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"I AM THE DEVIL FOX! NOW PREPARE TO DIE!" Echoed through the forest catching one certain individual's attention.

The said individual's eyes shown a brightly as the person stood up and gazed through the forest, unfazed by the surrounding mist. "So he is here."

Smothering the camp fire, she picked a red pack off the ground and strapped it to her back before turning towards the direction she knew the voice came from. "It's time you to pay for what you've done to me, Namikaze."

Zabuza was forced to jump back as Naruto closed the gap on him in a hurry. While he had no fear of the boy and still didn't, he know had the utmost respect for his opponent as he knew the name well.

Placing his head cleaving sword in front of him, ready to defend, Zabuzu smirked wildly at the boy. "Ah, so you are the infamous Devil Fox. I heard you were young, but to think that you are only a gennin and from Konoha! Oh, I did not expect that!"

Both Kakashi and Kurenai shivered after Zabuza's comment. They both knew of the Devil Fox and his reputation very well. They just never thought that he was Naruto. Kakashi trembled once more before combing a hand through his hair as Kurenai turned to him with a frown. "Did you know that he was the Devil Fox?"

Kakashi shook his head as he kept his attention firmly on Naruto and Zabuza as they stared each other down. "I did not know, Kurenai. If I had known I would have taken him to Sandaime and Ibiki for questioning."

Kurenai frowned deepened, but she turned back onto the battle as Zabuza took a step forward. "Oh! So you haven't told them why you are so infamous?!"

"Never found a reason to." Naruto answered back as he calmed slightly as he kept his gaze on Zabuza, waiting for him to make a move. The red chakra around him demanded to strike out, but he felt something was off and wanted to know what.

Zabuza relaxed his sword and began to laugh out loud.

While it was menacing to all those that heard it and put mostly everyone on edge, Sakura looked at Kakashi in wonder. "Sensei, what did Naruto do that would make him so infamous that he would be so well known?"

Both Kakashi and Kurenai flinched as Zabuza turned towards them and grinned manically. "Oh, he is responsible for some of the worse massacres to happen in the last few years little missy. The one I won't forget was five months ago when he wiped out twelve Waterfall jounin, seventeen Iwa jounin, chunin and gennin and even an old friend of mine and one of the seven swordsmen, Raiga. Isn't that right, Devil Fox?"

Naruto only growled at Zabuza's sarcastic tone at the end. He didn't want everyone to know what he had done as it was in the past and he was not in control of himself at the time. Gripping his nunchuck tightly, he was ready to strike when a cylindrical objected hit the ground between him and his target. Then it exploded knocking both of them twenty feet back.

"Where do you thing you are going Namikaze! We have a score to settle!" A female voice came from the tree lines before stepping out, revealing herself to everyone.

She had an eerie green shine to her hair with pinkish-orange eyes that glowed brightly within the light the mist allowed. She wore a white tank top over a mesh shirt that barely covered her petit chest and a white skirt that hung off her waist, showing off the crease to her pelvic region. Her skin was a shade darker then Naruto's. She had two pouches on her ankles with a sai in each one and a pistol tucked into the back of the waist line of her skirt.

But the most important feature about her was that she was holding a large gun in her hands with on odd spike thing for the sight. And she was pointing it straight at Naruto.

The red aura around Naruto almost instantly faded as he looked at the green haired girl that was, at most, two years older then himself. "Fu?"

"Don't you dare use that name bastard!" The girl screamed before clicking the trigger of the rocket launcher.

Naruto cursed as he didn't have enough time to avoid, so he merely kicked the rocket up into the air where it exploded twenty feet into the air. He quickly followed as he grabbed his triple nunchuck and threw it towards her, wrapping it around the rocket launcher and ripping it out of her hands before she could react.

Fu was taken back by the action, but she didn't waste a second as she pulled out her pistol and pointed it straight at Naruto, taking a few steps back to keep him from doing the same thing with her secondary weapon. "Don't try that again or I'll pump your heart full of lead. I know you can't survive that. Now drop your weapons."

