Set between season 6&7. This is just a little something that may run for possibly 5 chapters or less. I hope you enjoy it. R&R please. The next chapter will be up as soon as my computer lets me post it.

It had been a long and hard shift, i was always difficult when children where involved. Cathrine had suggested that they all go over to hers to unwind. Lindsay was going to a makeup party so Cathrine had the whole house to her self.

"Yeh I'll come Cathrine" Grissom agreed, he was too tired to put up a fight.

"Me to" Warrik chimed.

"Count me in" Greg and Nick said in unison.


"Cath, i think i'm just going to head home, i really don't feel like socialising." Sara moaned.

"Sara, your coming weather you feel like it or not, it's been a tough shift and we all need to stick together, just come around for one drink."

"One but then i'm heading home."Sara agreed. "Oh, but is there any chance someone could give me a lift, my car just gone for servicing."

"You can ride with me, if you want" Grissom offered.

"Yeh let me just grab my jacket and well go." Sara went to the locker room and grabbed her jacket then set out towards Grissoms car. She pushed the door open and the cold breeze assaulted her fine skin, so she wrapped her jacket around her shoulders then practically ran to Grissoms car.


"Hi to you to"

An uneasy silence filled the car.

"So…" They both said in unison. Sara turned to look at Grissom and Grissom turned to look at Sara. There eyes met but they both looked away quickly and started laughing.

"You can go first." Sara exclaimed.

"No you can. Ladies first."

"Oh ok then…I was going to ask you if you err…wanted…you know to come…round to my…er…place…like after we have been to Catherine's."

"I err…I don't think…that's a…"

"Stop I know what you're going to say and frankly I don't want to here any excuses."

"Excuses for what? I was about to say that I would…"

"Look I know you don't want to come to my place after. Don't even try to deny it…"

"But Sara…"

"No but, I know that you don't want to come over because of the age gape or that you tired. I don't care what you excuse is…"

"I wan to come to you're house and I also want to spend the night with you because I love you."

Women, I mean I was about to tell her 'I don't think that's a bad idea' and she starts jumping to conclusions with out all the facts.

Well personally I don't blame her.

Why not?

She's heard it all before, the excuses I mean, she's been hurt so many times that she just presumes that you don't love her or want to be with her. Like I said it's not her fault but you're fault.

Oh my god it is. Oh no. I've been such an idiot.

Yeh you have.