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Chapter 25, The Black Blade!

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"I never thought that I would have to take this," Gokogan said absentmindedly as he downed the drink. As soon as he did this his spiritual became visible and the concrete below him started to crack as his spiritual pressure rose to heights it never was before, before settling back down. After all his new power finally settled he could easily feel that his spiritual pressure was at least double what it used to be, and he never felt so good before.

"I knew living human souls would increase my strength, but I never would have dreamed it would be to such an extent," he said in awe before clenching his fist and grinning maliciously.

"I'll admit I wasn't sure if I could fight you before, but now I know I can Naruto Kuchiki." With those final words he jumped off the side of the bridge with one final thought "I'm coming for you Naruto Kuchiki!"

It's was already the day after the battle on the bridge and Kakashi with his four gennin were all packed. After the group said their good byes to the villagers they all took their leave and headed back to the village hidden in the leaves. As they left no one noticed the plaque on the entrance of the bridge that read "The great Naruto Kuchiki Bridge."

"Well now that that disaster is finally over we can have a nice peaceful two day walk back to the village kids," spoke Kakashi happily as he took out his favorite perverted book.

"Two days? It should only take a day at most."

"Well Sasuke that would be true if we were going straight through at average speed but I want to take it easy. So we will be walking back to Konoha which should take about two days," said Kakashi without ever turning around to face the power hungry little avenger.


Naruto and Hinata where racing through the trees at high speed due to Naruto's insistence that they make it back to the village before nightfall. Naruto with his superior speed was of coarse a good ten yards ahead of her though.

"Naruto-kun why must we run at such a high pace? Can't we take it easy for a bit?"

After running through the trees at top speed for three hours straight Hinata was beginning to feel fatigued just like any normal person, but of coarse Naruto was by no means of the word normal.

"Top speed you say? Do you really consider that level of speed at which you are running as top speed? I thought you where taking it easy by your sluggish pace that you set for us. I have had to consciously keep my self from speeding up in order for the distance between us to not become too great. If this is the extant to your speed and stamina then you are in dire need of more training my sister," spoke Naruto with out even looking back at her once.

Hinata just hung her head in shame at disappointing her brother before lifting it back up and saying "I-I'll train harder and get stronger Naruto, and that's a promise!"

"Glad to hear it…and one more thing Hinata. You will address me as ni-sama and never as something as informal as Naruto…do you understand?"

"Bu-but I thought you said I could call you Naruto!"

"The answer is quite simple Hinata…I lied," said Naruto with an unseen smirk.

With hearing that Hinata slipped from a tree branch and almost fell to the ground. After regaining her balance once again she started to cry anime style tears as she whined out "haaaiii ni-samaaaaa."

Then Naruto's care free smirking face suddenly turned serious as he suddenly stopped and disappeared with flash step.

When he reappeared he was on the ground again and back on the dirt road while holding Hinata bridal style. He quickly put the confused girl down and said "show yourself."

There was a rustle in the trees a few yards away in front of them, and then all of a sudden Gokogan came out from some trees to the left.

As soon as he appeared Naruto used his special senka flash step and attempted to kill Koga (shortened his name) with a stab through the back of his heart and stomach.

Barely seeing the attack coming, Koga turned around and barley managed to dodge the assault by jumping to the left.

"You managed to dodge my attack, but just by a hairs fraction. That in it self is still most impressive, "said Naruto as he watched two cuts in Koga's shirt appear where he aimed for.

"You're quick to the draw kid. How did you know I wasn't just some innocent passer by?"

"The killer intent you have directed towards me, minute as it is because of how well you have concealed it is still easily noticed by someone of my caliber."

"You really are a cocky little kid," said Koga as he thought back to his conversation with Kariya before he left on this mission.


"Koga before you go I have something to tell you," said Kariya as he sat behind his desk in his study.

"What is it Kariya?"

"Do not fight Naruto Kuchiki…or you will die."


"What is your reason for wanting to take my life," spoke Naruto with narrowed eyes as he let his spiritual pressure slowly begin to increase.

"You killed my colleague on the bridge earlier today when you destroyed that mouse like creature in the copy cat ninja's chest," said Koga as released his own spiritual pressure making Naruto widen his eyes in surprise from how strong it was. However that of coarse wasn't the only reason for his surprise.

"How do you have spiritual pressure? It is slightly different from that of my own, but there is no mistaking you posses the power of my clan…how?" Naruto said with a slight edge to his voice at the end.

"So you really don't know do you?"

"Don't know what?"

"The truth behind your clan's destruction," spoke Koga with a serious expression.

"My clan was destroyed by the eight tails…there is no secret."

