Author's Note: I know I've been bad about updating this fic, and I'm very sorry. I'm sure if I know where this fic is going, or if I'll be able to continue/finish it. I had this written, and I thought that I might as well post it. Thank you for being awesome readers.


The conference is dull, full of uninspired speakers and bored colleagues. Sara is glad when the last speaker checks his watch, and then dourly dismisses them. Sara still has some time to kill before Temperance said she'd be back from work. Sara doesn't have any desire to rush back to an empty apartment, so she browses the streets in between the conference and Temperance's apartment. She'd kind of like to get Temperance something. Perhaps a small gift to thank her for letting her stay, or simply bringing home dinner… However, Sara can't decide what Temperance would like.

She finally stumbles upon a restaurant in Chinatown that serves Dim Sum, a food she picked up a fondness for while in San Francisco. She orders a large variety of her favorites and gets them packaged up, as well as two fortune cookies. She also stops at a Chinese grocery store and buys some Tsingtao beer. She figures Temperance might appreciate the slightly exotic beer.

Soon she's crossed the remaining blocks to Temperance's apartment, and is using the key Temperance lent her. She sets the food and beer on the table and goes to change into more comfortable clothing. Now wearing only jeans and a soft v-neck, she feels much more relaxed than the dress pants and button-up allowed her to be. Leaving her shoes off, she goes into the kitchen. She washes her hands, and then starts arranging the food on the table. She has the candles lit and Temperance's African tribal music playing when Temperance comes through the door.