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'How long has it been? I can't remember much of my past any longer. It's all kind of blurred into one big party that I got my ass kicked in, but not as badly as everyone else in my way. Then again, could anyone really stand up to me? Sure there was my brother Vergil, but he passed on a long time ago. Damn that bastard; never got the chance to beat him again… Lady has been gone for over a hundred years. I guess I wasn't meant to live a short life as it has been a while since I no longer remember her face.' Damn the Prince of Darkness... If it wasn't for him humanity wouldn't have nearly been wiped out. I did my best and sealed off the portal to Makai, but it was too late.'

'My business wasn't hurting seeing that there were so many demons, but then again what was the point of a business when no one could pay you. Bah, it was still fun to take all those demons down a peg thinking they could defeat a son of Sparda. Especially a handsome one like myself. Ah, wait why am I here? Oh that's right. That blonde haired brat asked me to watch over his son and maybe train him somewhat. But why me? I hate kids. I mean I never had one myself and I'm nearing three hundred years old. Damn, forgot the kid holds the Kyuubi. Heh, fighting that demon was fun. One of the few I couldn't kill, though he definitely was pissed after I beat him using father's sword.'

'Ah, I got side tracked again. Got to find the kid and then the old geezer. Hey, maybe that big chested chick is there as well. I wouldn't mind partying with her... Wait, isn't she almost fifty now... Damn. Well, I'm sure there can be someone here that can party with me. These two didn't even make me sweat.'

Looking over the village from the top of the main gate, a man wearing an open red trench coat was standing besides two knocked out Anbu and wiping his hands. His snow white shoulder length hair had seen better days, but he had stopped taking care of it a while ago and the stubbed beard on his chin was a testament to his hygiene but it did look good on his rugged face. He wore black fingerless gloves that extended to his elbows and black combat boots along with his black pants. He had decided to go with a black shirt as well seeing that he was going to be meeting with a few people otherwise he would have just gone shirtless. In the inside of his trench coat, he had to gun holders holding his favorite guns seeing that he didn't need to use the others any more. On his back a body length sword, almost like a claymore, with a red core was strapped to his back.

Looking down at the two Anbu, he shook his head. "Damn. I might just have to barge in on the Hokage just to get a decent fight. Well, I'll be seeing you two later." Looking away from the two and planning on barging in on the Hokage in a little while, he headed into the village searching for a blonde hair boy.

He absently thought about just going straight to the Hokage to figure out where he was, but where was the fun in that. He had to have some sort of challenge as he was getting bored. Besides, maybe more Anbu would show up and he might get a decent work out. After about another twenty minutes, he was getting annoyed as he was getting nowhere as he couldn't find the brat and no Anbu had attacked him yet. The village had to work on their defenses... Was that guy lying on the ground dead?

Taking a look at him and checking his pulse, he confirmed that the man was indeed dead. But the weird thing was there was no visible marks on him that confirmed what had killed him. It was as if he was killed by an illusion. While it wasn't unheard of, he actually had never seen some die like that before. "That is one fucked up way to die man. Don't even get a chance to go down fighting."

"Who are you?"

Turning towards the owner of the voice, the white haired man noticed a young teen around thirteen years old wearing Anbu armor. His hair was an onyx color while his eyes were crimson with three spinning tomoe around his pupil. Having seen the eye before and humiliating most of the clan heads of the boy's clan at one time or another, he instantly recognized that he was an Uchiha. He normally would have humored him, but the stench of death was coming off him in waves. He knew there were other bodies as he smelt them nearby and the blood that was wiped on his clothes told him the entire story.

"The name is Dante and from what I see, this is one party that turned sour. Remind me never to throw you a birthday party kid."

Itachi narrowed his eyes at the man in front of him. He seemed to be perfectly calm even though he was surrounded by dead bodies of one of the strongest clans in Konoha. And he even had the nerve to joke around. Either the man had seen plenty of blood shed through his life or was completely insane. Quite possibly both, though he had no room to talk seeing what he had just done. Putting that thought aside, he could leave no witnesses to what just happened. His spare could be the only one. "Whatever. I cannot let you live for you've seen what has occurred on this night."

