Rating: PG
Genre: Sci-Fi/Adventure/Drama/Crossover/Friendship
Pairings: Hints at Jibbs and J/C (Janeway/Chakotay)
Warnings: None.
Summary: A temporal distortion has more effect than usual on the Voyager crew.
Notes: Written for the NFA Star Trek Crossover Challenge. A crossover with Star Trek Voyager. Set in the 7th Season of ST: Voyager. Which was set in 2377.

Chapter 1: Temporal Readings Are The First Sign of Trouble.

Janeway walked along the corridor, she could hear the familiar sounds one heard often on Voyager, specifically the humming of the warp core and the sounds of the crew entering information into the consoles. She reached the turbo lift and said, "Deck 1." Not very long into her journey up to the bridge, she heard her combadge beep, "Janeway here." She spoke.

Commander Chakotay's voice came through the comlink, "Captain, sensors have detected some unusual readings nearby, I think you should come and have a look."

"I'm on my way." Janeway replied. Within a few seconds she stepped onto the bridge. "Report." She said, as she made her way to her chair.

"Harry." Chakotay said, gesturing for Ensign Harry Kim to report what his scan had found.

"I found some unusual readings approximately 100,000 kilometres off our port-bow." Harry explained, showing the are on the view screen. The area Harry was displaying was largely made up of stars and various different types of nebula. There were also a few uninhabited planets in range.

"How unusual, Harry?"

"Areas of this region appear to be in temporal flux. It's unclear at this stage how many different fluctuations there are, but from what my readings show there are pretty large variances in the space-time continuum. With some areas dating back as far as three hundred years."

"Can we get around it?" Janeway asked.

"This region of space covers a large area, approximately five light-years in diameter."

"How long would it take us to -" Janeway was cut off; Voyager jolted. "What just happened?"

"Captain, I believe we are being pulled towards the distortion." Came Commander Tuvok's reply.

"Can we go to warp and break free?" Janeway asked.

Tom Paris, Voyager's pilot entered the command into his console, but nothing happened, Voyager was still being pulled into the distortion.

"You know Ziva, I've been thinking." Tony said, fiddling with the paper clip in his hands, "You remember you told me you could kill someone 18 different ways with a paper clip, what are they?"

"Would you like me to show you, Tony?"

"No, but I can." Gibbs entered the bull-pen, with his mandatory morning coffee in his hand.

"Ah, sorry 'bout that boss. . . I was just. . . Ah. . ."

"You were just getting back to work instead of asking stupid questions." Gibbs replied.

Tony didn't say anything, he just went back to what he was supposed to be doing.

Gibbs walked over to his desk and sat down, as he did, he shot a glance towards Director Shepard's office, she had asked him to meet him up there later this morning, to discuss something, he had forgotten the details. He resumed looking at his computer screen, after a few moments he realised where the 'on' button was and pressed it. As he watched the computer start up, his phone rang, "Yeah, Gibbs. Okay. Thanks. We'll be right there." He hung up the phone. "Grab your gear." He said, gesturing towards Tony, Ziva and McGee to grab their stuff. "We have a case."

The team arrived at the crime scene, which was off the side of a highway down in an area covered with trees. Everything about it seemed normal until Tony spotted something strange in a nearby clearing. Whatever it was, it was somehow pulling them towards it. They weren't sure how, but it seemed as if someone was pushing them into it.

"Euh, boss, this isn't normal is it?"

Gibbs didn't know what to say, but he hardly expected anything else than the blatantly obvious to come out of Tony's mouth. So he just looked at him in a way which gave Tony the answer he needed. Yes, this wasn't normal.

Within a few seconds the crime scene had disappeared and the team were somewhere none of them could comprehend. The bridge of the USS Voyager.