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Days of Rain: Intro

In Princeton, autumn generally followed the heat of the summer like everywhere else. The days began to seem shorter, the nights longer and colder. It rained a lot, which meant also more flu-ridden patients for most of the doctors, but that was also the case in a supposedly much warmer season. It was nothing out of the ordinary.

But this autumn was different.

Small water droplets ran steadily down the glassy window, obscuring the already blurred landscape on the outside. The trees were still green, hadn't yet started to change their colors, but the sky was shaded gray, while dark, cotton candy-like clouds loomed ominously over the small city.

Inside his apartment, a man was shivering under the covers of his queen-sized bed. It couldn't have been after two in the morning, but he kept staring at the ceiling, not even attempting to go back to sleep after waking up for the third time that night.

He felt cold, and no amount of covers and comforters would be able to keep him warm.

With a sigh, he rolled over and reached for his phone on the nightstand. He grasped the small device tightly, his fingers hitting speed dial number 3 before he had a chance to stop himself. Maybe she'd answer? It seemed like an eternity since he had last heard her voice.

But only the hollow dial tone sounded when he pressed the phone against his ear.

Of course there's no answer.

The voice in his head reminded him of something, and soon he was pushing other buttons on his mobile phone. There was a moment of utter silence until a beeping announced the arrival of a new text message.

"This mobile phone has been temporarily disconnected by the owner. Please do not respond to this automatically generated SMS. Leave your number to get in touch."

Dabbing at his suddenly wet eyes with his pajamas' sleeve, the man dropped the phone. It landed unceremoniously on the polished floor.

"Damn you, House."

The man gave up sleep for the rest of the night and padded to the tiny living room instead, not even feeling the stinging cold of the tiles on his bare feet.