Wisely putting down his nunchucks, Naruto looked Fu in the eyes, not sure what was going on. "What's going on here Fu? Why are you acting like this?"

"I said don't use that name! You have no right to use it! And you know damn well what this is about you cheating bastard!" Fu responded harshly as she carefully picked up her main weapon before kicking the nunchucks out of his grasp.

Naruto was caught off guard by this before he looked at her with wide eyes as he held out his hands in front of him. "You saw that... Wait, wait! I can explain!"

"Shut up and hold still! I'm going to do what I should have done then!" Fu growled as she aimed lower and aimed for a particular region of the blonde's.

While this would make any man nervous and Naruto was indeed worried about losing that region, he at least wanted to have a chance to explain himself. But it didn't look like she was going to give him a chance to as her finger twitched and began to squeeze the trigger.

He froze before his eyes widened further as he saw Zabuza behind her, ready to strike her down. Not even thinking twice, he reached into his coat and grabbed Ebony and Ivory.

Faster then she could react, Naruto had pulled out both his guns and fire twice. However, she felt no pain as the bullets passed by her harmlessly, leaving her only with a slight hearing impairment as they struck down the water clone of Zabuza behind her. She was forced to turn around to see what happened. Just before it burst into water the blunt edge of the sword slammed into Fu's temple and drove her into a nearby tree, knocking her out cold.

Naruto's blood froze as he saw this and quickly ran to the down girl. That was a deep gash on her forehead and a large bruise on her temple where the sword had hit her. Checking her pulse, he sighed in relief as she would be fine. Now all he had to do was take care of the swordsman that had harmed her.

"Now that the bitch is out, we can begin, Fox." Zabuza grinned as he stood besides the nunchucks before kicking them further away, not wanting to arm his opponent.

Red chakra flared around Naruto as he slowly stood up, his eyes glowing far more dangerously before. As he turned to Zabuza, he whipped Ebony and Ivory in front of him as he growled out in an ominous fashion before he squeezed both triggers, holding them down.

Zabuza was forced on the run as the bullets tore up everything in their path. He had half a mind about going straight to his target and letting the boy finish them off. However, because he was so focused on the boy, he forgot about the two jounin, more in particularly, Hatake Kakashi and nearly had his throat slit. He jumped back and growled as he stared down both Kakashi and Naruto, both giving him their entire attention.

Naruto growled as he chased after the missing ninja as he spent both clips before quickly replacing them almost by magic. Before he could do anything else, he caught Rebellion by the handle on reflex as Kakashi passed it to him, knowing it was one of his most efficient weapons. "Naruto, let me handle this for now."

"Not a chance! He attempted to kill Fu and that is unforgivable!" Naruto countered with a deep, demonic growl as he glared at the swordsman of the Mist.

Kakashi really wanted to question why he was so defensive about the girl, who had just tried to physically harm him, but there was no time to ask. Still, the blonde was his subordinate and he would be damned if he was going to defy him so blatantly. "Naruto, that is an order and I so swear that if you don't back down now, I will make your life a living hell!"

Growling as his eyes glowed even darker then before, Naruto was tempted to attack the scarecrow. He was not going to be denied a chance to obtain a kill like this but it wasn't meant to be as Zabuza's neck was suddenly pierced by three senbon. The man's eyes rolled to the back of his head before he immediately collapsed to the ground.

Everyone was on guard seeing this when a masked shinobi jumped on the branch right above Zabuza. "Sorry for the interfering, but I was sent here to kill this man for his treason against our village."

Kakashi was the first to recognize that the masked shinobi was a hunter ninja. But something was off about him. He wasn't sure what, but something was throwing him about... 'Hm... If I had to guess, he is about Naruto's age.'

Naruto felt cheated as he looked at the swordsman as his slumped corpse. It just didn't seem right that three small needle like weapons could bring down such a powerful man without any trouble.

