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"What are you doing?!"

"No Bakura, listen to me. It isn't what you think it is—"

"Get away from me!"

Bakura had immediately recovered from the position of straddling Atemu to a crouch, ready to strike at him if he got any closer. What was wrong? Why did Atemu drink his blood? The threat of what his blood could do pounded into Bakura's head as he stared at the blood-stained lips of Atemu and touched his own neck. He knew that in a moment, his wounds would close and be healed completely, and his secret might be exposed. These would cause him his life, his love, everything that he had supposedly held dear to. But if he left now, Atemu might misunderstand his intentions and….

"Bakura—" Atemu made towards Bakura who growled instinctively, his arm raising to swat him away "Look, I know I—"

Bakura did not even hear him out as he jumped out from the window and grabbed onto a pipe before sliding down from the Game Shop.

'Bakura!" Tears of anxiety overwhelmed Atemu as he watched Bakura glanced up at him once more, mouthing the words 'I'm sorry" before dashing away. Had Atemu not been too confused over what had happened, he might have noticed that Bakura had run at a top speed where humans can never achieve. However, right now, his mind was clouded with frustration and confusion.

What happened? It did not mean to turn out like this. Bakura had finally come back to him, and all he had done was to behave like a blood-crazed monster. But what exactly is happening to him? Rising weakly from his bed, he staggered towards the bathroom dizzily, not bothering to turn the lights on. His stomach felt as though it had taken something bad and a wave of nausea swept through him. A cold chill seemed to run in his veins as he collapsed beside the toilet bowl and retched everything out from his stomach.

Had he came down with flu? Perhaps he should see a doctor. These few days he hadn't been feeling well, plus the nightmare he had been having. Perhaps he just needed a good sleep to rest his already beaten body. Perhaps he hadn't been eating a lot lately. That must be it. That must be it. Now, just for a little rest…

Bakura was slightly freaked out about what had happened, and it took a lot for him to be freaked out. Humans craving for his blood were not normal, considering how lethal his blood could be. For Atemu to drink his blood was unexpected, and frightening at the same time. He knew what his blood could do. Just a minimal amount would do the deal, that's why he was so worried.

He knew it in his guts he had made a mistake by climbing up through that pipe and entered Atemu's room through that window. He knew that he would not be able to control himself in front of him. But he wanted to, and see how complicated things had gone.

Glancing at the Game Shop which is gradually fading from his sight, Bakura heaved a deep sigh before heading back to the factory. He had the slightest idea that Yuugi would be there with Ryou, committing those mushy and lovey-dovey actions. That made him stopped in his tracks. Surely he wouldn't want to be the audience to that. Turning away from the direction to the factory, he headed back to the hotel. At least his sanctuary would be empty, and much more comfortable. He could mull over things there alone, and that was precisely what he needed to do right now. Think.

A dark shadow darted passed the corner of his eye as he turned into an alley. Bakura frowned as he sniffed the air.

"If you're trying to hide yourself, you are doing a bad job there," Bakura snarled as he rounded up behind the person and caught him with his iron grip. Spinning the person around, he was met with a rather detested yet familiar face.

"What do you want?"

"My Lord, how could you give such a cold greeting to an old comrade?"

"In any case if I hadn't made it clear enough, we're not exactly on talking terms, let alone getting all cuddly with each other, Verlaino," Bakura spat the name out as if it were a bitter venom.

"Well, but I was the senior advisor of your father, my Lord," Verlaino chuckled, his voice laced with mockery.

"If you were that tad good, they wouldn't have died, senior advisor," Bakura hissed at the remembrance of what had happened to his family.

Glaring at the vampire in front of him, he had to say Verlaino had managed to live well. He looked completely radiant and glowing—a sign that he had fed well. His ebony black hair was combed back in that familiar sleek manner with a few locks of those raven hair falling over so gracefully over his eyes that Bakura had known since he was a child. He still emitted the haughty aura around him, with his grey eyes gleaming sharply complimenting his chiselled features. Bakura had to admit, Verlaino was good looking, attractive even. Although he was indeed the senior advisor to his father, Verlaino was actually pretty young, just that he had enough brains to surpass the others.

