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Person Thinking

Demon/summon talking

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On the border of fire country on October 10, two anbu guards were on their second day, of their two week north side border patrol mission, They were both about six foot and had on the standard black long sleeve armored plated shirt along with matching pants, armor plated black gloves, and black cloak with a monkey and snake porcelain mask to hide their identity.

"Hey Saru!" said the anbu with the snake mask, "What is it now Hebi," Saru said with a sigh.

"It's just that I'm so damn bored, and its only SEVEN AM SARU!" Hebi screamed, with anime style tears poring from his eyes, but you couldn't see them because of the snake mask.

Saru just stood their with his eye brow twitching madly and his fore head covered in anime style tick marks, "Hebi you do know your standing a foot away from me, which means that you just screamed right into my ear!" Saru growled out dangerously,"Ohh hahahaahaa sorry about that," Hebi laughed out embarrassedly, while scratching the back of his head, Saru just sighed at his friend's childish behavior.

"So Hebi how about a game of car"…BOOMMM.

That's when heard a huge explosion, and saw the dust cloud it created a few miles away from where they were, "What the hell was that Saru?!"

"You think I know Hebi!?"

Then out of no where an intense wave of killing intent like nothing they ever felt before hit them, Then they heard it, an unearthly bone chilling roar come from the dust cloud the explosion brought, when they both took out their binoculars to get a better look, the thing they saw sent a wave of fear, and a chill up their spine. 'S.S.S.Saru is that really t.t.the!?" yes it is Hebi it's the kyuubi no kitsune," stated Saru just barely under a whisper.

"Saru it's headed right to us, which means it's probably headed for the village!"

"Hebi stop panicking! just summon a messenger bird, and give a scroll stating the situation, since it can reach konoha quicker hen us!"

"Right S.S.Saru," stuttered out Hebi fearfully.

"Are you done yet Hebi, because that fox is only about 2 miles away from us, which means we got to go NOW!" Screamed out a slightly panicked Saru.

"Just about……finished!" Exclaimed Hebi, as he sent the bird with the scroll attached to its foot to the yondiame Hokage.

"Well then, let's get the HELL OUT OF HERE!" Saru yelled, as they both disappeared into the dense woods of fire country.

At konoha hospital 7pm

"This is all YOUR FAULT MINATO!" Screamed a feisty red head with green eyes again, for the fifth time, while she was laying in a hospital bed for the last three hours in labor, But this time the red head decided to get physical, by sitting up and start strangling her husband like a rag doll while shouting "YOU JUST HAD TO WANT A KID," over and over again.

"Kushina-chan I can't… breathe…and wasn't it …your idea to have….a kid," Choked out the fourth Hokage, as he was turning blue from lack of oxygen, while being throttled by his pissed off wife.

"Don't change the subject!" She yelled, while finally leting go of him by throwing him against a wall, to his left just a few inches from the door.

"I'm finally free…… now all I have to do is take deep breaths in and out," thought Minato, "Haaaa much better," the Hokage said, as he stood up, He was about 5'11 with messy blond hair, and piercing blue eyes, wearing a standard jounin out fit which was a long sleeved navy blue shirt, with matching pants, brown vest, konoha head band on his fore head, and ninja style sandals, along with his with custom white trench coat with flames at bottom.

"Ohh Minato-kun," Kushina called out in a sing song voice that made him start sweating.

That's when two people came in, One with long white spiky hair in a pony tail, gray pants, gray kimono top, red vest, wooden sandals, red triangles going from the bottom of his eyes to a little past half way down his cheek, and a head band on his fore head with the kanji for oil standing at 6'1 or 6'2 and around late thirties.

The other one had gravity defying spiky silver hair, with a navy blue mask, starting from the base of his neck to half way past his nose, with a leaf head band covering his left eye, and was wearing the same jounin out fit as Minato, except no white trench coat with flames at the bottom, he was also about 5'7 and 15 or 16 years old.

"Heeheehee looks like I'm saved," thought Minato, as he looked at his sensei and student with an evil grin.

When Kakashi (who was the younger and shorter one) and Jiraiya (taller and older one) seen Minato grinning evilly at them, they started sweating and backing up, while getting ready to make a break for it, not wanting to know what kind of crazy and psychotic plans their Hokage has in store for them, But they were to slow and minato caught both of them by their collars.

"Ahhh jiraiya, and Kakashi just the two I wanted for this…..special mission." Jiraiya and Kakashi turned around after hearing that, while looking at Minato curiously.

"So what's the mission brat," said the semi deep voice of jiraiya.

