "NO WAY!!" He sat up and used the towel beside him to cover himself as he started to feel really awkward. "No, no, no, no… That can't be. Kaname wouldn't really fall in love with… oh my god…" Zero blushed again. "He has, hasn't he…? But what about Yuki? Doesn't he love her? AH!! Stupid vampire! He's just messing with my head! I'm not going to think about this any longer. It's all a dumb ass joke."

The human vampire got dress. Through out that time he couldn't help but think about Kaname. He sat on the edge of the bed and thought about it hard. 'I-it wouldn't hurt if I asked him straight out… would it?' He held his head in his hands and sighed. 'Damn vampire is messing with my head. I can't fall for this trap!'


Zero was walking through the hallways of the night class's mansion. He was searching for Kaname's dorm room. 'Why am I here?' Zero asked himself. 'Even if he does like me it's not like I'm going to return his feelings!' He finally made it in front of Kaname's room and started to blush. '…'

Opening the door Zero peaked inside and there stood Kaname. "I guess it didn't take as long as I thought it would."

From that day on Zero hated himself for being a vampire and for loving a vampire.

"AH! Kaname!"


Well there you have it. I was going to put a lemon scene in here, but I decided not to. I didn't feel like making one. I did put that last line in though! I did that for you readers looking for action! (that sounds perverted…) DON'T GO WITHOUT LEAVING A REVIEW PLEASE!!