Author's notes: This is already my fifth story, and I want to write something else for a change. Right here on my list is my favourite one. Vampires! It's just the prologue now, so it's very short. Read it and decide for yourself if you want to continue.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in the story.

Screams in the dark…

A figure staggered to the filthy wall of the alley. The monster was behind him, walking slowly. His friends and family were all dead. Sucked dry by this monster. He had once thought vampires were just bogeyman parents used to scare naughty kids. But it seemed like they were real after all… In a few seconds, he would also be dead and dry, just like his friends and family.

" No where to run now kiddo. Scream for Mummy and Daddy! Let me here you scream little boy!" the vampire cried.

" Never!" the figure cried in reply, hoping that the vampire would just kill him swift and clean.

" Hoping for a peaceful death? I'll grant you one," the vampire droned, and advances towards him.

For one moment, the night was silence. Then, anguished screams pierced through the air. The world went red, and the little boy went limp…

" Good blood…but the hunter's blood would be even better," the white haired, brown-eyed vampire hissed. Blood was dripping down his chin.

The Vampire Hunter had killed many of his family. Now, as he is the Lord of all vampires, it would be the perfect chance to destroy the hunter. After destroying the hunter, vampires would once rule the night again…

" It's time for Sweet Revenge…"

Author's notes: I guessed you guys had already figured out who the vampire was. But who is the Vampire Hunter? Got to read the next chapter to find out!