Dante raised his eyebrow at this and would have busted out laughing if the kid hadn't been completely serious and hadn't charged him with is blade drawn. He didn't even attempt to dodge as Itachi pushed the blade through his chest and through his heart. Dante mentally sighed pushing the Uchiha back before gripping the blade and pulling it out with leaving so much as a scratch. He could only shake his head at the teen's surprise knowing that he had never seen anything like he just did. Throwing the sword at the kid's feet, Dante reached back and pulled the sword off his back. "It's been a while since I've used Rebellion on anyone."

Quickly gaining his wits, Itachi picked up his wakizashi and placed it at the ready and waited for Dante to make the first move. He found out this was a mistake as he only dodge a fatal blow to his stomach on sheer instincts as Dante appeared in front of him holding his sword in front of him like he just thrusted it. Even then, Itachi was still hit as the sword pierced his plated armor on his stomach and cut into him about a few centimeters in. To make it worse he could tell he wasn't aiming to kill him in his first strike, as if he was he would be dead. While this was humbling to him, he took the opportunity in an attempt to end the fight and swung his blade at his back.

To his surprise Dante was behind him. His eyes widened beyond belief as he hadn't even seen him move. Before he could think of it further, Dante smashed the sword's handle into his face sending the Uchiha prodigy tumbling for a dozen yards before landing on his stomach. He winced as he felt a few of his teeth were loose and that he was pretty sure his jaw was broken from that strike. If he didn't know better he would have thought he was fighting the Hokage on steroids. Picking himself up and wiping the blood of his lip, Itachi was surprised when his opponent tossed his sword to him while Dante yawned while beckoning him to come on. This irked the Uchiha prodigy to no end. It was as if he was toying with him and no one toyed with him. Gritting his teeth, he went against his nature and attacked the son of Sparda.

Dante easily blocked each strike and each strike he did block Itachi's frustration was becoming clearer and clearer. Obviously the boy had no experience fighting someone beyond his own level and Dante wasn't all that surprised. The kid had far more skill then he thought at first and at his age was a definite surprise. If he didn't know better, he would say in five to six years the kid could possibly be stronger then any shinobi had ever dreamed to be. To his surprise, the boy jumped back and sheaved his blade. He was wondering what the boy was doing when he noticed his eyes morphing and a hella lot of chakra being sent to his eye. Remembering the power of the jutsu he was about to perform from experience, Dante flipped his trench coat open as his free hand reached into it and pulled his ebony colored pistol from it's holder and aimed it at the young Uchiha's chest.

With a squeeze of the trigger, Itachi's focus was gone as pain ripped through his chest. Looking down, he noticed blood seeping from a small hole on the right of his heart. He looked towards the white haired man and noticed him holding a strange weapon pointed straight for his chest with a little amount of smoke coming from the opening. Putting two and two together, Itachi gritted his teeth as blood began seeping through his mouth. He didn't understand what just happened. Someone he had never seen had appeared out of nowhere and had just defeated him without the slightest difficultly. Not being able to hold his Sharingan, much less his Mangekyou, his crimson eyes faded into his onyx ones as he fell to his knees, panting heavily.

Dante sighed lightly to himself. He didn't like resorting to his guns this day and age, but remembering what the technique he was about to use could do he couldn't be caught up in it. Even if he didn't want to admit it, his skill had greatly diminished and was nothing like he used to be. Not that he couldn't survive it, just he really didn't want his trench coat to be burned. It was his favorite one and he be damned he was going to let it be damaged without a fight. Before he could think further on why he shot the kid, a man with long black hair fazed into existence right besides the panting Uchiha prodigy as he tried to stop the bleeding. He was surprised seeing who it was believing the man to have been dead for a while.

"Madara? What the hell? How are you still alive? Humans don't live eighty years and don't age!"