"Yes what is the mission sensei," Called the bored voice, of one Hatake Kakashi.

"Well, you two both know that there have been both S ranked, and even a hand full of SS ranked missions correct," Said Minato, looking at his two friends seriously, They both just raised an eye brow at him and nodded, "Well I'm giving both of you the chance to make history, by assigning you both the first……. SSS ranked mission ever in all of the great ninja villages."

At this news both Jiraiya and Kakashi's eyes were wide as saucers as they thought, "I'll go down in history!" thought Kakashi

"I'll become even more famous and beautiful women love famous guys," thought jiraiya while blushing and giggling perversely.

"So what's the mission!" both asked excitedly.

"You both under stand that this mission is harder then anything you've ever done before," When they both nodded, Minato thought one thing while laughing manically inside hi head….".SUCKERS!"

"The mission is……tostaywithkushinauntiligetback," (to stay with kushina until I get back) Said Minato, in a rushed voice as he rushed out of the room using hirashin no jutsu.

A few seconds after Minato left, they finally figured out what Minato said, and at the same time both shouted "DAMN YOU MINATO!"

"Oh boys'," kushina said, in that eerily sweet voice that made Kakashi and Jiraiya sweet profusely.

"Yah w.what is," Kakashi stuttered out.

"Oh nothing just could you two come over here for a sec," asked kushina while smiling. When they were standing where she said she grabbed both of them by their neck, and started chocking them wile swinging them around and shouting "WHERE IS MINATO?!" They both yelled simultaneously.

"WE DON'T KNOW!" Over and over again.

"Ahhh safe at last," Sighed Minato, "Hmm what's this?" He thoughtas a messenger bird landed on his shoulder.,He then took the message and began reading.

"Hokage-sama this is from Hebi and Saru, north side border patrol team, you must prepare the village for battle because the kyuubi is coming, and will be there by mid night."

"Oh no," Minato thought, as his eyes were wide open with fear etched all over his face.

"I must hurry, it's already 8 o'clock which gives me, and the village only four hours to prepare, and I already know what I must do, and I'm sorry my son, but this creature can not be defeated only……… sealed," Thought minato sadly, but then his resolve was hardened as he thought, "I'm the Hokage first and a father second, and so to protect this village I will have to seal the fox spirit inside you, and seal away your blood line trait from your mothers side, because with that power you could become a threat to the village since you are the first seventh generation member of the kuchiki clan, which means you have powers far beyond the normal person and so if the fox corrupts you the village wont stand a chance against you, so I have no choice but to seal your powers away," Thought the yondiame Hokage with steely resolve. (I know what a bastard!)

12:00pm outside konoha's walls

"The kyuubi breaking through our defenses we need the fourth Hokage NOW, ARGGHH!" Screamed some random chunin, right before he was hit with a blast of kyuubi's pure chakra with another two chunin and one jounin which vaporized them instantly.

Hospital 12:10pm

"No Minato I won't let you do this to our son!" Shouted out a hysterical Kushina, as Minato was trying to take his son Naruto away to prepare for the sealing.

When Minato finally took Naruto away from Kushina, while Jiraiya held her down she yelled out "I HOPE YOU BURN IN THE SHINIGAMI'S STOMACH FOR ALL ETERNITY MINATO NAMIKAZE, YOU TRAITOR!"

That was the last thing the yondiame Hokage herd his wife say to him, and it brought him to tears knowing his wife resented him so much right now.

"I'm sorry Kushina… and Naruto," he said looking down at his son.

"Are you sure this is the only way Minato," said an elderly man with black battle ready pants and long sleeve shirt, with metal guards on his forearm and a helmet with the konoha symbol on it.

"Yes it is Sandaime-sama," answered the fourth, The third sighed and said, "Very well then, let's get started." Hai replied the yondiame.

Kushina was crying while she was lying in her bed to exhausted to move but she knew why, she knew she was exhausted because she was dieing from the complications caused during child birth.

"Minato you fool……I don't despise you right now because you're going to seal the fox spirit into our son, but because you're taking away his birth right…… his blood line ability and since he is the last of my clan if you seal it away the clan will be lost…… the most power full clan will truly be lost fore ever………wait! THE KYUUBI CAN HELP ME! The kuchiki are direct descendants of the fox spirit! So if I …concentrate I should be able to establish a mental link with him, since he is close………………I GOT IT!"

Out side konoha's walls 12:40PM

The yondiame arrived at the battle field sanding on top of the boss toad Gammabunta's head.


"I CAN DO THIS SHIKAI FUUIN NO JUTSU!" The yondiame yelled, as he summoned the shinigami and began sealing the fox spirit into the crying blue eyed, blond haired, and now whiskered cheeked baby boy.

