Thoughts of Edward flooded my mind as usual. The fact that he never left my thoughts was something I rarely fought with, and this time was no different. With Charlie still at the station and Edward and I alone in the house, he was less controlled and let his hands roam my body. I sat in my chair at the kitchen table and he followed behind me, only stopping his endless search to hand me a large stack of envelopes. I read the return addresses and let out an exasperated huff and whined into his ear.

"Edward, we got into the school in Alaska, can't we stop? It's just a cover anyway." His honey-gold eyes lit with humor and I felt him smile my smile against my ear and whispered "Open them, love." I slid my finger, angrily and too quickly, under the flap and not until I felt Edward tighten his grasp on my shoulder did I stop to realize what was happening. I lifted my finger from the envelope to see a small cut in the second crease of my index finger. My heart sped up as I turned to look at Edward.

His suddenly coal-black eyes were fixated on the small drop of blood that formed there on my skin and his hand clenched tighter onto my shoulder, the other frozen in the air, halfway to the liquid.

"E-Edward, snap out of it. You-you're okay. Just... let go of me." I smiled half-heartedly and made the slightest move to stand up. This was a very bad idea.

The hand not yet touching me appeared around my wrist and the other tightened further on my other arm. I let out a muffled groan of pain and quieted, waiting for him to regain control. He moved his hand to the finger and gently squeezed, watching along side me as the droplet grew until it was dripping down towards his grasp. He was nothing if not an animal now. His head cocked to the side when the drop reached his hand and smiled as I braced myself for the worst. He slowly moved his hand- with my arm still in grasp- to his mouth and breathed in heavily before licking his hand and my finger to just below the cut itself. He squeezed again, this time nearly breaking it, and moved my finger to his mouth.

At first I enjoyed the slight playing his tongue did with my finger. The coolness of his mouth relieved any pain still left over from nearly snapping it. All this crossed my mind right up until he started sucking. It was so painful, it felt as though he was trying to suck all of my blood out of this tiny cut. Surely it couldn't be possible. But he was trying. His hand moved from my shoulder, revealing a massive bruise, and down my arm only to stop and hold on again at my forearm. I called out his name.

"Edward, stop this. Stop it you don't want to do this." I tried to move again and this only angered him. He tightened to an unimaginable strength and I kicked and screamed, anything to snap him out of it. The tears started to fall as I heard him grab hard enough to easily break my arm. I cried out and a hiss left my lips soon after. His grip loosened and he let my finger out of his mouth. I could tell he was coming back. I tried again.

"Edward, please. Edward listen to me. It's Bella that you're,... you're hurting. Please." He backed away and I stood, lifting my good arm to his face to stroke it. Not just for security for him, but to know we were okay.

But we weren't.

He ran to the door and stopped to look at me standing with my arm limp, hanging at my side.

"I love you." The tears were coming like a broken levee now as he turned without a response and pulled out of the driveway.