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The Gala, Part 2

After Wallace left, the Gala fell into the same boring lull as before. May was still clinging to Ash and Drew was still left alone, sulking at the refreshment table. At least he was alone, until none other than Dawn Berlitz sauntered over to him to break his tranquility…

"Hi Drew," she said coyly, batting her eyelashes in an "attractive" manner. Scooting closer to him, Dawn attempted to hike up her already incredibly short pink dress. It was more like high-school-homecoming-gone-wrong than formal Gala chic. Drew glanced around hectically, relieved her boyfriend was nowhere in sight. His narrowed hard eyes had that cruel look like he had killed a man before and wouldn't think twice before doing it again. Drew remembered his name to be Paul. He vaguely thought Max had mentioned him earlier…

"Oh my poor Drew," Dawn said, trailing a finger along his chest. "You look so sad. We could go somewhere private and I could help cheer you up." The blunette looked up at him with lustful eyes, pouting slightly.

"You know who could use some real cheering up?" Ever more so than me?" Dawn shook her head, but didn't look convinced. Drew glanced around quickly. May was not with Ash anymore, and was currently dancing with her father. Although it looked more as though they were in some sort of heated discussion. Nevertheless, this left Ash alone. And the perfect target.

"You see that guy over there? With the crutches? I'm sure he would enjoy your company even more," Drew told her.

"But… He's not you," Dawn replied, leaning into him more than she already was.

"I've heard he's great. Even better than me," he added with a wink.

"Well…" Dawn tapped her chin thoughtfully, gazing at an oblivious Ash. "Maybe…"

Drew pushed her in Ash's direction. "You better hurry before Paul comes back…" This was apparently enough motivation, as Dawn began to approach Ash as seductively as possible. Drew grinned, taking a cocktail from the passing waiter. Now all he had to do was wait and watch…

May tore away from her dad as soon as the next song ended, tears threatening to spill from her eyes. Drew watched her with concern as May turned to look for Ash. Whatever she had talked about with Norman left her pretty shook up. Drew couldn't help but feel slightly guilty for leading Dawn toward Ash now that May needed him most. But that didn't mean Drew couldn't take his place…

Swiftly, he followed May through the crowd as she hunted Ash down. He was not visible anywhere within the crowd of mingling people, so May headed toward the far corners of the grand foyer. Drew was behind her the entire time, preparing to approach her at any moment. That's when May stopped dead in her tracks.

Behind the marble staircase, Ash was pinned up against the wall, Dawn pressing up against his chest. May fumed silently as Dawn looked up at Ash, about to place her lips upon his.

"Ash Ketchum!" May shrieked.

Dawn leapt away from him, being caught in the act a second time by the same person.

"I'm not sure who to be more pissed at!" May continued. "You -" she pointed an accusing finger at Dawn, "for going after both Drew and my boyfriend or - " Her voice lowered to a hoarse whisper. "…You Ash…for breaking my heart…" The tears began to flow as May pushed past Drew without a second glance and ran up the main staircase.

Drew gulped. He couldn't help but feel partially at fault. No. Ash could've restrained himself. He could've refused Dawn's advances, just as Drew did earlier. Still, she probably would've never pursued Ash if it weren't for him…

Shoving past a dumbstruck Dawn, Ash began to chase after May, as best as he could on crutches. Of course, without an elevator, this would be difficult…

"Stop," Drew said firmly, sticking out his arm in front of Ash. The charcoal-haired man glared at him, but back down when he sensed the severity in Drew's tone. "You're the last person she probably wants to see right now." Ash took a step back, frowning. "You!" Drew then yelled, addressing the blunette who was chewing her lip nervously. "Go find that boyfriend of yours. Let him know how unfaithful you've been. See if he still keeps you, no matter how much you beg and plead."

On the verge of tears, Dawn scurried off, surely going to play the victim in his situation. Drew then turned to Ash. "Let me deal with May, okay?" He was going to do his best the reverse the mistake he made.