"DAMN YOU YONDAIME HOKAGE!" Shouted out the kyuubi as the last of its soul was sealed away in to Naruto.

After the sealing Gammabunta puffed away in a cloud of smoke, and the fourth Hokage landed on the ground with Naruto tightly in his grasp, That's when all the ninja left on the battle field including the third Hokage, and Jiraiya came to see if the fourth Hokage was al right, but when they got there everyone herd him say one thing as he handed the baby to Sarutobi the third Hokage, "Treat Naruto Uzumaki as a hero….. Because he is the reason you are still alive to day." The yondiame Hokage said, before he fell to the ground motionless.

That's when all the ninja rushed to their fallen hero's side, to see what was the matter, except for Sarutobi and Jiraiya, because they already new the price of the jutsu that he used, and just stood their looking between Naruto and their fallen hero with a sand expression on their face.


Kushina awoke in a sewer with dim lights on the sealing, "Where am I,"kushina thought as she got up and rubbed here head? "This must be where Kyuubi-sama was sealed…..but I wonder where he is…..hmmm"…."RRRRAAAHHHHH!"

"WHO IS THERE?!" Kushina heard a thunderous roar, and along with the question coming from the hallway to her left, and like any person followed the path she heard the roar came from until she came to a cage with the giant red fox with nine tails thrashing around a giant cage with a kanji for seal on the middle of the cage.

"Kyuubi-sama I request your help!" Kushina shouted trying to get the fox's attention.

"A HUMAN LIKE YOU ASKS ME FOR A FAVOR, HAHHAAAHAAAHAA! WHY SHOULD I HELP YOU?!" Shouted the nine tailed fox agitated that a mere human would dare ask him for a favor.

"This is why kyuubi-sama," kushina said, as she pulled the right side of her silver hospital gown down past a little less then half way past her right breast reveling a small black fox tattoo on her chest, signifying her status as a Kuchiki clan member and her relationship to the nine tailed fox.


"My mother was the last survivor, and gave birth to me about 25 yeas latter and died when I was only 16 teen leaving me as the only survivor….. but before she died she told me about my clan, and how power full my child would be since he would be the seventh generation, but I died during child birth, and used what little chakra I had left to create an anchoring point in my son's body, so my soul wouldn't move on".

"wait a minute then that means we are in your son's body which means I'm sealed in one of my own decedents." Kyuubi said in a calm voice, now that he was settled down ,and with a huge foxy grin only he could pull of as he realized what he could do being sealed inside of his own descendant's body….. Being sealed in side his own flesh and blood.

"He is also the first seventh generation Kuchiki to be born, and as you know kyuubi-sama the 7th generation is said to hold the purest form of the clans blood line as well as the purest form of YOUR BLOOD!" Kushina said pointing to kyuubi ay the end.

"Then that means he has my blood …pure fox demand blood flowing through his veins, If I activate that dormant blood he will turn in to a fox demon with the potential to take my place as the next nine tailed fox demon since I'm sealed away if he is properly trained!" Kyuubi said, in an exited and shocked voice at this child's potential.

"Correct kyuubi-sama… now we have 5 years and 364 days before the suppression seal on naruto becomes permanent, and his powers are locked away forever, So shall we get started on figuring out how to break it kyuubi-sama," said kushina with a grin, from thinking of how power full her son will become when they remove the seal.

"Yes, let the return of the KUCHKI CLAN BEGIN!" Yelled out the demon lord.


The council was in an uproar, because of the constant yelling and arguing about one Naruto Uzumaki, at least they thought that was his last name.

"No we will not kill the child, but we will honor the yondiame's last wish!" The sandaime Hokage yelled out, to the civilian part of the council "Nor will he be made into a weapon Danzo," The third Hokage said, with cold eyes and steely resolve.

"If I may Hokage-sama."

"Yes what is it Hiashi-san," Said the Hokage, looking at a man in his late twenties wearying a gray and white kimono with long black hair and pale pupil less eyes.

"I just wanted to propose ,we make it an S class secret about the child's condition, and that we make it punishable by death if his condition is ever spoken openly, or to those that don't know of it." Stated Hiashi in his emotionless voice.

"You all heard what Hiashi said, now that will be the law concerning Naruto Uzumaki for now on DISMISSED!" The old Hokage shouted, before he got up and left leaving the council shouting protests while they glared daggers at Hiashi for coming up with the law, All Hiashi did was smirk and say, "did I do something wrong," as he looked at the council before he to got up and left.


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