The man identified as Madara looked up and a look of shock crossed his face. He knew the man in front of him well and if he was here... He had to get the hell out of here. He was no fool and knew that Dante's skills far surpassed his own. The only good thing was that he hadn't learned of his plans as if he did, there would be no doubt he would stop him. Not sparing another second to answer Dante, Madara gripped Itachi's shoulder before fazing out of existence with him.

Growling lightly to himself seeing that Madara fled before he could get any answers from him, Dante sighed as he noticed a dozen Anbu jumping into the area. Of course they had to show up now, when he wasn't in the mood to fight them. And to make it worse they were probably going to try to pin the blame on him until he could prove his innocence. Damn he hated his luck at times. At least he knew there was no way they could hold him as he wasn't a half demon for nothing. Shaking his head and placing Ebony back into its holder, he held up his hands in a passive manner as the Anbu circled him. "Hey. If you're looking for the guys that just did this they just got away."

The Anbu didn't budge an inch as most began to increase their chakra levels, getting ready for battle. This made Dante roll his eyes as he gripped Rebellion tightly putting all the Anbu on edge. Shaking his head, he placed his sword behind him before waving to someone in the distance he knew pretty well. "Hey old geezer, mind calling these guys off? Don't want to beat the shit out of anymore people then I have to."

Each Anbu looked pissed that he was brushing them off like nothing, but they had noticed who he was talking to. It was the Sandaime Hokage, and he was looking oddly at the man that just talked to him. Taking a look around and putting two and two together, he shook his head. "Let him go. He has nothing to do with this. Search out for any survivors and if none, try to track down the one or ones that did this." Most of the Anbu looked confused at this, all believing the one in front of them to have done it, but a stare from their Hokage told the otherwise so they backed off and did as he said. As they left, Sarutobi sighed lightly as he looked over at Dante tiredly. "Why did you have show up now? I have enough to deal with and now this. Please don't tell me someone else has opened a portal from her to Makai"

Dante raised his eyebrow at this before shaking his head. "Old man, if that happened I would be there killing as many demons as I could. Plus, I wouldn't be as bored as I am if that was happening." Sarutobi twitched at the bored commit but knew better then to comment as he was speaking to an elder, a very annoying and childish elder at times. "I'm here more on request then anything. As I remember, the blonde hair brat that took your job a while back entrusted me with a task. As much as I hate it, I do owe him that as he gave me a pretty interesting battle. Never have or ever will fight someone that fast again."

Sarutobi couldn't help but sigh having this added to his plate. Before he could form a response, a yell was heard from nearby. "WE'VE FOUND A SURVIVOR!"

In an instant, both Dante and Sarutobi were at the scene. Dante looked down to see who the Anbu was hovering over only to see a young child with raven colored hair. He heard Sarutobi sigh both in regret and relief that someone had survived this horror. Sarutobi quickly spoke soon after he sighed. "Take him to the hospital and have a guard on him at all times. Send someone to alert me when he wakes up."

The Anbu nodded without hesitation and shushined with the young boy in his arm to the hospital. Sarutobi looked over the grounds to see nothing but bodies litter the ground, most without any form of wounds to show they were dead. He sighed deeply as he knew of Itachi's instability but never once did he think it would go this far. Sighing again knowing that Sasuke was going to take this harshly when he woke, Sarutobi wanted nothing more then quiet but he knew he wasn't going to get that at the moment seeing that Dante was here.

Taking a deep breath, Sarutobi turned to Dante as he knew of the deal Minato had made with him. "I'll allow you to take Naruto to train him, but I would like to see what he'll say about it. I doubt he'll refuse, but still. If he does accept, bring him back when you believe he is ready. It is both my and his father's wish for him to be a shinobi." Dante nodded as it was a fair request and he wasn't in a rush so he could wait. Sarutobi sighed once more before turning to his Anbu searching the area for any survivors. "Come to my office at ten. Naruto will be there."

With one last nod, Dante left the Hokage knowing he had work to do.