In fact, he was sure of it as the scent of the hunter caught his nose. Growling deeply in his throat, he clenched Rebellion tightly and was ready to strike before Kiba gave away what he had just smelt. "What the... That guy smells a lot like Zabuza!"

The hunter cursed under his breath before grabbing Zabuza's downed body and used a quick shunshin avoiding the long blade slicing through him and Zabuza.

"Dammit! Thank you very much Kiba! Now that they got of away, they are going to bring reinforcements next time!" Naruto yelled out loud in a rather demonic voice as the red aura around him swirled violently.

Kiba said nothing as he knew very well that he had just fucked up as apparently he wasn't the only one that caught onto the fact that something seemed wrong. Kurenai, however, spoke up for him. "Nonetheless Naruto, that does not give you the right to yell at him. He is my subordinate and I will correct him on my own time."

"She's right, Naruto. You have no authority to discipline him as you are a gennin yourself or need I remind you." Kakashi responded as he gazed at the eldest gennin, the red haze around him intensifying only for a moment before fading completely.

Naruto ignored what Kakashi had said, not really caring at the moment as there was a far more troubling matter for him to deal with as he walked over to the unconscious Fu. His eyes returned to their crystal blue as he gently brushed his hand over her head, checking the wound to see how serious it was.

Not having any medical expertise, he was unsure but the gash had already reduced in size and was slowly healing over. He of course knew the reason for this, but he wasn't sure what the internal injuries were and those would be harder for the beast within her to heal.

It wasn't long until both Kakashi and Kurenai were behind him, the former being the first to speak. "Is she going to be alright to move?"

"I'm unsure. I don't have any medical knowledge and her anatomy is... Well, very unique. However, being like I am, she will recover extremely quickly." Naruto responded without hesitation before moving his hands and gently picking her up bridal style. "Is it alright that I bring her with us, at least till she has recovered?"

Catching what he meant, Kurenai was the first to give her answer. "It is, but you are in charge of watching her, no one else. And once we arrive, you are going to explain everything to us. We cannot be left out of anything that might impact this mission, like running into another old friend."

Kakashi frowned at Kurenai, but agreed with her nonetheless. Another surprise like that could end in the mission's failure and that was the last thing he needed on his resume. Turning to Tazuna, he motioned his head forward. "Lead the way."

"Right... It is less than a mile now." Tazuna weakly said, rather frightened by what had just happened and unsure if his decision was as sound as it was in the beginning. But that didn't stop him as he took the lead, knowing his house wasn't too far.

The arrival to Tazuna's home was quite sour, but Naruto put up with it until he managed to secure a room for Fu and lay her down.

Tazuna's brat grandson was a wreck and told both Team Seven and Eight that Gato was going to kill. Kiba of course let the kid have it and both Kakashi and Kurenai were lecturing his ears off at the moment, giving him so time with Fu alone as Sakura and Hinata were currently down stairs.

Looking down upon her, he noticed the wound on her head had completely healed over and her body seemed as perfect as it ever was. Her flawless skin and slender figure called to him and he could hear Kyuubi in his head, egging him on to ravage her body.

Sweat covered his body as it was a struggle not to give in as this was not the way he wanted it to happen, not with her. She was far too important to him to be used like that. He was able to resist the temptation at first, but after continuing to look at her, Naruto was struggling not to give in but he couldn't take it any longer as his eyes bled red and a light red aura surrounded him.

Lowering his face to hers, he nuzzled her cheek lightly with his nose to see if she was awake. Of course she wasn't, but his demonic like nature was more in control then he was at the moment. Seeing that she wasn't he gingerly planted a kiss on her lips and was about to deepen it when a loud cough caught his attention.

Naruto nearly jumped out of his skin as he clutched his heart before turning to the door to see Kakashi giving him an odd glance and Kurenai, standing besides him, giving him one of the dirtiest looks he had ever seen.

Luckily for him, Kakashi was the first to speak in a joking manner. "Well it seems you had other things on your mind then what I had thought at first... And I would leave you alone if you were to give me a full report on everything that went down, but Kurenai is here so we're doing this now."