"Foolish boy, do you honestly believe that lie. The eight tales isn't nearly strong enough to defeat the thirteen captains of the Kuchiki clan. It would take a monster of incomparable strength to defeat your clan if it were at full strength. Only the Kyuubi could pull off such a feat."

"If what you're implying is true then how would you know?"

"Because…I was there when it happened over fifty years ago. Would you like for me to tell you the truth boy?"

"…tell me what you know and I shall decide what is truth and what is not."


"Do not fight Naruto Kuchiki…or you will die, but if you do choose to fight him make sure that you tell him everything Koga."

"Why Kariya?"

"Because…I want him to hate me... I want his rage to make him stronger so I may see the pinnacle of the Kuchiki strength. I want to fight the strongest being in this world when I finally gain ultimate power and Naruto is the only one with the potential to stand against me when the time comes." As Kariya spoke he couldn't help but smile a little at the thought of that day. While Kariya looked at Koga from behind his desk a dark and ominous look started to take over his face. "I want to destroy this world's last hope."


As Koga looked across the soon to be battle field he started to speak. "Once upon a time ago your clan was unmatched and had no one willing to oppose their strength… or so they thought. Your clan had a branch clan who were known as bounts. They possessed spiritual pressure just like the Kuchiki and after years of oppression by being forced to do the main clans bidding the strongest of the bounts finally stood up against there tyranny. This man's name was Kariya and he was the only one who was as strong as a captain class Kuchiki." Taking a pause in his monologue Koga looked at Naruto with a heated gaze and in return Naruto just looked on impassively as he gave Koga a silent gesture to continue.

"Even with Kariya and all the bounts it would have been futile to attack, so in order to ensure victory Kariya was somehow able to acquire the aid of the eight tailed demon. We then waited for an opportune moment to strike and our waiting finally paid off. After about one year seven of the thirteen captains left our village for a meeting with the Senju clan in Konoha to talk about joining the newly created village. Then that night we attacked and with half of the clan's main force gone they were over powered. When the six captains returned they were ambushed by us and were defeated. By the time it was over only your grand mother was able to survive along with your uncle and mother. However at the end only a handful of bounts survived as well." Koga said solemnly with his eyes down.

"In other words the main branch and side branch destroyed each other," Naruto said with narrowed eyes. "Tell me…one captain survive because you only mentioned twelve."

"I don't know. From the seven that left only six came back."

"What was the missing captain's name?"

"His name was Aizen Sosuke."

"I understand…now do you plan to fight me or talk me to death said naruto as he drew senbonzakura from her scabbard.

"Alright looks like the fun is about to start," said Koga with a smirk as he took out a small black sphere and dropped it to the ground. He then repeated "Zeige Dich…dalk, " with that said the small marble like ball started to take shape into what appeared to be a female creature with a human torso and head but a spider like bottom half.

"So this little cute boy is my opponent," dalk said with a huff. "whats wrong Koga ya cant handle a little brat by yourself," she said with a smirk.

"this is Naruto Kuchiki dalk so don't take him lightly."

Hearing that the boy in front of her was a Kuchiki put her on edge and when she saw the white haori she took on an even more serious look. "Is he just wearing that haori for show or is he actually a captain?" Dalk asked as she eyed the child carefully.

"He's of the seventh generation so I'll let you some to your own conclusion dalk," answered Koga.

"Damn I never thought I'd have to fight one of these…things again!" she said with a sneer. "We barely beat a LT the last time how will we deal with a capt…," her conversation was cut short as she had to jump out of the way of a moderately powerful soukatsui.

"I have grown tired of your constant talking. Either fight me or move out of my way," said Naruto threateningly.

"Koga just smirked as he said get him dalk."

As dalk charged, Naruto simply held up the back of his hand towards dalks spear like foot as he said "Hado number 8 repulse," when her attack came she was pushed back by an exploding blue sphere that appeared on the back of Naruto's hand.

"If such a weak level hado is enough to deflect your attack then you are not even worth fighting with my sword," exclaimed naruto as he sheathed his blade.

"Don't talk down to me like I'm weak you piece Kuchiki shit!" yelled out Dalk as she ran towards Naruto with intent to spear him through.

Hearing that comment caused Naruto's sakugan to come blazing to life and before Dalk could connect a pink fox with ominous glowing red eyes caught her spear like right arm in its mouth.

Koga then felt the spiritual energy in the area rise drastically and couldn't help but let his eyes widen at the unsuspected level of energy. "My god…he's not even using bankai and he's already this strong," whispered Koga as he took an unconscious step back. "Just what have I gotten myself into?"

