Mikan sighed as she walked down the hallway, waiting for her twin, Hotaru, and cousin, Sumire to show up. It was the first day of the new school term, and Mikan was getting nervous, hoping and crossing her fingers that the three of them would be in the same class together, as she quickened her pace towards the notice board that would announce the classes the students would be in.

She glanced at the first class:

Class A:

Hotaru Imai

Mikan Sakura

Sumire Shouda

Natsume Hyuuga

Ruka Nogi

Kokoro Yome

She didn't bother to read on, as she was so glad and relieved that the three of them were all in the same class. Yes! She thought excitedly. This year is going to be so exciting!

Mikan Sakura had no idea how right she was. Too bad she didn't notice the last name on the class list before she walked away. That was the one name that would cause dampening of spirits that term.

Koizumi Luna.