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Edward P.O.V.

Isabella, soon will be my wife. Oh how I love the sound of that. Isabella Marie Cullen. Ah, yes I could just sit here all morning with my beloved next to me while watching the sunrise from the outside of her window and watch it light up the most beautiful features that make up Bella's perfect face. How I wish she could understand that she is just as amazingly gorgeous as she claims I am.

"Edward my love, I do."

"Bella?" I questioned while swiftly turning around to see if Bella was alright for she would never just blurt out something about the wedding with such excitement and care.

Why was Bella always so stubborn? Sometimes I wonder if she really does want to marry me. She has always been scared since the day I proposed. That Jacob Black; oh how will I ever thank him for saving my angel? Yet how I want to murder that stupid obnoxious inconsiderate dog for his unexplained rational actions! Maybe the dog was always the better choice…how selfish could one per-vampire be? Maybe Bella really did want to marry me and not use the wedding as a distraction to get her mind off Jacob Black. What did I know? I cannot read her mind. Everyone else's BUT hers. Why! Oh how I wish I could enter the incredulous mind of my Bella and see all of why she loves me. Why she loves me and all my selfish and annoying and overprotective aspects. Or why she even became to love the dog. I will never know I guess. I can just hope that maybe some day some where it could work, it really could if I still have that small glimpse of hope left in me.

I had to stop myself from letting my mind wander like this. I cannot handle it anymore. What am I doing to myself? To Bella? My family? Her family? Even Jacob…

STOP! It is bad enough everyone else in the world has to override my brain with pointless thoughts and yet I still do it to myself! Oh how I will never know why Bella doesn't think I have gone mad! Focus on one thing Edward...the wedding yes back to the wedding. Only 3 days away I hope the dog read my thank-you…

"Edward? Are you here?

Thank goodness Bella is awake. One of these days I am sure I will kill myself with my own thoughts. As long as Bella is there to save me from them I don't mind.

Her arms searching and searching looking so lost trying to find me found what they wanted. As soon as she had a good hold onto my shirt she pulled me into her as if I were to run away. Everyday this breaks my dead heart for she must still think I will leave her again and i promise myself never ever to let myself be forgiven for that.

"Yes love, I am right here. I promise I won't run away from you ever again no need to hold on so tight that you tear my shirt..." I drifted off because I really did not care if she did, as long as she still wanted me. That's all I needed to worry about. Nothing else. No more pointless thoughts of the past or the future for I shall only think of the great young beautiful woman I hold in my arms at present.

She immediately loosened her grip on me as if I answered her worries out loud.

"Good." was all she said as a small content smile crept upon her lips and made me forget all of who i was. Her eyes still closed, Isabella Swan just told me the thing i have been waiting to hear all along...

"You know Edward i don't think i have been anywhere near as happy as i am right at this moment. Do you know why?"

"Why?" I asked extremely anxious to her this...

"Because I realized I have been so stupid and reluctant to your kindness and patience that I haven't been able to really enjoy the fact that in 3 days I am getting married to the man I give all my heart and soul to. Edward I love you and I am so sorry if I ever made you doubt that fact. Hopefully now we can finish this wedding with the most happy memories and thoughts. I am sorry Edward will you ever forgive me?"

The relief that fell upon me felt like I just took off 50,000 pounds of bricks off my shoulders! I wanted to scream with joy and jump up and down and pick Bella up and swing her around through the air in my arms or maybe even cry if I could! Of course I will forgive you of course I wanted to shout! But...

"Oh Bella! Yes of course I can forgive you! I was so worried for you were having second thoughts about everything! What a huge relief!" was what I blurted out at her. I guess that was better than what I had in mind!

"I love you Edward Cullen."

"And I love you Isabella Cullen." How I loved saying that out loud!

As if she could read my mind...

"You like saying that out loud don't you?"

"You Don't even know..." I replied and kissed her on the forehead.

She then opened her beautiful brown shimmering eyes to stare at my face. I couldn't even tell what was held upon my face for I always forget everything when those eyes stare me down. Then she reached up inches away from my face to lightly kiss my lips. As she looked at me once more I just couldn't resist. I kissed her again and as her urgent lips moved under mine, it was one of the most amazing kisses we shared since the first one. Bella's heart rate sped up un-naturally too high for my liking so I tried to pull away but was taken a back by her sudden force of her lips crashing back to mine. I allowed this only this once. I always hate having to pull away from her, I need this girl more than she understands! As the kiss progressed I flipped us over so I was on top of her when she parted her lips and teased me with her tongue, I allowed her entrance.

She tasted so good! Why we never do this everyday is beyond me! Never mind how could I forget that one small detail.. I could kill my one and only love of my life if I lost control! The passion radiating off her body came off in waves as they crashed into me. I suddenly realized how Bella felt when I kissed her as she says. That's when I came back to reality and saw her unbuttoning my shirt...wait no! Not now I am not ready nor is she. I reluctantly broke away from her and got hold of her wrists so I could get them to loosen around my shirt.

"Bella not now. I cannot stand when you do this to me! You are so dangerous...what am I going to do with you! You will be the death of me...remember our compromise?" I was just rambling but it was all the truth. Oh no, now she was using the pout on me how I hated to see her sad but she knew this was my weakness so I tried very heard not to give into that beautiful enraged face of hers.

"Yes Edward I do remember our compromise I just took advantage of that moment in time when I had the upper hand." She smiled smugly as if she was stating matter-of-factly about how weak I was this morning and how much she liked it.

I had to laugh at that, she was just so utterly amusing and gorgeous at the same time in that sentence. I loved her too much and I am not ashamed of it. At that moment I abruptly stopped laughing to answer my cell phone...what amazing timing Alice had. Annoying little pixie sister...

"Hello? Alice what's the matter now? Yes...we will be over soon...bye." I shut the phone and got up.

"Bella, Alice has a problem with something and she will not tell me what it is but we MUST go over there at this instant. Can you be ready in 10 minutes love?"

"Why of course I can. I wish she would just tell us what's wrong, remember last time!? That was so embarrassing I mean I know I always fall but why did I have to fall into the cake! Why oh why the humiliation..."

"Bella it's alright just get ready."

Oh I love that girl...back to Alice and her so called problem...last time when Bella landed in the cake, that problem wasn't even a problem! The colour of the icing flowers didn't even matter to me! She could have picked them herself but no! We will just have to wait and see...