The dark-haired man looked down in shame. "Tell her…I'm sorry…"

"I'm not sure if even that will make a difference." Without another word, Drew slipped upstairs to find May.

At the top of the stairs, a hallway stretched to both sides, lined with closed doors. Drew began to check each one, in hopes of stumbling into May's room. The girl had been in his room plenty of times, but he never even seen hers…

"Excuse me," a voice sounded from behind Drew. "The upstairs area is off limits to Gala guests."

Whipping around, Drew gave her an incredulous stare, almost like an intense glare. The maid took a step back in shock. "Oh! Mr. Hayden! I'm so sorry. I didn't realize…" Drew wasn't sure how this would be possible; his distinctive shock of green-hair should be recognizable anywhere, even at first glance.

The maid bowed. "Ms. Maple's room is this way," she said, gesturing down the hall. "The third door on the left."

Drew nodded with gratitude before taking off in the direction that the maid specified. He counted the doors until he arrived at the 3rd one, large cherry oak double doors with intricate carvings depicting a springtime scene. Drew couldn't help but wonder if it was because of her name…

Deciding this wasn't exactly time to dwell on the matter, Drew pushed open the door to May's room and slipped inside. His feet immediately sunk into the plush, pale rose-colored carpet. He took a moment to glance around the room. The bed was round with a red mesh canopy hanging draping over it. There was a large dresser with an equally large mirror placed in the corner of the room, and unlike the rest of the room, was rather cluttered. The most impressive part of the massive space was the hard, wooden floor and elongated mirrors lining the wall. May had her own mini dance studio in her bedroom!

But there was no sign of May… Drew then directed his attention to the very back wall of the room, where two French doors were open, leading to a balcony. Standing there, leaning over the edge, was May, her body trembling as the tears fell.

Very carefully, Drew approached her, the sound of his footsteps muffled by the thick carpeting. May didn't notice Drew's arrival until he gently snaked his arms around her waist, head hovering over her shoulder.

"Go away Ash," she sniffled.

"Could Ash ever hold you like this?" Drew asked, his warm breath tickling her ear. Spinning around in his arms, May looked up in shock.


He removed one hand from her waist to flip his bangs. "The one and only."

May wriggled out of his hold and took a step back. "I'm not in the mood for this. Just, please, leave me alone." Folding her arms, she gazed at him intensely, as to emphasize her seriousness.

Drew stared at her with an equal intensity, taking in her appearance. Those beautiful sapphire eyes were red and puffy and her cheeks tear-stained. Wet spots from the salty liquid dotted her crimson dress.

There was no way that this would work out for the better. Not after may found out how Drew played a major role in Ash's betrayal. Maybe she would appreciate his honesty. Or maybe…she would rip his head off and never speak to him again.

But Drew couldn't lie to her forever. That could potentially make things worse. Taking a deep breath, he looked at May straight on, preparing to come clean. "Look May," Drew began before she could send him on his way once more. "I…I'm sorry."

"I don't need your sympathy Drew!" she spat. May knew she would regret her brash behavior later, but right now, she had a reason.

"That wasn't the purpose of my apology. If you would just listen for a moment…"

"Lemme guess. You wanna tell me how you somehow betrayed me as well right?" The scorn on her face was evident. Drew had never seen May this…defensive.

"Well…" he began. It was now or never. When May saw the guilt-ridden expression on Drew's face, her sapphire eyes widened.

"You… What did you do?"

Drew hung his head in shame. "It's partially my fault."