Bakura could actually remember how much authority that Verlaino had in court. He had attended those meeting once when his father was still alive and he was thoroughly impressed with how the others obeyed every single Verlaino gave, and even his father had high regards to the young vampire. Bakura even had a little infatuation over him, until that fateful night where his family was slaughtered. He had always admired Verlaino when he was young, but at the night of the massacre, he was not there to protect his family. He, who promised with his life to protect them, was missing in action. That was something that Bakura could never forgive and forget.

"I didn't know you keep such long grudges," Verlaino replied silkily as he returned Bakura's glare with an amused grin instead.

"What do you want? I haven't had the whole day to entertain you."

"How cold, considering how nice I had been to you," Verlaino cooed as he studied Bakura. "You had grown up to be a beautiful creature, Bakura."

Slapping away Verlaino's hands from his face, Bakura gave another angry hiss as he bared his fangs at him. One thing about this self-assuring bastard was that he was over-confident about himself.

"Don't make me repeat myself. Just spill your crap and leave me alone."

"I've heard that you are having a hard time securing your own throne. And rumours had it that you'd even consorted with the Hunter that had slaughtered your family," Verlaino chuckled as he saw Bakura's body tensed up at that last part. "Now, don't tell me that was true?"

Bakura could sense jealousy in that question as Verlaino closed up the distance between them.

"You know I can give you more. More than what the brat can give you. I can help you settle the disputes among the Council and have everything running smoothly just like how it was. You know I can do that."

"If you're here to spout nonsense, you can find your audience elsewhere. I, right now, do not wish to be bothered by the likes of you," Bakura growled as he push pass Verlaino, ready to leave, only to find himself slammed to the wall. That was it. That was the last straw.

Snarling, he raised his arm, claws out as he lunged for the older vampire's face. Verlaino twisted away from Bakura but was not fast enough and allowed Bakura to have a split second to raise his leg and kick him to the ground while his claws dug deep into one of the shoulder blades of Verlaino before moving north. In a second, Bakura already had his claws at the neck of Verlaino.

"I'm not that immature child in the past anymore. You better watch your behaviour in front of me. If not, I have no guarantee what would happen to your pretty neck here."

"Your touch never fails to excite me, my Lord," Verlaino just giggled on the floor seductively.

"You are disgusting," Bakura spat as he retracted his arm and claws and got ready to go.

His reply only made Verlaino more amused as his giggles became loud laughter.

"That Hunter of yours, he's called Atemu right?"

Bakura stopped.

Yuugi still felt a bit exhausted as he trudged back to the Game Shop. His feet felt like blocks of concrete while his body felt soar. But that ecstatic thrill in his blood had not died down when Ryou had fed on him earlier. It became a drug to him as he felt more and more addicted to the euphoric bite that Ryou always had to offer. It was not always on the neck. There were other places Ryou bite that made him….turned on. His back, his wrist, and today, his inner thighs. It felt incredibly wrong yet right at the same time. It was a sinful pleasure that Yuugi knew would drive him to hell and burn for the eternity.

The door was surprisingly not locked. Yuugi noted how absentminded his brother was nowadays. Even though it does hurt his pride a bit, he wanted to come clear with Atemu and reconcile. They were brothers after all. No brothers can stay like enemies forever.

Turning the knob, Yuugi took a breath and stepped into the cold Game Shop. It was already evening yet the lights weren't on. Perhaps his brother was tired or not feeling well? He had not turned up in school after all.

"Brother, are you in there?" Yuugi called out testily as he walked to his room, peeking a little into Atemu's room which was wide open. Nobody was seen. "Bro?"

Fumbling with the switch, Yuugi managed to turn the lights on. The door to the bathroom was slightly ajar. Could his brother be having a bath inside?

"Brother? Atemu?"

Approaching the door, Yuugi figured that his brother was not taking a bath. It was too quiet inside. Something in his guts told him that the situation is very wrong. Pushing the door open, the first thing that Yuugi saw was the tri-coloured head of his brother slumped at the wall near the toilet bowl.

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