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Chapter 6: Finding A Way Home

"Captain." Came Seven of Nine's voice.

"Yes, Seven." She replied.

"We may have a way to send everyone back to their century."

"On my way." She replied. "Well Jenny, looks like we'll have to cut this short. You may soon be back in your time."

Jenny and Janeway made their way to Astrometrics where everyone was gathered. "What did you find, Seven?"

"We discovered several funnels within the distortion which lead to a different time period." Seven explained. "I spoke with Lieutenant Torres and she has confirmed that if we take Voyager through the right funnel, we can get close enough to Earth to transport our guests back. The funnels seem to open every hour, so we would have plenty of time to transport them and get back to our time."

"An interesting plan, Seven. And you're sure this will be safe for Voyager Lieutenant?"

"Yes, Abby and I have gone over the readings Harry and McGee gathered from the distortion, and while there will be some pressure on Voyager's hull, I think we'll be safe." B'Elanna replied.

"Seven, I want you to work on charting a safe course though the funnel, then send it to Tom."

Later on that day, Voyager's course through the distortion, which had been christened the NCIS Distortion, had been charted and they sent probe through the correct funnel to be sure it was safe. They managed to get sensor readings from the other side of the funnel and concluded that the probe was in one piece. Janeway instructed Harry to go over the readings to be sure, she didn't want to be sending Voyager into another time unless she was sure it would be safe.

A while later, Janeway was informed that they were ready to be taken into the funnel. As Tom guided Voyager through the funnel, the ship jolted a little, which was to be expected. The journey through didn't take long, Janeway felt an odd feeling knowing that she was so close to Earth yet unable to go there because this wasn't her time. But she had a longing to see what Earth was like 300 years ago. It was the explorer in her.

"Mr Kim, set a course for," She paused, she couldn't really believe she was saying it, "Earth." She finally said.

"Yes, Ma'am." Harry replied, enthusiastically.

"Feels strange doesn't it?" Chakotay said.

"Yes, it does. We're so close, yet in a manner of speaking so far away."

"We're in position Captain."

"Thankyou Tom."

"Shall we say goodbye?" Janeway said, Chakotay, Tom, Tuvok, and Harry joined her in the transporter room to see their guests off. She also called Seven and The Doctor down to transporter room 1 to say goodbye also.

"We have enjoyed having you here. It's been a welcomed experience to hear from people from our own planet. Even if they're not from our time. Good luck and safe journey." Janeway said, "Energise."

Within seconds, their new friends were gone.

"I'll miss them." Chakotay said.

"So will I." Janeway said. She noticed everyone else and even Seven nod as well. These people from the past certainly had a huge effect on them. It almost gave them a glimmer of hope, a reason to never give up on their journey back to Earth.

"Right, let's get ourselves back to our time." Janeway said, heading back to the bridge.

As they did, they felt another jolt. Something was wrong. Or it could be nothing

The End.