"…What's your fault? And don't try to defend Ash! I'm not sure why you would anyway…"

Chartreuse eyes closing, Drew continued. "I led Dawn to Ash," he said quietly. Forgetting about her sadness and becoming livid, May attempted to cut in before Drew interjected. "Ash didn't have to go with her! He could have rejected her advances! Dawn would've gone for him eventually anyway, seeing that he was alone…"

May took a step back and looked him straight in the eye. "Be that as it may, it still doesn't change the fact that you helped the situation along." She began to turn and walk away from him until Drew grabbed her forcefully by the shoulder. This wasn't how it was supposed to be. Drew had to do something to change her mind…

Spinning May around, Drew, without warning, kissed her hard on the mouth. His lips were rough against hers as she struggled to back away from his firm grasp. Finally, Drew pulled back and May tore herself away from him. She was breathing heavily, practically glaring at him.

"I did it for you May!" Drew yelled, his face flushed. At his passionate cry, May could only stare at him, completely captivated. "You deserve so much better. I don't understand why you settled for…Ash. Not when I was always there, standing firmly by your side. When I always loved you!"

Drew started to shake, his fists clenched tight. May had never seen such a burning fire in his green eyes before. Did he really feel that strongly for her? With his last fervent word still hanging in the air, May was at a loss. What could she say in response to his confession?

But, deep down, wasn't this what she always wanted to hear? To have Drew forget about all others girls and think about her, and only her? But why…did it seem so wrong? The way everything was progressing and unfolding…it just wasn't right. There were too many tears, too much pain.

Still, May couldn't suppress the feelings boiling up inside her, threatening to overflow at any moment…

Drew's eyes softened as he looked at her. "I understand. I'm sorry for being too brash. …See ya around May." With a single flip of his bangs, he was walking off of the balcony, and maybe out of May's life.

"Drew, wait! I - " Arm outstretched, May took a large step in Drew's direction, sapphire eyes pleading. He spun on his heel to face her, expression expectant.

"Yes?" This was what he was waiting for… The heartfelt confession…

"You know how I felt about you," May began. Drew frowned. Felt? Using the past tense to refer to her feelings wasn't a good sign… "And well…this whole situation is making me rethink them. I can't help but think back to when we almost were…something. But you were always off with some other woman!"

…This was not how Drew imagined her confession. Still, he continued to listen attentively to May's monologue, feeling slightly guilty about his past behavior.

"That's why I went to Ash. He was there for me after you hurt me. And I ended up falling in love. But that didn't mean my feelings for you were gone. They were always there, lingering beneath the surface…"

"And I blew the only opportunity I had," Drew finished for her.

"Well not exactly." His face lit up upon hearing May's words. "Just because you may be an arrogant jerk who did something very wrong doesn't mean my feelings have changed."

Drew grinned widely. "I knew you would come around eventually. No woman can resist the charms of Drew Hayden."

Rolling her eyes, May approached Drew, slapping his lightly on the chest. His eyes never leaving hers, Drew pulled May into a tight embrace, one arm around her waist, the other cupping her face.

And then he kissed her, just like he should've originally. Slow and gentle, lips moving against one another in perfect harmony. May had no words to describe the wondrous feeling that had flooded her entire being. She felt herself go weak in the knees, with only Drew's firm grip keeping her from slumping to the ground.

And just like that, the magic was gone.

"Oooo! May's makin' kissy faces with her boyfriend!"

May snapped to attention, glaring at her brother. Vivi was standing behind him, blushing and trying not to break out in a fit of giggles. "Max Maple!" May shrieked. She began to advance on her younger brother, a murderous look in her eyes. Max darted off just as May lunged, leaving Vivi lingering in the doorway.

"I, uh, just wanted to tell you that you're missing the last dance," she said quietly, before turning and running off after Max.

"I thought your brother said he was almost 19," Drew commented, coming up behind May.

"He is," she replied, "but has the maturity of a 10 year old."

"No matter," Drew said, grabbing May's wrist and dragging her out to the center of the balcony. "We can have our own last dance right here."

Pecking her lightly on the lips, they began to sway back and forth to the melody that existed solely in their minds, the stars twinkling brightly overhead.

