Rules of the Ark

Pairing/Characters: Just about everybody? Blurr, Hot Rod, Springer, Arcee, and Elita One are most prominent, however.

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Author's Note: Yeah...this little idea popped into my brain a long time ago, and I wrote several parts to it, but then I kind of petered out. I kept meaning to go back, but the more I look over it, the more I doubt I'll ever go back. So I decided to just post what I have. Also, I'm currently seeking a new summary. Seriously. I think this is the suckiest one I've EVER come up with. O.o

- #1: Watch out for Mirage -

Blurr was babbling happily to Hot Rod about anything and everything, zipping around from spot to spot as he usually did. Hot Rod was trying his best to ignore him, focusing on getting to this antiquated, crashed space-ship's rec room for some energon. It had been a long trip from Cybertron, and, it seemed, an even longer debriefing. And he'd had to put up with Blurr the entire time.

So when he heard a sudden clang, followed by a yelp, he couldn't help but turn around with a grin, gleeful at the thought that the speedy mech had finally run into something. Hot Rod, and several others, had been waiting for it to happen for some time now. When he turned around, however, he found Blurr sitting on his aft in the middle of the hallway, looking confused, with no one, and nothing, else around that the mech could have run into.

"Blurr?" he asked curiously.

"I -" the speed bot seemed to have been surprised into silence, which made Hot Rod immediately appreciate whatever the mysterious cause of Blurr's abrupt stop was. However, he couldn't just leave Blurr sitting on the floor like he was glitched, so Hot Rod went to give him a hand up - only to trip on something and fall flat on the floor.

"Watch it!" a voice snapped out of nowhere, and Hot Rod looked around in alarm. As he did, a glowing outline suddenly appeared in front of Blurr, in the space he'd tripped over, and a few moments later, resolved itself as a blue mech, who was glaring at Hot Rod and Blurr with equal annoyance. "Some of us are trying to walk here." the mech said bitingly, then pushed himself to his feet. His outline glowed once again as he faded from view, and then he was gone.

The two bots stayed still for several moments, staring at the spot the mech had disappeared, before Hot Rod cautiously stood, offering Blurr a hand up only after he didn't run into anymore invisible mechs.

"That was...interesting." Hot Rod said, and Blurr began agreeing, already going a mile a minute.


"Hot Rod! Stop shooting!" Hot Rod glanced over in confusion at the order from Prowl, but stopped firing across the field at the Decepticons. Then he jerked back with wide optics as he suddenly found an irate yellow mini-bot in his face.

"Did you listen to anything in the briefing, or did you just turn off your audios and pretend you were back on Cybertron?! We don't shoot until after Mirage gets back!" Bumblebee ranted. "If he comes back with one, one scratch on him, I'm blaming you!"

"Wha -?" Hot Rod replied cluelessly.

"Relax, Bumblebee. He missed me." a voice said from thin air, and like a shot, Bumblebee was back at his position, giving the order to open fire. Hot Rod just stared dumbly after him for a moment before a pointed remark from Prowl made him shake himself and start firing again.

"You get used to it eventually." Jazz offered from beside Hot Rod.

"Get used to what?" Hot Rod asked.

"Watching out for Mirage." Jazz replied with a grin. Hot Rod just nodded in confusion, not wanting to know how one got used to watching out for a mech that seemed to spend most of his time being invisible.

- TBC -