Kurenai's look was quickly transferred to Kakashi and she wanted nothing more then to put the silver haired jounin into the hospital for the rest of his life for joking at what Naruto was attempting to do. "Kakashi, if you do not start treating this more seriously..."

"Thank you... both of you... I had lost control of my being." Naruto coughed up as he panted heavily before scooting away from Fu and placed himself in the corner, shivering all the while.

This caught both Jounin's attention, Kakashi being the first to his side while Kurenai stood between Naruto and Fu, gazing at the green haired girl back to Naruto. "I believe it is a bad idea to leave him in charge of her in his state, Kakashi."

"It is. One of us will have to stay behind daily to watch over her until you're sated, Naruto." Kakashi stated after Naruto had began to calm down, his aura and eyes receding.

"That... that is fine. However, when she wakes I would like to be with her alone. ...There are things I have to explain to her." The blonde stated as he gazed at the downed Fu as she seemed to sleep peacefully.

Catching his tone, Kakashi seemed to understand a little. "Normally under the circumstances I would refuse and have one of us present but something tells me this is a private matter. Just one thing, if it deals with why she attacked you I want you to explain to us why so we can be on guard if she does attack you before you can tell her. It wouldn't be good for us to be shocked and let her go and tearing you limb from limb."

"Yes, it wouldn't be good..." Naruto stated dejected tone as his face lowered, his eyes looking straight to the floor as.

Knowing the tone all too well from experience and seeing where she had aimed earlier, Kurenai picked up on it immediately. "You cheated on her, didn't you?"

Naruto only nodded as his head sunk further. "Yes..."

"And I'm going to kill you for that..." Fu suddenly stated as she sat up and lunged towards the unsuspecting Naruto.

She never made it as Kurenai pinned her. But Fu was far stronger then she looked and easily broke her hold, only to be pinned by Kakashi, whose grip she wasn't going to break. "Calm down. There are some things that Naruto wants to say... After that, you may do what you want after this mission but as of now, Naruto is a part of my team and I cannot have him fall in such a dire circumstances."

Her pinkish orange eyes gazed at his for only a moment before she suddenly broke free from his grip. But instead of charging to Naruto, she simply walked and sat in front of him, crossing her arms over her chest while her eyes gazed heatedly into his. "What is it that you want to say, bastard?"

Gazing back into her eyes with his, he flinched and turned his gaze away. He rather have her stay mad at him then tell her the truth. It was just easier that way.

Feeling a hand on his shoulder, he noticed that it was Kakashi, who seemed to comfort him just enough for him to tell her. Turning his gaze back to FU, Naruto closed his eyes before gaining what was left of his courage. "Before I explain, you know what I am, correct Fu?"

"Yes, you're a filthy and traitorous half devil." Fu spat at him in anger, wanting him to get this over with so she could leave. No matter what he said, she had made up her mind.

Naruto narrowed his eyes at her and growled deeply in his throat at her comment; however, he quickly reigned in his anger before he continued. "Then you would also know that my creation into one was unnatural and, by all means, should have killed me when I turned."

Getting further annoyed as she knew all of this already, Fu waited for Naruto to finish. Each and every moment was tearing her will to stay mad at him to shreds. He looked so innocent despite knowing that he wasn't. She thought for a moment that he was stalling this out on purpose knowing that her will was crumbling, but she threw that out as Naruto was never that manipulative.

Closing his eyes, Naruto sighed deeply before allowing himself to be enveloped in a light sheen of red chakra. Suddenly, his eyes opened and Fu quickly could see the feral-ness in his crimson eyes. "This is what happens to me Fu! I cannot control myself after a certain amount of time without some form of satiation, whether it is by blood or bodily fluids!"

The sudden burst from Naruto had caught both jounin of guard and they were ready to intervene for Fu's sake as the girl was completely off guard and seeing that Naruto had sealed her weapons away, she had no form of defense other then them..