Mourning came all too fast for the Sandaime. He knew that Dante was coming and Naruto hadn't shown up yet. And that Sasuke hadn't woken up yet had bothered him. He would think that he would have some sort of nightmare from what he had just witnessed, but the boy was out cold and the medics were beginning to believe he was in a coma. While that was good news on not having to deal with a young boy that had just lost his entire family to his brother, it was bad news as well seeing that if didn't wake up they would have no proof that Itachi was the one that had murdered his entire clan.

Sighing lightly as he ignored the paperwork on his desk and lit his pipe. His secretary wouldn't complain as she knew all too well about what happened and could understand his worry. With the entire Uchiha clan gone, there forces would drop dangerously as the military police had always left a considerable presence within Konoha. Without them, they were more venerable and could be opened for an attack. While it was a possibility, it was very unlikely that it would happen. But the village had to be on guard so he pulled off almost all the shinobi on leave other then the pregnant kunoichi or the wounded just in case the worst should happen.

Leaning back in his chair and taking a puff of his pipe, a small smile graced his lips as he heard a loud blonde shouting about why he wasn't allowed in the old man's office. Chuckling lightly at the boy's enthusiasm that seemed to lift him out a gloomy mood within a second, he pressed the button on his intercom. "It's okay Kairi. He can come in."

A moment after he gave her the message, the door opened with Kairi and a frowning Naruto, not being used to being stopped from entering the Hokage's office. Smiling lightly to his secretary before motioning her out, he turned to Naruto with a genuine smile. "Sorry about that Naruto, but with everything that has happened in the last day, the security has been a little tight."

"No problem ojij-san." Naruto spoke as his frown quickly turning into a smile as he nodded in understanding. "Now why did you call me here? Are you going to teach me a new jutsu?! Or maybe take me out for some ramen?!"

Sarutobi chuckled more at the excitement in Naruto's voice just over the simplest things. He mentally frowned at that knowing that while any boy his age wanting to become a shinobi would be excited to learn a new jutsu, but Naruto would act he same for the smallest of things. Even a small compliment would make the boy flip out and bear hug you. Shaking his head of those thoughts, he smiled lightly before shaking his head at Naruto. "No Naruto, I didn't call you here for a new jutsu or ramen." Naruto's face dropped hearing that and looked disappointed but was curious as to why his grandfather figure was still smiling at him.

Right on cue, the door opened to reveal Dante looking passive as ever. Sarutobi nodded lightly at him while Naruto looked further confused, not understanding what was going on. Turning his attention onto Naruto, Dante was slightly surprised as the boy wasn't anything what he expected. But that was a plus seeing that he wouldn't have to deal with a spoiled brat, just a brat. Turning back to "Alright, seeing that he's here, let's see what he has to say."

Naruto blinked in confusion, not understanding what exactly was going on but knew that the white haired man was talking about him. He shifted nervously; hoping he wasn't someone else that hated him like everyone in the village seemed to. Looking over to the Hokage, he noticed the man nodding before turning to him with a light smile on his face. "Naruto, this man here has offered to train you in the shinobi arts for the next couple of years." He smiled brightly hearing this and was on the verge of screaming in happiness as Sarutobi cut him off as he continued. "But, if you do you won't be within the walls of Konoha as he doesn't live here. The reason I called you here is to give you the choice of going with him to train in exchange for being in the academy or staying here and being in the academy."

Both Dante and Sarutobi could see the conflicting emotions crossing over Naruto's face. The young blonde was happy that someone wanted to train him, but at the same time he didn't want to leave his home. Yet if he left home, he wouldn't have to worry about everyone looking at him with hate. At least that is what he hoped seeing that he never pranked anyone outside the village seeing that he never had left it. But if he left, he would leave behind Iruka-sensei, who had begun taking him out for ramen and tried to help him with his the jutsu they were going over. His face contorted as he thought what to do. Why did his choice have to be between the two? Couldn't he just have both?

