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"So was her name always Shayne?" Chase asked.

"Surprisingly yes," Gardevoir said. "Although her hair color changed. It used to be almost a midnight blue…and her eyes…"

Gardevoir sighed to herself as she thought about that part of the conversation she had had with Chase. She felt bad lying to him- even if it was just about a name but Chase couldn't be influenced about the girl's name.

"One would think that with a bond as deep-no, protective- as yours, you'd have feelings for her," Gardevoir said.

"I don't like her like that…its like she's…I don't know, my last daughter who I will maybe one day walk down the aisle and I don't want her to get married?" Chase sighed. "So again, what was that Grovyle to her?"

Gardevoir smiled, Chase's feelings were in the right order. It would be totally…what's the word? Disgusting, perhaps? For lack of a better word, it would be disgusting for Chase to have non-family feelings towards his future daughter!

Flashback Twenty Years Ago

"Celebi, what are you doing here?" Gardevoir asked. "I was unaware you were in this time zone."

"There isn't time for pleasantries now!" Celebi said, looking around frantically. "Is there somewhere safe, not in the open, where we can talk?" Gardevoir, out of surprise, didn't answer but nodded instead. She led him to her home. Why was the time Pokemon so nervous?

"Celebi, what's wrong?" Gardevoir asked.

"There's going to be a Grovyle and a girl come through the time hole in about three years from now- well for them, they're traveling through the time hole now but for you it will be closer to a year," Celebi said.

"Time traveling… A human and a Grovyle?" Gardevoir asked. "Celebi-"

"The girl's name is Robin but you cannot tell anyone she doesn't tell herself!" Celebi insisted. "I can only tell you because whether she tells you or not, you'll be able to tell with your psychic powers. Everyone else, she will tell them that her name is Shayne."

"Why are these two so important? Why tell me?" Gardevoir asked.

"They will go back to the other side of the Dimension- the crystal platform," Celebi said. "They've come to rewrite history. You will recognize Robin very easily, her eyes are silver."

"'Silver'?" she repeated. "Is she blind?"

"Uh no," Celebi said. "She possesses the Dimensional Scream."

"The Dimensional Scream?!" Gardevoir snapped. "You're sending the Dimensional Scream through time?! Are you out of your mind, Celebi?!"

"I believe so," Celebi said seriously. "But it is for the sake of the future, Gardevoir. If these two don't succeed then we won't have a future. Now I have to go. They will explain what they can- and remember! This spot in three years!"

End Flashback

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'I can't believe that fourteen years after Chase was fourteen and what would have been a normal time line, (A/N: because they didn't go back through time) there was… well, this,' Gardevoir mused. 'Then another twenty-eight years after he was born, he would have a wife and a year after that, he'd have Robin who would travel back in time when she'd fifteen… I wonder if Grovyle's found her yet…?'

"Gardevoir?" Chase asked.


"Who's Robin?" Oops…

"You'd be better off not knowing," Grovyle said, placing down. "Sorry but our time together has to end here." She was about to question him about what he meant but a silver dust surrounded her and her eye lids began to get heavy. She finally gave in to the drowsiness and let her eyes close, letting the blackness engulf her.

'Robin…' Grovyle thought. 'Where are you?'

"Why would Lucario care about me? He's only known me for a couple of hours!" she snapped. That brought Grovyle to a screeching halt.

"Brat," Grovyle muttered under his breath.

"I am not a brat! Let me go, I'm gonna-!"

"You're gonna push me face first in the dirt," Grovyle scoffed. "Yeah, as if you could catch me." Shay stared at him.

"How'd you know what I was going to say?" she asked softly. The surprise he had was evident because he almost dropped her. He easily scooped her back up before she hit the ground.

"A…friend of mine, she used to say the same thing," he said quietly.

Grovyle shook his head and frowned. 'Dang it, why do I keep thinking about that?' "Sure she has the same name and clumsy personality as Robin's alibi but she is not Robin!" He shouted, using Leaf Blade on the tree. The tree shook violently and when he pulled back, he found out that there was a large gap in it.