Then after the increase in energy the whole field was covered in bright glowing pink flames of spiritual energy with naruto as the source and his haori moving slowly in the wind. When Naruto lifted his head and looked into Dalks eyes she couldn't help but freeze at the intensity that burning within those furious eyes. Being face to face with him because of the fox still having a hold on her she was able to hear him whisper "how dare you insult my noble clan!" Naruto then punched her square in the face sending her sailing through the air until she flew into Koga and the two went through three trees before stopping at a fourth and putting a deep impression in it.

About a mile away from the fight was Hinata who was watching everything that was going on from her bird's eye view on top of a high up tree branch. With her byakugan activated it was easy to see what was happening as well as for her to read both parties lips so she knew what was going on.

"So that's how brothers clan was destroyed ," said Hinata solemnly as she watched on with anticipation. She could feel Naruto's spiritual pressure rising and knew he was about to release his swords true form and honestly she couldn't wait to see what her brothers new sword looked like.

"You are the first to insult my clan and for that I shall allow you to be the first opponent that witnesses the awakening of my other sword," when Naruto said that he re-sheathed his now sleeping senbonzakura before drawing the sword that was strapped to his back.

"Before I go on…let me tell you something about my swords. Senbonzakura holds the spirit of my mother and all her love and desire to protect me. That is the essence of senbonzakura…that is why when it is in bankai form it is able to gain a will of its own and protect me without fail. Now this sword," said Naruto as he held up his new sword to eye level. As Koga looked he noticed that the whites of Naruto's eyes where turning black and that he now had his crimson mangekyo sharingan activated with the four black pinwheels slowly circling the darker then night black slit pupil in the middle of each eye. "Holds the spirit of Kyuubi no Kitsune and all of his hatred, malice, and evil are locked away inside of it…now prepare yourself and pray to whatever god you believe in for this is your end."

As Naruto said that Koga noticed that the flames surrounding the area grew twice the size and that their color changed to a hellish black with a red outline.

"Break the chains that bind you in your prison at the deepest and darkest depths of hell. For it is time to awaken and turn this world to ash…Kimi no Kurayami(prince of darkness)," with that awakening Naruto now had blood red fox ears on top of his head, razor sharp claws, and three blood red fox tails flowing behind him. That however was only part of the changes that occurred. A quarter of a mile radius with naruto being the focal point was now incased in a pitch black sphere with the only light on the inside being the of a crimson moon over head.

To say Koga was a little afraid would be an understatement because he wasn't even afraid…he was terrified.

"You cannot escape…you cannot hide…and you will not survive. All you can do now is sit back and wait for the darkness to consume your very soul Gokogan," said Naruto as he stood under the crimson moon with his pitch black katana that had a red outline licking the edge of the blade. The guard was a black whirlpool spiral and the hilt had black wrapping with red underneath. All in all it was a very ominous picture.

"Now Gokogan…you die," Naruto then held his sword straight up and as if it was silently calling out to the shadows the sword started to draw in the black sphere around them until it was completely gone and they were once again under the bright shining sun over head. Naruto still had his sword over head with the only difference being that it now had a pitch black aura around it that looked like it was barely being contained.

Dalk looked on in utter fright as she felt the spiritual pressure that was coming from naruto and Koga wasn't fairing any better. Knowing what was about to come, Koga could only smirk as he said "we've had a good run Dalk but it looks like it's finally over. I just wonder if this kid is strong enough to stop him when the time comes." With those last words he closed his eyes and accepted his fate. However, Dalk wasn't as excepting as she ran towards Naruto in a desperate attempt to kill him before it was too late.

Naruto looked on at her futile attempt and when she was a meter from connecting he brought down his sword and uttered three words "Kuro Kage Ken."(Dark shadow blade)

A black blade of energy then engulfed her and Koga disintegrating them both along with a number of trees that stood in its path. Naruto's sword then returned back to normal along with his features before he re-sheathed his Kimi no Kurayami.

As Hinata watched what transpired she couldn't help but be terrified and awestruck by her brother's abilities. She couldn't even begin to imagine what the depths of his powers were.

"Ni-sama just how powerful will you become one day. We aren't even teenagers and you're stronger then a jounin…maybe you're even at Kage level, but that's not the scariest thing. Your energy felt so dark and…evil, please brother don't be overwhelmed and corrupted by the darkness," Hinata said to herself before appearing by Naruto's side with flash step a few seconds later.

"Hinata," naruto called out as she appeared behind him.


"You are the only one alive besides me that knows my swords true power. I trust that you will keep that secret safe."

"Hai, I will not tell any one Ni-sama."

"Good…because I would hate to have to kill you," said naruto as he turned his head to look her in the eye with his sakugan before turning back around with Konoha as his destination.

Hearing her brother say that made her go pale before quickly catching up to him.