Looking over at the stranger that offered to train him, he had to admit he looked pretty cool. He was unkempt just as he was seeing his beard and somewhat unruly hair. His trench coat was cool as he only seen them in light black or tan and he had to admit red was a much better collar. And the sword on his back was huge and if he could use that thing, maybe he could learn to use one as well. Looking at him closer, he could tell the man seemed to be in shape and if the Hokage was allowing him to actually take him out of the village to train, he had to be pretty strong. The only thing he couldn't tell was if the guy hated him like most people within Konoha did.

As if he was reading his mind, which was pretty close as he was trained on how to read his opponents movements so well that he could figure out what they were thinking just by certain body movements, Sarutobi answered him. "Did I mention he's not of this village so you can learn techniques that you would never be able to learn if you were to stay here?" In all honesty, Sarutobi kind of wanted Naruto to leave. It wasn't because he was a burden on him, but more for him so he could get away from the hatred even if it was only for a while.

Hearing this, Naruto's excitement returned two fold. He would be able to learn things that no one else in the entire village would know. He could barely contain his eager as he nodded. In fact it was so barely contained that he was bouncing up and down while chanting "YYYYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!"

Dante could only sweat drop as he watch Naruto bounce around like a super charged pinball. He would have never thought a child would act so happy just to be trained. While he knew that in the times he lived that anyone with demonic blood wasn't treated like a human, he figured that he would have been treated somewhat better as he was in Konoha. Then again, the boy wasn't psychopathic like most other demon vessels his age would be so that was a big plus. Looking over at Sarutobi, he noticed the old man smiling more then normal and understood the reason why. The boy was probably one of his few highlights of the day and with him gone, one of his bright spots was gone as well.

Sarutobi continued smiling as Naruto began wearing himself out from his energetic bouncing. Once he was completely finished, the young blonde began asking when they could go as fervently as he was bouncing. Chuckling to himself once more, Sarutobi pulled out two scrolls before handing them to Dante, confused to why he was getting them. "There both for Naruto, one for training and the other for him to read as..." Sarutobi pointed to his own stomach in attempt to convey the message.

Understanding immediately and figuring that he didn't know his own lineage from how he was acting, Dante nodded at the Sandaime. While he understood the reason why, he would be telling him on his trip soon as he was going to make sure the boy knew how to use Kyuubi's powers. And he didn't want to admit it, but he was getting old and fast. He kind of wanted to find someone worthy to pass on techniques and abilities to. Hopefully the kid wouldn't disappoint him as he took the scrolls. "No problem old man. Now if that's all, can we go now?"

"You can, just make sure Naruto has everything he needs before leaving." Dante nodded at Sarutobi's request as the old man stood up and walked over to Naruto and patted his head playfully. "Take care Naruto, and please don't cause any trouble."

Naruto smirked as he crossed his arms in front of his chest. "Can't promise anything there Ojij. I like to cause trouble."

Dante mentally smirked hearing this as he was slowly beginning to like the boy already. Sarutobi shook his head lightly while smiling all the while. "I know you do Naruto, just don't get into really big trouble." Seeing Naruto nod, he patted him on the head once more. "Thank you. Now get going. I expect you to be ready to take my job when you get back."

"You better believe I will as I, Uzumaki Naruto will become the greatest Hokage, believe it!" Naruto said triumphantly while pumping his small fist in the air.

Both Dante and Sarutobi were slightly amused by his small antic knowing that one thing that never seemed to fail to amuse someone was a child's innocence. Shaking that out of his head, Dante beckoned Naruto to follow. "Alright brat, come on and let's go. Don't want to be here all day. There might be something exciting happening along the way to my place."

Naruto nodded happily as he followed Dante out of the room. As they left, Sarutobi continued smiling as he sat down in his chair. He couldn't help but believe Naruto would be much stronger the next time he saw him. But he couldn't get the image of him becoming a mini Dante out of his head. He mentally cursed at that realizing that the two were somewhat alike and being around each other long enough, Naruto was going to exactly that. Moaning out loud and slumping into his chair, Sarutobi just hoped Naruto wouldn't pick up Dante's bad habits.

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