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I sat in my seat next to Alice, with Emmett on her other side, when the music started. The moment the music echoed through the covered stadium, the two siblings halted their banter and looked into the vast blue pool. All three of us, along with the rest of the crowd that filled the stadium, watched in 'awe' as the beautiful killers swam past us.

Words left the speakers from above but I ignored them. My eyes were glued to the black and white creatures that played at the bottom, both with hidden beauty only few could recognize. Then one of the beautiful creatures left his playing mate to join the rest of us on the surface before sliding onto the slide out where a man with wet tousled bronze hair stood in his wetsuit that matched the design of the oversized dolphin. His hair clung to his face from the saltwater of the pool but he made no acknowledgment to change it. For that I was thankful.

"Ladies and gentleman, my name is Edward Mason and I am a trainer here at SeaWorld San Antonio, Texas. Please let me personally thank you for joining us today and we sincerely hope you enjoy our show. Now please let me introduce you to a very good friend of mine, Shamu!"

I couldn't decide which one was more beautiful.

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The beautiful angel raised his arms, the animal following suit with his head and tail up shooting for the stars. Then the animal slid back into the water away from my sight. The angel with messy bronze hair smiled and looked me square in the eyes, then pointed my way. The next thing I knew I was covered in saltwater and freezing to death.

Now I remember why I hated fish.

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