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An Old Bedtime Story

"This is an old and funny story I accidently heard one day" The elaborately dressed Queen exclaimed to her children lying in separate beds all four anticipating the wonderful story that awaited ahead. She walked around and tucked them in before speaking again. "My memory is bad so I always tend to forget how it happened, but nonetheless it's a story of adventure, friendship and love " she said sitting in an old wooden rocking chair. "And it happened to 6 children about your age and older!" she smiled reminiscing. "Mother may we begin already" The most anxious of the children, sat up. "Okay, The story starts in a large city called London in a land far away called England…"

The Pevensies pushed against the surge of new immigrants and refugees fleeing their war torn countries, to try and get to platform number 3- the end of the line for passengers coming from Spain, their route was said to be the longest, two train rides and a boat ride across stormy seas.

"Mother! This is three right here!" Peter shouted over the crowd waving his hand as he led the group. A Large red train screeched to a halt in front of them, and they where ushered back so that the passengers could get off. The children watched in excitement as many English/Spanish children filed off the train into the arms of their anxious relatives.

"What does she look like?" Susan asked whilst on the tips of her toes. "She is over there," Mrs Pevensie pointed, running over and embracing the young girl she had pointed at.

She wore glasses over her dark brown eyes and her messy hair was up in an equally messy bun her tanned skin contrasted greatly to her English features. She was awkwardly tall and seemed very clumsy at first glance, she wore white flats with a polka dotted dress and a very large men's trench coat.

"Children this is Caroline Pearce, Caroline meet Peter, Susan Edmund and Lucy" Mrs Pevensie said as she gestured for Peter and Edmund to take Caroline's luggage.

"Now lets get home before dark, yes," Mrs Pevensie said as she led the children back to a small black car. Her smile soon turned into confusion as she searched her bag for the keys.

"Oh dear, children just wait here I'll be right back, I promise!" she said as she rushed back into the chaotic station.

"So Caroline, I suppose it's alright with you if I call you Carrie?" Edmund said.

"I suppose it's alright if I call you Eddie then?" Caroline smiled. "Miss Pearce, I believe we have a deal then or should I say Carrie" Eddie said as he shook Caroline's hand causing all the children to laugh.

"So I take it your from Spain then" Susan said, picking up on Caroline's slight accent

"Yes, My mother is from a small island owned by Spain called Telmaria, but I moved to Manchester when I was three and then back to Cordoba in Spain during the war."

"Telmaria?" Lucy smiled with excitement.

"Could you tell us about this place Carrie?" Peter said standing forward all children giving their full attention to Caroline.

"Oh it's nothing special, very small I guess, I haven't been there since I was three, sorry" Caroline replied to the children's disappointment, quickly seeing their faces drop she one interesting thing flooded her mind.

"Oh well there one thing, a cave people said was magic, if you walked in, you would walk into another magical land, where many strange things happen, but it was myth I guess." Caroline said laughing at the thought of a magical cave.

"Wow! Pete did you hear that! A cave!" Lucy said excitedly hitting Peter's shoulder, which by the way was also smiling.

Lightning suddenly crashed.

" Goodness, did you have an umbrella Carrie?" Susan asked. "Yes" Caroline said but a queer thing began to happen, as she looked up behind the children she noticed that with every streak of lightning, buildings turned into castle, lampost turned into trees and all the roads fell leaving only a bridge as the road they stood on and even the lightning itself became brightly coloured fireworks exploding in the now dark blue skies. Speechless she pointed as the Pevensies turned and smiled.

"Were back!" They all hugged each other and laughed as Caroline stood in shock and confusion.

"Where are we? What has happened? Where is everyone?" Caroline said shaking with fear.

" Don't be scared Carrie, I'll explain all later" Peter said as he grabbed Carrie's hand and led her along with the other siblings toward the large gate.

"Long live King Caspian and his radiant wife to be!" A voice shouted as fireworks went off. Susan's face dropped.

"Don't worry Su" Lucy said patting Susan's back.

"Children" A gallant voice exclaimed. Caroline had looked around for the person, only to see a small mouse talking.

The mouse had a feather behind one ear and a small minature sword in his right hand. He walked towards them and bowed.

"You are a… mouse," Caroline whimpered.

"Yes, I am infact a mouse" The mouse replied slightly annoyed.

"Oh" Caroline's face whitened, and she suddenly fell into Peter's arms.

"Oh dear, I take it she is new?" Reepicheep said looking up at Peter.

"Yes, very new." Edmund replied as Peter hoisted Caroline over his shoulder and led the children back into Telmar.