Although it was going to be uncomfortable and weird, I told myself the next person I would interview would be Rosalie. We still weren't on the best of terms, nor did I ever imagine we would be, but I knew that reaching out to her for this project would be a good move. I had no delusions that this would make us as close as me and Alice, but I hoped that it would make her like me even just a bit more.

We spent two long hours watching Edward and Emmett playing the newest edition to the Cullen's stash of video games. As usual there were plenty of threats made, exactly four controllers destroyed, and even more havoc wrecked on Edward's mind (or so he told me. Apparently Emmett had tried to block him out of his mind by singing 'Barbie Girl' in Swedish). Obviously needing a break, I turned to Rosalie. "Hey, Rose…? Could I interview you now?"

Since everyone already knew about the project, thanks to Alice, she wasn't a bit surprised at my request. "Upstairs then," she responded with a curt nod.

We trudged up stairs, stopping outside her room. She opened it quickly, stepping over the threshold. When I hesitated, she allowed herself a brief smile. "And everyone says that vampires have to be invited in," she muttered, grabbing my arm and pulling me in with her. "It's really okay, Bella. I don't bite."

Rosalie's room was glorious, as to be expected. The walls were covered in a dusty rose while the entryway was painted a light gold. The huge wall of windows that extended through the whole house replaced the headboard of her large bed, making it seem as though she slept in the middle of the surrounding forest.

She sat on the beautiful, ethereal bed, gesturing me to her. Seeing her there only added to her appeal, I though. I took another hesitant step, adjusting my steps to the richness of the carpet. Rose flopped back against the pillows as I sat down, tugging me down with her. At my startled "Eeep," she grinned.

"So, what exactly are the 'rules' for this thing?"

I shrugged against the golden pillowcase. "Nothing about the vampire part of your life, but as close as you want. Emmett brought up being mauled by the bear and you and Carlisle saving him, so…however far you want."

She rolled her eyes. "So like him. Always gotta show how macho he is." Rose turned her head towards me, giggling a bit under her breath. "Didn't surprise you at all, did he? Just living on his macho manliness for eternity?"

"Actually, no," I said, a bit startled. I figured she would have known the depth of his feelings for her. "He talked about only being able to live forever if you were at his side throughout it. He said life wouldn't be worth living without you."

Her laughter quickly subsided into mute shock. "What?"

"It's true." Seeing that she didn't believe me, I offered up the tape recorder. "Do you want to watch it?"

Rose nodded, reaching towards me. After a moment of listening silently, she looked like she would cry if only she could. "I love him so much," she whispered under her breath. "So, so much…" Turning to me, she suddenly looked determined. "Bella, let's do this before I forget what I want to say."

I took it from her outstretched hand and quietly got ready. "In three…two…one…go."

Hesitating only the slightest, Rosalie began. "When I grew up, it was in a small town. I was the prettiest girl there, and everyone in the town told me every chance they got. 'Oh, Rosie, you're adorable!' or 'Rose, some man will be lucky to have you one day'. I grew up as a pampered princess. After…certain unpleasant events…I found myself in Carlisle's family. Already Edward was with them, and I was the second child they adopted. But it wasn't enough.

"For what is life without love? I lost my parents, my whole family, everything because of that horrid…fire. I really thought there was nothing left in this world for me.

"Then along comes Emmett," here she shook her head, smiling as she remembered. "Stupid oaf has the great sense to provoke a bear of all things, and luckily for him I was there to help. Still don't know how I got that bear to leave, but I got Emmett away and to help.

"The look on his face when he woke up – pure happiness at being alive, confusion and love – that's what made me love him. And, this is going to sound cheesy, but that's something I could live forever on. Forget the admirers of my youth, forget all that petty nothingness. All I need is him."

Since I could tell she was done, I turned off my recorder and looked up into her eyes. "Bella," she began, as if not sure how to continue her thought. "Why are you doing this?"

It was obvious what she meant. Giving up my mortality to become a 'monster'. "I love him. I'm not going to say it's like you and Emmett-"

She cut me off. "It is, Bella, it is. We've all seen how you two look at each other. It make me want to brush my teeth some days, what with all the sugary sweetness."

It occurred to me just then that she had been joking with me this whole time. "Rose, how do things stand between us?" I asked.

It took a moment for her to figure out her answer, but when she spoke it surprised me. "We were never really that bad, Bella. I just…I could never figure out why anyone would want this life, let alone consciously chose it. There are days when I would give anything to be mortal again, have children, grow old, die…but you. You're just going to give that up. For Edward. So…things stand good with us. I think of you as part of the family now, my sister."

"That means a lot, Rose."

She smiled her trademark grin. "I know."

--- --- ---

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