"I literally become a monster after three months time and will kill anything and everything in my path until the demon inside is sated or someone more powerful stops me! What you saw between me and my sister wasn't an act of love... It was an act to keep my sanity!" Naruto growled out at her, seeing the fear grow in her eyes.

Without warning, he suddenly turned around and lashed out at both Kakashi and Kurenai, who were about to restrain him. "Stay back! She is more the capable of defending herself from me with her demon!"

Seeing the two jounin and not wanting them involved in this, Fu suddenly reacted as she reached out and grabbed Naruto by the shoulder and in a flicker of leaves, they were gone leaving the two jounin behind.

Appearing at the camp site she smothered the fire in, Fu released Naruto before suddenly falling to her knees, tears beginning to streak her face. "Why..."

With this one act, Naruto's rage was suddenly quenched and he was in front of her, but was simply pushed back as Fu looked up angrily at him. "Why didn't you tell me before? I could have understood then and been more willing to help you bastard!"

Giving her a strange look, Naruto knelt down before closing his eyes and shaking his head. "I didn't want to get you involved. Despite our closeness, I didn't want you to give up your virginity to a demon in heat. It just didn't feel right... So I didn't tell you. Yugito knew and took care of it as she doesn't think its right that I kill so easily and fluidly for my age..."

"But it isn't fair for someone of your age to have sex constantly either. What was sensei thinking when he turned you?" Fu stated, deeply frowning as she was slowly understanding the situation. Shichibi had shed light on the fox demon's ways earlier, but that had originally only gave more fuel to her fire.

"It wasn't Dante decision. He was only going to train me like he did you and only release part of my devil powers. However, it was Kyuubi's intervention that changed everything. The bastard wanted me to be more powerful and rely more on him and he forced the change." Naruto stated with hatred lacing his voice as he spoke about the fox.

Digesting what she was learning, Fu frowned deeply before glaring at Naruto. "I can get why you didn't tell me, but I still don't forgive you. You're going to have to earn my trust back."

Smiling softly, Naruto simply nodded. "I figured as much. If there is anything I can do, I'll do it without hesitation as long as it doesn't harm Konoha or my friends."

Thinking for a moment, Fu smiled back in a soft manner before she stood up. "I'll be sure to call you first then. Now may I have my weapons back?"

Naruto simply handed her the scroll he sealed them into, having put nothing more then a standard storage seal on it, before standing up. "I guess I'll be seeing you when Dante drops by."

"I'm already here kid. Fu, we're staying." Dante's voice suddenly came from the tree tops, not too far from them.

Both Fu and Naruto had become pale as ghosts as they hadn't even sensed that Dante was there. Too make it worse, they were both sure he had heard every single word they had said after Fu had flickered them into the clearing.

Too makes things even worse, Kakashi had to arrive being led by a small little pug wearing a Konoha head band.

"Naruto... Who the hell are you?!" Kakashi suddenly stated as he was ready for combat as he noticed Dante as the white haired devil jump besides Fu and Naruto.

Dante merely shrugged as he really didn't feel like giving him an answer. Instead, he looked over to his youngest student before suddenly taking Rebellion from him and examining it. "Hm... It is in good shape. You could be taking care of her better, but I didn't take care of her that well in my youth so she doesn't mind. How are the others doing?"

"Fine, sensei. Agni and Rudra, however, annoy the hell out of me. They won't stop talking!" Naruto complained as Dante handed Rebellion back over and sheathed it before he turned to Kakashi. "Kakashi... This happens to be Dante."

Knowing the name from his time with living from Naruto, Kakashi dropped his guard lightly as when he last saw Naruto and Fu, things looked like they were going to get out of hand. "Okay... This day keeps getting weirder and weirder by the moment. Why are you here and is everything okay between you two?"

"It seems these two are going to make up, it will just take some time." Dante commented with a smirk plastered on his face making both blush before grumbled obscenities under there breath.

But in a second, Dante's face became dead serious as he gazed over Kakashi. "However, I am here as I've heard a disturbing rumor about the crime kingpin here in the wave. Apparently he's picked up an ancient artifact that would allow him to summons hordes of lesser demons and devils."