"Did you hear that?" Both Drew and May paused, listening for any sounds in the still night air. The chirping of crickets from the garden where the only thing that could clearly be discerned, until they listened closer… Somewhere in the distance, a car door slammed and an engine revved up, the voices of Gala-goers floated through the air, loud enough to be carried all the way to the back of the house.

"Oh crap!" May exclaimed, breaking away from Drew. "What time is it?"

Shaking his sleeve back, Drew glanced lazily at the designer watch strapped to his wrist. "Almost twelve. Why?"

"Because the Gala's just about over! Dad's gonna kill me if I'm not down there to see the guests off… He's probably already livid because I wasn't present for the final dance of the night…"

May pushed past Drew and ran as fast as she possibly could in heels. Drew followed languidly after her, grinning despite himself. The Gala didn't turn out so bad after all. He got the girl (he thought) and manager to repair damage done by his plans backfiring. Drew couldn't help but whistle an upbeat tune as he strolled carelessly through the hall and down the stairs…

Meanwhile, May had to endure a scolding from her rather irate father. "Maybelline Caroline Maple! Where have you been?"

May looked guilty up at her father, who was fuming. "You missed the all-important last dance of the night and now all the guests are leaving. I am very disappointed with how you presented yourself tonight."

"Oh calm down honey," Caroline said, touching her husband lightly on the arm.
"She's not a child anymore; let her have a little fun." She winked before embracing another woman who had approached her on the way out the door

"Sorry Dad…"

"I guess it's alright. I suppose your mother does have a point… Though please don't pull any embarrassing stunt like this again."

May bowed her head and muttered, "Yes father."

By this moment, most of the Gala guests had cleared out of the grand foyer. Except one. Ash was leaning heavily on his crutches on the other side of the room, staring intently at May.

She was about to approach him, knowing that she couldn't leave things hanging as they were. It was then Drew came up behind May, wrapping an arm around her waist.

"I'll be seeing you around, okay?" he whispered into her ear. In one fluid motion, Drew slipped a single red rose into her hand before disappearing out the main door.

May was caught off guard and could only stand there puzzled, as her parents looked on expectantly. She simply blushed deeply. "I…need to go talk to Ash," May blurted to avoid any questioning from her parents.

She scurried over to Ash, slowing down when she remembered what exactly they needed to talk about.

"Hello…Ash." They avoided one another's eyes, looking everywhere but at each other. The silence that fell between them was oppressive; it was suffocating May, making her feel more anxious and awkward with every passing second.

"Look May," Ash began suddenly, the thick tension dissipating as soon as he spoke up.

"I know what you're going to say," May cut in. "That you're sorry and things like that. But I don't think things can ever go back to the way they were before."

"You didn't even give me a chance to explain myself," Ash replied. " I didn't know what she wanted with me…" It was obvious he was referring to Dawn.

"How could you not have known? I know you're sorry, and at least you have the courage to apologize, but I don't think I can accept it this soon."

"You seemed to forgive Drew quickly enough." These words were like venom to May, burning her from within, making her feel worse than she already did.

"For the record, I'm still mad as him," she said.

"Didn't look like it from the way you were staring at him when he left. And by the delicate way you held that rose, like it was his heart in your hands…" Ash folded his arms to the best of his ability and gestured to the red rose May had clenched in her grip.

"He was there for me Ash! Just like you were there for me those years ago… And now this happened."

It became silent again, both lost in their own thoughts.

May knew she was hurting Ash. But he hurt her, even if it was unintentional. It seemed cruel to call it an even exchange… This event simply allowed May to realize her true feelings sooner instead of prolonging the pain she would inflict on Ash…

Finally, Ash sighed. "I see there's no way for you to take me back. But May, I want you to know that I am sorrier than you could ever understand. And that, most importantly, I will always love you."

May was speechless, unable to form the appropriate words. Ash began to move away painstakingly, step-by-step on the crutches. It was then May spoke up, knowing this were still not repaired as well as they could be.