"Sorry…" he murmured to the tree. "I didn't mean it. See, Robin? Now look what you made me do…"

"Friend!" Grovyle froze and then relaxed slightly when he saw Wigglytuff running to Shay. Of course he hadn't gone far…what if the girl caught pneumonia or something? At least, that's what he tried to tell himself. The pink Pokemon gently picked up Shay.

"How did you get out here friend? And under such a peaceful sleep…" Wigglytuff sighed. "Almost like you were lulled into it." Grovyle stiffened. "Oh well, let's get us home, friend!"

'Of course he wouldn't notice,' Grovyle thought thankfully. 'Is Wigglytuff really that naïve? No… he's just faking it- otherwise he wouldn't be a guild master… but if he's a guild master, why didn't he notice? Whatever, I don't have time for this.' He flitted away, sparing a brief thought to how Lucario was doing.

Oh well, it was probably better for the grass Pokemon if Lucario wasn't in the picture.

Shayne's POV

"Grovyle!" I shouted, jerking upwards and then yelping as I tumbled forward. I was caught by an unfamiliar pair of arms just an inch before I hit the ground.

"Thanks Croagunk," I sighed in relief, momentarily forgetting my fear of the frog Pokemon. "Croagunk? You there?"

"Sorry, not Croagunk this time,"

"Scizor?" I gulped.

"Yes. Please forgive Lucario about the whole 'dissecting' thing… I wouldn't really dissect you," the red but Pokemon smiled. "He was just mad."

"He hates me," I said.

"He doesn't hate you… he just hates that you remind him of his first love," Scizor said.

"'First love'?" I made a face. "I'm not sure how I feel about that," Scizor chuckled.

"Most wouldn't," Scizor consoled me as he placed me gently on the hay bed. "Her name was Shayne as well."

"Ah," I said. "The name issue."

"Well, that and you're both clumsy,"

"Hey, my legs don't work," I said. "I have a certifiable- wait, did he know a Grovyle?"

"Grovyle?" Scizor frowned. "Why? What do you know about Grovyle?"

"Well… Lucario took me out and we ran into him," I said. "Oh gosh! Is he back yet?!"

"He just got back," Weavile informed her with a sigh. He jumped easily from the door onto the makeshift bed next to me.

"How is he? Is he alright?" I asked.

"Tired, obviously…said he had a few scratches here and there but he says he's been through worse," Weavile sighed, lying down.

"I believe that is Weavile and Lucario talk for 'I should go tend to him," Scizor said.

"Would you?" Weavile asked.

"Tell me- tell us how he is," I corrected myself. Scizor nodded and went out. Weavile and I watched him leave and then Weavile adjusted his position so that he was closer to me. I let him do so with modest curiosity.

"He doesn't just have 'a few scratches,' Robin," Weavile sighed. "He's bloodied up-"

"What did you call me?" I asked.

"Shay?" Weavile said.

"No, you said Robin," I told him.

"No, I didn't," Weavile said quickly- too quickly- sitting up.

"Yes, Weavile! You did!" I said. "Who is she?" Weavile looked away guiltily and sighed. But when the dark Pokemon opened his mouth, the voice that came out wasn't his.

"I haven't spoken to you face to face for awhile now, Ms. Robin," the voice said.

"Wh-who are you? I-I'll scream," I demanded, falling off the bed as I backed up but I didn't care.

"Don't try screaming," "Weavile" smirked, his giant claws flashing as they caught the light. "They won't come."

"Who are you?" I repeated, doing my best to back up. Curse my legs!

"Think hard, Robin. You know me- and so does you time thief boyfriend,"

"Boyfriend?!" I bristled but then my fear returned as "Weavile" jumped off the bed casually and made his way over to me.

"You and that Grovyle, Robin," "Weavile" shook his head. "How soon we forget…"

"Why are you calling me Robin? I don't know her!" I shrieked. The possessed look in Weavile's eyes flickered momentarily. He grabbed his head and groaned and at that moment...


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