This caught Kakashi attention and the one eyed scarecrow paid special attention as Dante continued. "I wouldn't have been bothered by this as he has no way to us it, but he apparently has hired someone that knows how to read the text and is currently translating it right now. Even still, it would be useless without some of power to command them."

"Zabuza..." Kakashi growled out knowing where the son of Sparda was getting and knew things were about to become even more difficult then he could imagine.

Dante simply nodded; glad he didn't have to spell it out for the ninja. "There is no doubt that the kingpin has realized this and hired Zabuza to see his strength. While his display wasn't great, he had three high leveled opponents against him so there was no real way to showcase his abilities. Still, his failure is more troublesome however..."

"He's going to hire someone of even greater strength..." Naruto stated as he instantly understood where his sensei was heading. "So why aren't you heading to his base to stop him?"

"I would like to, but the thing is... The artifact isn't there. He's keeping it somewhere hidden... Somewhere safe that only he can access it. I need someone able to penetrate his fortress and find out where he's hiding it so I can destroy it." Dante explained as his normal tactic of charging in guns blazing would help.

Not even hesitating, Kakashi nodded before stretching out. "I'll do it. It shouldn't be too hard if you show me where the base is..."

"No... I was wanting... Well a beautiful woman. The bastard has certain tastes and he's been hiring women to sleep with him daily. It would be easier to catch him off guard that way." Dante stated, not doubting Kakashi's abilities, but having a plan of his own already.

"Would I be of any assistance?" Kurenai suddenly stated as she walked into the clearing before giving Kakashi a deep frown for leaving her behind.

She had Dante's attention in an instant and in that said instant, he was at her side. "Well, well. What is a lovely woman doing out here by her..."

"OW! LET GO OF MY EAR!" He suddenly stopped as Kurenai gripped his earlobe and began to violently twist it. "YOU'LL DO! YOU'LL DO! NOW JUST LET GO!"

Both Naruto and Kakashi could only sigh at the sight as Dante gripped his ear before moving towards them. "Damn... That's one battle I'll never win. How come good women have become so hard to pick up these days?"

"That's just how it is. Now show me where the base is so I can get ready and tell me what the time frame of this mission is." Kurenai ordered the white haired son of Sparda, not going to deal with his lecherous tendencies.

Dante simply muttered under his breath. "Damn, she reminds me of Lady..."

"What was that?!" Kurenai barked making Dante jump up, not wanting to get on this woman's bad side.

"Nothing. It shouldn't take but a few days and I'll pay you for the trouble. Now follow me so I can show you were it is and explained all of what I've learned so far." Dante stated before motioning her to follow him as he leapt back in the direction of the tree tops he was listening in on Naruto and Fu's conversation beforehand.

As they left, Kakashi sighed before turning back towards Fu and Naruto. "Well, let's get back to Tazuna's. Something tells me that things are only starting to get back."

"Yeah... I think we need to call the old man for reinforcements. Things are about to get ugly." Naruto stated as he looked into the direction Dante and Kurenai had left.

In the distance, a lone man sat watching the entire event with a katana in hand. The entire scene amused him. He had been waiting for this chance for centuries and now he could finally succeed in his revenge.

Zabuza suddenly appeared behind him with his hunter ninja, both kneeling before the man in front of them. "We did as you asked. The boy is stronger then you anticipated. He would do well..."

"Now don't go saying things that shouldn't be said aloud." The man stated as he shoved the katana in the ground. "We'll let him believe for a little while longer until Kyuubi manipulates the boy for us. It shouldn't take long. The fox is very cunning and eager to please his master. But more importantly, do you have it?"

Turning to the kneeling ninja, the man only smirked before the hunter ninja pulled an ancient book from a scroll before gently placing it at the man's feet. "Here it is my lord. This is what you asked for."

Picking up the book, an evil laugher began to fill the air as the man opened the book to the first page. "And now I can begin where I started centuries ago!"