"Ash, hold on!" He stopped and did his best to face her. "Maybe…after everything calms down, we could…try being friends?" The last part was like a question, May unsure if that was what she really wanted. It would be risky to still communicate with Ash on such a close level as a friend… But she was eternally grateful for everything he did for her. It pained her to know that this was the most she could do to thank him.

Still, a slight smile played on Ash's lips. "Yes… Maybe we could." He took one last look at the beautiful woman he let slip from his grasp, like sand between his fingers, and limped away without another word.

May gazed solemnly at her reflection in the mirror, running a hand through her hair. Removing her jewelry and scrubbing the makeup away from her face, May slowly became herself. Not the perfect May who did everything to please her parents, but the real May, the one who had fun and made mistakes.

But no matter what May was she portraying, one thing remained constant – she had Drew. Sure, she had to go through more hell than desired to make it happened, but didn't people say it was the results that matter, not the process?

Of course things weren't perfect. Most things rarely were. Even though, May felt truly happy on the inside, and that's what was important. Still, she couldn't help but wonder what things would be like now, with Drew by her side and Ash seemingly miles away. Shaking her head to get rid of such thoughts, May smiled to herself in the mirror.

No, things would work out. And she knew it.

Drew couldn't sleep. There was too much to think about. The past three weeks were like a blur to him, the most vivid memories coming from last night, at the Gala. The feeling of May's soft lips against his, her body fitting perfectly in his arms…

Everything he had ever done was for her. And only for her. Drew hoped that above all else, she realized this. There was no doubt, that even after they kissed, May was still upset with him. And Drew could understand that… As long as, in the end, she saw his true motives behind every horrible thing he had done, Drew could be satisfied.

Now it was time to prove that he wasn't simply an arrogant playboy. It was time show May the real Drew Hayden, the one that could love her like no other.

And he had the perfect idea.

Hopping out of bed, Drew hurried over to his desk, a pen in hand. He gazed at the blank paper for the longest time, until the ideal words came to mine. Two simple words that had so much meaning behind them.

Drew could care less that it was three in the morning. He had a message to deliver, and it needed to be there by dawn. Running through the thick night air, Drew revved up his car and sped off, the trees lining his drive blurring past him in a smear of green.

He glanced down at the note clutched in his hand, then grinned. Yes, this was no less than perfect.

May awoke late the morning after the Gala, reenergized and refreshed. It was the dawning of a new day, a new life for May Maple. Whipping open the curtains shielding the windows, she allowed the sunlight to pour through, basking in its warmth.

Stomach grumbling, May laughed aloud. She hoped that there was something delicious waiting for her in the kitchen downstairs, and practically drooled as the imaginary scents of a hot meal wafted up to her nose.

May began to head downstairs, when something lying on the ground outside her door caught her eye. A single rose was lying atop a piece of paper, its crimson petals having a delicate sheen, almost as though it was coated with morning dew. The stem was flawless, with no thorns in sight. May hastily grabbed the note, her shining sapphire eyes scanning over the neatly penned words. A wide grin came to her face as she comprehended the two words written on the paper.

Sitting both the letter and the rose in a safe place, May quickly got dressed, forgetting all about her hunger. The only thing on her mind as she sprinted down the stairs and across the lawn to her car were the words printed on the note.

Her pace never slowed, even as she arrived at Drew's house, the chartreuse-haired man waiting for her at the front door. May jumped into his arms, Drew catching her expertly and spinning her around. It was then music began to play in the background; something Drew had set up beforehand. It was the song they had first danced to, with May's ludicrous request burning fresh in Drew's mind. But he managed to turn the crazy scenario in his favor, as he sought to from the beginning.

As they began to move to the music, something fluttered from May's pocket, ignored by the both of them. But on it were the two words that pretty much started it all…

'Wanna dance?'

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