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In this story, Allen is 15, Lenalee is 16 and Lavi is 17. The rest of the DGm crew will not make an appearance till further notice.

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"Class, can anyone tell me what 'DNA' stands for?"

Lavi's hand immediately shot up, followed by a few other students'. Allen raised his hand too, but found himself putting it down as quickly as he raised it up. He had read on it a long time ago, when Mana was around.

Allen found himself dozing off during lessons these days, what with a tough and schedule of part-time jobs, so much so that he became unsure whether all the answers he gave were right or not.

The teacher noticed Allen and called him to answer. Allen immediately stood up, but could not answer. A few students in the front rows turned around and sniggered. Allen continued standing, looking down embarrassedly.

The teacher wrote "DEO" on the blackboard, hinting the white-haired teen.

Deoxyribonucleic acid, it has to be Deoxyribonucleic acid! thought Allen, his heart thundering nervously. However, he gave no answer.

The teacher sighed disappointedly and called Lavi to answer. Lavi stood up, smiling one of his wannabe-smile, and answered.

"That would be 'Deoxyribonucleic acid', sir."

The teacher nodded in approval and loud whistling and applauses could be heard. The teacher signaled the class to settle down and carried on with his lessons. Allen heaved a heavy sigh and rested his head on his shoulders, discouraged. He nearly dozed off again when a few paper balls hit his head. Allen looked up only to earn sniggers.


The bell rang. The teacher assigned some homework, and dismissed the class. Everyone opened their drawers and packed away their notebook, pen case and science textbook hurriedly. However, before they left the teacher coughed, cleared his throat, and said,

"Before you leave, I would like to remind everybody that tomorrow is the annual 'Universe festival'. Please observe the stars, as we are going to study Cosmology next week."

A few students laughed, while others ignored him. Everyone bowed and thanked the teacher, and quickly left the science laboratory to enjoy their weekends.


Allen walked down the corridor hurriedly. He slowed down when he spotted Lavi surrounded by a crowd of students, chattering away excitedly probably about the Universe festival. A pretty Chinese girl with gorgeous long hair which was let down was walking briskly towards Lavi, carrying a few books in her arms. The crowd made way. The girl smiled, and Lavi laughed, and soon, the exciting chatter continued. Allen suddenly stopped in his tracks, a feeling of sadness and jealousy enveloping him.

If only he could join them and talk to Lavi…

Allen shook his head. That will definitely not happen in a million years.

Lavi was the shining star, the 'king', the ace of this elite school, where only rich people enrol. Lavi was gifted with looks, brains and a kind personality. He was an athlete too. Everybody wanted to be his friend, even the teachers. His grandfather was a famous historian, and his father was a billionaire, who made hordes of money through stocks.

And so was Lenalee, the pretty Chinese girl, who was rumoured to be Lavi's girlfriend. She was the 'queen' of the school, and was only a year older than Allen.

Allen was the outcast, the 'joker', the bimbo, the loser, the idiot or whatever they call him. He was severely poor; however, with the help of his beloved foster father, Mana Walker, who went missing when he enrolled into this school, he had managed to get a six-year scholarship at the age of ten. He was athletically-talented too, just that there were very few opportunity to display it. He was now studying in Year 5, with all the other seventeen-year-olds.

Allen's school uniform was tattered, although he had just bought a new one just a week ago with his hard-earned money. He wore an old mitten on his left hand, which barely helped cover his disgusting left hand. He was too poor to afford gloves.

A gang of girls walked past Allen, trying very hard to ignore him. One of them accidentally knocked (more like brushed past) into his left hand, and screamed. The horrified girls surrounded her and walked briskly away.

"OMG, what sort of monster is he?"

"Yes, I know!"

"I swear, from far, I thought he was the school janitor!"

"And did you see that ugly scar?"

"Rumors have it that he killed his father with his left hand, and it never moved again."

"He's cursed, I'm telling you."

Allen lowered his silver-grey eyes as he let all those words bite him. It was true. His crimson left arm never moved at all, since he was born.

On the morning of Year 1 orientation, Allen's nightmare began. He woke up in a pool of blood, with a sharp pain in his left eye, gripping a blood-stained kitchen knife in his left hand, which never moved once in his entire life.

Allen could still remember that day crystal clear.

Trembling like a wet puppy, he pried off the horrifying knife using his small right hand and called Mana several times, but did not receive any answer. He searched through the whole house, which was in a state, but could not find him. Looking in a cracked mirror, he realized that his hair had turned from brown to white, and a gruesome scar planted in his left eye.

In the end, he was three hours late for school, missed the orientation, was punished and was immediately picked by the students, who were all three years older than him. He ran out into the streets when he realised with a shock that Mana was still not back yet.

Mana never came back. Allen still could not remember what had happened the night before the orientation, no matter how much he pondered. He was now in the care of a reckless red-haired guy named Cross Marian, who picked him up in the streets and returned him home.

Allen snapped out when he caught Lavi, Lenalee and the crowd of students all staring at him strangely. Allen's face turned a bright red and he tore off the corridor. The crowd of students and Lenalee laughed. However, they immediately stopped when they realised that Lavi was glaring at them angrily.

He broke off from the crowd and stalked away, leaving the crowd of students including Lenalee confused.

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